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What is heavier - a tram or a tank? What is heavier - a tram or a T-34 tank?

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What is heavier - a tram or a tank? What is heavier - a tram or a T-34 tank?
What is heavier - a tram or a tank? What is heavier - a tram or a T-34 tank?

Question from the category of children's or congenial quizzes for children and adults. The same in type and meaning as the question of who is stronger - an elephant or a whale. But children's questions require a detailed answer in order to discourage the child's desire to ask such riddles in the future by tediousness, if possible. It is hard to imagine two more heterogeneous products than a tram and a tank. So, which is heavier - a tram or a tank? The question is important and requires serious analysis and answer.

old tram

Trams are different

The type of transport familiar to a city dweller is very diverse. At the same time, models of different manufacturers and modifications are in operation. In addition, the number of cars in one tram can vary significantly. The vast majority of people have no idea what the name of the tram, on which they get to work or home every day, is called, and even more so about how much it weighs.

tank t72

How much do these different trams weigh

The table belowcontains information about the weight of equipped trams in Moscow, that is, completely ready for departure, but without passengers. If you add passengers, the picture will change significantly. Multi-car modern models can accommodate up to 300 people, and if all passengers are well-fed and dressed in winter clothes, up to 30 tons must be added to the weight, respectively. With this in mind, as well as the fact that this type of transport consists of several wagons, the balance in the answer, which is heavier - a tram or a tank, is presumably leaning in favor of the first object.

Tram brand Weight in tons

Max quantity


Piece in Moscow park
71-931M "Vityaz" M 37 320 228
71-414 Foxtrot 18 102 70
71-623 (KTM-23) 22 187 67
71-619 (KTM-19) 19, 5 164 244
"Tatras" of all mod. 20 136 185
71-134А (LM-99) 19, 9 207 28
LM-2008 19, 5 165 1
Other 20 100 5

Stamps here can only mean something to specialists and car drivers. So a little explanation. "Tatras" are Czech trams well known to the older generation by the red color of the hull and instability to frost.In severe winters, the paint peeled off on them. KTM trams are similar to the Tatra, but have a more angular shape and a characteristic empty space under the nose. A distinctive feature of the LM, Vityaz and Foxtrot trams is their futuristic appearance. All these cars are operated in the city every day and are constantly in front of people's eyes, unlike tanks, which can only be seen at parades. And it would be nice if it was always like that. Having made some simple calculations, we can sum up the weight of trams.

Results for the first mode of transport

On the example of the capital, the fleet of all its 828 trams today weighs 20,304.7 tons, that is, the average for one conventional average object is 24.5 tons. If we add passengers (according to the maximum load of all available Moscow trams - this is 164,276 people), at the rate of 70 kg per person, then the average weight of a tram filled with passengers to the eyeballs should be increased by another 13.88 tons. That is, the weighted average value of a full wagon of the studied mode of transport with people has a mass of 38.38 tons, and without passengers - 24.5 tons. It remains to compare these figures with the data for the second object and understand what is heavier - a tram or a tank.

tank in the mountains

Variety of models: tanks are also different

Having de alt with the first object, we move on to the second. If we take samples created at the dawn of tank building, weighing about several tons, the answer to the question of which is heavier - a tram or a tank, is obvious. However, the World War I monster English "Mark 1"weighed 28.45 tons, which is comparable to the weight of an object more familiar to us. Since the previous table provided data on modern trams, it seems logical to compare them with the mass of modern tanks. Which are currently in service with various armies. And based on this, try to get an unambiguous answer to the children's question, which is harder - a tram or a tank.

Brand Country

Curb weight

state, tons

T-90 Russia 46, 5
T-72 Russia 41, 0
T-80 Russia 40, 0
T-90MS "Tagil" Russia 48, 0
"Leopard" Germany 67, 5
M1A2 USA 61, 4
"Challenger" UK 62, 5
"Merkava" Israel 65, 0
"Le Clerc" France 54, 5

Because the number of these tanks is almost classified, it is impossible to calculate a weighted average, so let's calculate a simple average of their combat weight. It turns out for Russian models - 44, 42 tons, foreign - 60, 18 tons. Thus, with a solid preponderance in answering the question of which is heavier: a tram or a tank, one can give an unambiguous answer. Surely, you have already guessed it yourself. This is a tank. Moreover, any modern model in thisThe tram clearly wins the dispute, even with the maximum number of passengers in the car.

tank t-34

And if you take the T-34…

Now let's move on to a specific model. Having all the necessary figures for the first type of transport, you can find out which is heavier - a tram or a T-34 tank. As you know, this model was produced in different years and in different modifications. Its weight constantly increased and ranged from 26.3 tons in 1940 to 30.9 tons in 1944.

As you can see, the correct answer to the question of what is heavier - a tram or a tank-34 will be the second object. Regardless of fullness. If you take a tram car without passengers and a tram completely filled with people. However, if desired, many people can be put on the tank. And since we are comparing only a tank and only a tram, we can definitely say that the T-34 tank is heavier than modern trams. With the exception of the Viking M model. And if you take the experimental tanks of the Second World War, especially German ones, then the tank with the eloquent name "Mouse" weighed 188 tons, and another tank product of the Third Reich - "Rat" could boast a weight of 1500 tons. Tram designers did not even come close to such figures.

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