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Shop "Podruzhka": reviews, description, addresses and opening hours
Shop "Podruzhka": reviews, description, addresses and opening hours

As you can see from the reviews, many people like the Podruzhka store because of its extensive assortment, but the quality of the goods presented is sometimes disappointing. Those who have worked in this chain note that the conditions here are more pleasant than in many places, although they still leave much to be desired. There are responses about those involved in the franchise. Such entrepreneurs generally note that Podruzhka is a fairly profitable investment. Opening a store is not a problem and gives excellent profits. What is this network?

What is it about?

The Podruzhka chain of stores specializes in cosmetic products (skin care, decorative). There is a wide variety of perfumes here. There is a choice of jewelry and a variety of accessories necessary in everyday life. You can buy the necessary household chemicals. Under the specified name, there is a huge network of stores located in different parts of the country. Because thestores are forced to exist in conditions of fierce competition, one of the distinguishing features of the network is the presence of a variety of special offers and regularly appearing profitable promotions. Many buyers note that it is for this reason that they fell in love with "Girlfriend" so much. Here you can buy goods at an affordable price and become a member of an internal discount program that gives you access to specialized benefits.

What do customers like?

In reviews of Podruzhka stores, the greatest emphasis is usually placed on special offers. The network constantly announces new promotions that attract attention with their availability. Products that are very popular become participants. Especially a lot of feedback can be seen about special offers for cosmetics made in Korea. In general, as many people admit, it is Podruzhka that offers perhaps the largest assortment of Korean cosmetics that has become so popular and fashionable. If you do not take into account specialized virtual stores, it is difficult to find another point of sale where such a wide variety of Asian goods would be presented, which is quite cheap, therefore accessible to a wide buyer.

As regular customers note in their reviews of Podruzhka stores, it is difficult to find another point of sale where it would be possible to see and feel Asian goods before purchasing them. For such cosmetics, which have enjoyed incredible popularity in recent years, especially among young people, there are special stands. Many note with particular pleasure that here you canIt is profitable to buy shampoos and balms, hair conditioners. Purchasing such heavy goods over the Internet forces you to pay a lot for delivery, so Podruzhka becomes an ideal option: this is almost the only opportunity to get the desired products at an adequate price without overpaying for additional services (for example, postage).


Another aspect that customers always mention in their reviews of Podruzhka stores is related to the pricing policy. In general, the cost of products in this network is not the lowest when compared with some other networks, but specialized offers and programs have been introduced. Discounts are regularly offered. Thanks to this, the purchase of certain items in Podruzhka stores becomes more profitable than at any other point of sale. In addition, since such stores are very common in large cities, you do not have to spend time and money traveling to a retail outlet where you can purchase the necessary goods. It also saves money.

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The most profitable discount, which is mentioned in almost any review, is open on the 15th. The essence of such a promotion of Podruzhka stores is that every month, on the 15th day, every customer can receive a 15% discount on any product that he likes. All buyers can count on such a favorable price reduction. True, they take into account that this offer does not add up with other discounts offered by the network. Both those who buy in a regular store and amateurs can participate in the promotion.purchase goods on the website of the network. If a person is eligible for a 5% discount because they make a purchase before day 12, they may be in a particularly favorable position: these two price reduction mechanisms add up, so you will have to pay a total of 20% less than the set price.

Holidays and gifts

The Podruzhka chain of stores provides discounts and promotions for birthdays. Only those who have a discount card of this network have access to them. If the buyer makes a purchase for less than a thousand, he can count on increasing the basic discount to 10%. When buying, the amount of which is not more than one and a half thousand, you can count on increasing the discount to 15%. If on his birthday the birthday person makes a purchase worth more than one and a half thousand, his basic discount on the discount card increases to 20%.

Except for the birthday itself, the special discount is valid for the entire month of the event. To gain access to the possibilities of this promotion, you must fill out a special form on the site. You can contact the call center. The call is completely free. You must complete the questionnaire three weeks before your birthday or earlier.

Products and offers

As you can see from the responses, the Podruzhka store catalog is really liked by customers, because it contains all the categories of products necessary for a modern woman who wants to be beautiful and elegant, well-groomed and stylish. Among the general variety of goods, a variety of small "female things" are provided. These are placed in a separate group.goods. There are products to ensure cleanliness and order in the house, there is a wide variety of products for face and body care. In "Podruzhka" you can buy decorative cosmetics and excellent, but quite cheap perfumes.

Loyal customers can count on special prices that are more favorable than those available to the public. To access them, you need to purchase a discount card. All goods presented in the Podruzhka store catalogs can be purchased 3% cheaper if you present your personal card at the time of purchase, confirming that you are a regular customer. If a person makes a purchase for a thousand rubles, for the whole month he can purchase store goods with a 10% discount using his discount card. If the amount of the check exceeds 1.5 thousand rubles, then a 15% discount will be valid until the end of the month.

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Regular discounts and their features

The product catalog of the Podruzhka store attracts with its volume - there are offers for everyone in it. This chain of stores, according to reviews, specializes in products that almost anyone needs. That is why many residents of large cities, having such a store nearby, make all purchases in it. Luckily, it's really beneficial. The most satisfied are those who own a discount card, as well as those who have enough free time to visit the outlet before noon on the 15th. Such a person can purchase any product with a 20% discount. This is a special offeravailable to everyone, regardless of the presence of a card indicating belonging to regular customers.

However, as many people say, do not forget to show the card, even if you happen to visit the store at a time when the discount is maximum even without it. Any amount, any purchase is recorded in the client's database and information about this is stored with reference to the card presented at the time of purchase. Located in large cities (especially in Moscow), Podruzhka stores attract the attention of customers not only with a large selection of positions, but also with the opportunity to develop your own loyal customer account. If a person has a discount card, he can purchase the goods of the network as profitably as possible even on the 15th. To do this, you need to come to the outlet in the morning: until 12 noon there is a special additional 5% discount. And if you present a pension certificate, then this discount will double.

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Solution for those who need a gift

As can be concluded from the reviews, many people turn to the goods of Podruzhka stores in search of gifts for their relatives, friends, colleagues. In our country, traditional easy presents include a variety of shampoos, gels, conditioners, in a word, all kinds of universal body and hair care products. These can be presented to colleagues for the New Year, you can congratulate the women's team on March 8. Many people are looking for birthday gifts for girlfriends and relatives in Podruzhka stores. But to choose among all this variety of products is verydifficult.

Marketing specialists of the network offer their solution to the problem: gift certificates. As you can see from the reviews, many people use them. Regular visitors to Podruzhka stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities where Podruzhka outlets are present are sure that a certificate is perhaps the best solution. Thus, a person will give another something that he really needs. The certificate purchased as a gift is valid for a year and is intended to pay for one purchase. There are different options: from 300 to 3000 rubles. As buyers note, it is convenient, profitable, universal, in a word, suitable for any occasion. Feedback about this service is positive.

Is everything so good?

Opening hours of Podruzhka stores are from 9 am to 9 pm. In some cities, shops are open until 10 pm. There may be deviations from the standard schedule due to the individual characteristics of the store, due to a major holiday. Points work without interruption, so you can come at any convenient time. According to some, it is worth preparing mentally for a visit, since this network has its own service standards. As those who have bought here more than once say, almost everywhere consultants are too persistent and even intrusive, while they do not delve into the needs of the client and irresponsibly choose goods. As a result, they are not suitable for the buyer. As can be seen from the responses, a similar problem is inherent in stores located in very busy areas, and outlets opened in places with relatively low traffic.

One morethe moment that buyers pay attention to: although there are a lot of Podruzhka store addresses, you should not waste time visiting several in a row in search of testers. The company's policy is that there are practically no trial copies, so it is impossible to find out what exactly is hidden in the package. Although the purchase is not as blind as through the Internet, it will not work to get to know the product especially, which means that it may not come up. Among the goods there is everything that the female soul asks for: from mascara to washing powder. Rare stamps brought from abroad are sold here, which means that the buyer has a minimum of information about them. In such a situation, the lack of a tester seems to be especially unprofitable for many, allowing you to evaluate the quality, consistency, smell and other technical characteristics of the product you are interested in.

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About the pros and cons

From the feedback on the chain of stores in question, one can understand what is most positively evaluated by buyers, and what most often causes dissatisfaction. Among the positive aspects, there is an abundance of Podruzhka store addresses, so you can visit a retail outlet, spending a minimum of time and effort on the road. Also, the main advantages are the presence of a discount program, the possibility of acquiring certificates, a large assortment of goods and the ability to buy via the Internet. In addition, it is possible to buy goods in defective, rumpled packaging at a discount.

Obvious shortcomings include inflated prices for some items. Pretty specificsecurity works. Almost all buyers who shared their opinions about service at various addresses in Podruzhka stores in Moscow and beyond mention that the guards literally follow the visitor, clearly tracking every movement of a person. This is quite inconvenient, especially in the case when the client came for hygiene products.

There is one drawback, which is closely related to the plus in the form of a large selection of products. There are a lot of goods of foreign origin, and there are almost no translations of the text on the packaging. There are only brief stickers that give a general idea of ​​what it is and what it is for. If there are no special problems with European goods, whose packaging is in English, then with Asian products everything is much more complicated. When purchasing goods with inscriptions in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, a person often feels like buying a kind of "pig in a poke".

Although in a large city it is easy to find the address of the Podruzhka store near your home or work, another place where a person happens often, this does not mean that you can buy everything you need. In the responses, regular customers note: the range of products varies from point to point. Many items that have become popular with the general public may not be available in selected stores, while others are in limited supply and can only be purchased immediately after the next delivery.

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Work or not?

No less curious are the reviews of employees about the Podruzhka store. Work here as much as possibleconclude from the responses, not the easiest work. This is due to the conditions: in principle, being a consultant or a seller is not easy, especially when it is a chain of cosmetic stores. However, as many admit, the main difficulty is the regime. Podruzhka stores are open from 9 am and open until 9-10 pm. If, for some reason, too few people go to work, those who come are forced to process, because, otherwise, the store simply will not be able to serve customers. This is typical, for example, during a period of mass epidemics, when many cannot come to work due to a serious illness. However, the mode of operation of the Podruzhka stores is only one of the aspects.

Some people are sure that there is simply no better place, because there is always a pleasant, positive, friendly atmosphere, and the supervisory staff does everything possible to make the workers treat each other in a friendly way. Some say that the only thing that causes them to quit is family circumstances. However, there are those who consider the treatment of themselves bad and unfair.

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Money and pleasure

As can be seen from the reviews, there are some problems with the payment of wages in Podruzhka stores. Some are firmly convinced that they are being deceived when calculating money. There are responses in which people say that the line staff changes completely in a month or two precisely because the director and accounting department regularly shortchange payments. However, such problems are inherent in tradingpoints at specific addresses, and in other stores a similar problem, as can be assumed from the responses, is not observed.

Some in their reviews point out the advantage of working here - an additional discount that is given to employees. In addition, employees can be the first to select a product from a new arrival and purchase it before it becomes available to the general public. Some note that working in the Podruzhka network is useful because a person learns various significant skills. New bonuses are regularly introduced, motivating to be even better, to get more useful information, to serve the client better. Others speak of such incentive programs as oppressive. However, everyone agrees that free education is an advantage of a chain of stores. Also, people who worked in the Podruzhka store admit that this is not an easy activity, they have to spend a lot of time on their feet and breathe in the fumes of cosmetic products. But the result of the work is completely pleasing, although others believe that wages here are not too high.


The network stores are available in many cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar. Addresses of some shops in Moscow:

  • st. Chertanovskaya, 32, building 1;
  • st. Uralskaya, 13;
  • 29/1 Budyonny Ave;
  • st. Chusovskaya, 15;
  • st. Festivalnaya, 53а;
  • st. 3rd Vladimirskaya, 24g;
  • st. Kasimovskaya, 29;
  • Green Ave, 28, building 1;
  • st. Polyarnaya, 3, building 1;
  • st. Kostyakova, 7/7;
  • st. Soldatskaya, 6a and others.

Should I start my own business?

Attractive is not only shopping in Podruzhka stores or working here, but also the opportunity to start a business in this area. Today "Podruzhka" is a network developing on a franchise system, so everyone, having enough money to start, can open their own store. The first point under this name appeared in 2000, and today many people know these stores, which means that there will be no problems with attracting customers. When planning to become a participant in the project, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and prospects of retail trade. The Girlfriends franchise has been available since 2016. While there are no standard lump-sum contributions, the head office calculates this amount individually for each potential partner. No roy alty. Do not expect that investments will be scanty at first. Experts believe that only those who have the opportunity to invest at least a million rubles in the business can become part of the Podruzhka network. On average, the payback period reaches 10 months. To become a member, you will have to take care of finding a retail space of 100 sq. m.

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To start a business on this network, you must send a request to the franchise owner. The main office will send the conditions under which it will work with those who wish. They make a decision based on basic information: the goals of a potential partner, his start opportunities, the success of fulfilling the basic conditions of work. The basic requirements areproviding not only sufficient space, but also all communications that are needed for normal functioning. Only the owner of his own assets sufficient for the first cycle of work can count on success. It is equally important to obtain official entrepreneurial status and receive all documentation from the tax office.

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