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Insurance companies of Moscow (OSAGO): list and rating of companies
Insurance companies of Moscow (OSAGO): list and rating of companies

In accordance with the Law "On OSAGO" No. 40-FZ, all car owners must insure their liability. In the people it is customary to call it "autocitizen". When planning to take out insurance, drivers usually look for insurance companies that are reliable and offer the most favorable conditions. In this search, the study of ratings helps, which make it possible to analyze the relevant market and choose among the offers those that differ in the best performance and customer reviews. In the article, we will consider what are the most famous insurance companies in Moscow (OSAGO).

Need for objective evaluation

The rating of insurance companies (hereinafter referred to as IC) began to be created almost immediately after compulsory auto insurance was introduced in Russia. At first, car owners focused only on the lowest prices on the market. Subsequently, this indicator began to add the correspondingservice level.

Naturally, there is a category of drivers who are guided only by the opinion of friends or are guided by their own convictions. At the same time, they do not take into account information about those insurance companies in Moscow, whose OSAGO rating shows high results. However, such a decision can hardly be called far-sighted, since at present various ratings are compiled by professionals who use the latest objective information taken from open sources in their work.

It should be understood that not all insurance companies are able to fulfill their obligations to clients. Therefore, in this market, it is no longer a rare occurrence when insurers have their licenses revoked or they declare themselves bankrupt. In this regard, the use of ratings becomes a necessity for car owners if they do not want to suffer financial losses.

Ingosstrakh Moscow

Evaluation: basics of formation

For a better understanding of the principles of this system, it is worth comparing the assessment in Russia and in Western countries. So, if in some European country a company receives the highest “A” score, then this is a guarantee that the majority of customers will apply to it. Such an IC is successful, stable and has all the tendencies for constant growth. The situation on the Russian market is somewhat different. It is far from always that the insurance company, which was put in first place in the rating, will have the best performance in all respects. For example, it may not always guaranteereimbursement payments to customers who have entered into relevant agreements.

Insurance includes not only statistical data, but also the probability of occurrence of an event. This is of particular importance in the case of auto insurance. Accident-free driving is tens of thousands of times greater than accidents that happen. Therefore, you should choose a company that is known to pay appropriate refunds in a stable manner. The official ranking is based on:

  • Information of the Central Bank.
  • Accounting UK.

The rest of the ratings of insurance companies (by OSAGO) of Moscow, lists of which can be found, for example, on the Internet, are usually compiled by statistical companies or professional journalists. They are based on the following data:

  • at the level of trust in this or that UK;
  • on the analysis of the actions of company representatives in the event of an accident;
  • on the results of social surveys carried out on the Internet, by phone or in other ways.

It turns out that using the rating information, car owners have the opportunity to obtain objective data.

At the same time, in the case of alternative sources (except for the Central Bank and accounting of the UK), the publication of fake results of social surveys cannot be ruled out. When the UK pays to get a high spot without having the statistics to do so.

Another type of ratings can be classified as "expert". However, they also have shortcomings. Often they do not indicate the criteria by which the assessment was carried out, but onlyfinished list. In this case, there is also no guarantee that these seats are not pre-paid by the concerned UK.

SK Consent

What are ratings and who can you trust?

Financial and insurance rating companies are based on the following parameters:

  • on payout shares;
  • financial stability;
  • prominence in the market;
  • demand for services provided;
  • other options.

To choose an insurance company in Moscow for OSAGO, it is worth studying not only official ratings, but also alternative ones. Consider separately each of the above sources of obtaining relevant information.

Central Bank data

This rating is compiled on the basis of information received from the UK every quarter on the basis of financial reports. They are published on the official website of the Central Bank. When compiling the rating, information such as:

  • Total number of contracts concluded during the reporting period.
  • Total fees.
  • Amount of insurance payments.
  • Bounce rate.
  • Other data.

Despite the veracity of these data, you should not rely solely on them when making a decision. For example, an increase in the number of contracts concluded may only indicate a large-scale advertising campaign, and not an increase in confidence in the UK.

Information from specialized agencies

To be included in the list of UK published by the relevant organization,insurance companies in Moscow under OSAGO must submit an application and pay for the services of specialists. Experts analyze the results of the work of each such SC, after which they make predictions about their future activities.

According to the results of research, applicants are assigned certain categories that are published in open sources. Users do not have the opportunity to check the reliability of the rating results. There were even cases when companies occupying the first positions failed to cope with their obligations in the future, and this led to bankruptcy.

Where to make OSAGO in Moscow

Companies professionally engaged in the analysis of the insurance market and the assessment of the activities of insurance companies are officially registered in Russia. The following agencies stand out among them:

  • Expert RA. The company takes into account the geography of the IC, the number of clients, as well as the percentage of issuance and denial of insurance payments.
  • "NRA". Analyzes and evaluates only companies that provide relevant performance data.

Ratings "popular"

When deciding where to make OSAGO in Moscow, car owners study the ratings and comments left by those who have already used the services of the insurance company, and who have developed a certain opinion about this. Potential customers get acquainted with reviews, as well as real user stories. However, here it is necessary to take into account the subjective factor. So, car owners readily share negative impressions, while positive experience is not considered necessary.comment, as they consider it the norm.

Currently, you can find different ratings, which are compiled by well-known expert organizations, as well as print publications, as well as websites. Anyone can get acquainted with this information, as it is intended just for this and is in the public domain.

Classification by OSAGO

There is a practice in the world in which insurance companies are rated as follows:

  • "A", if the IC is stable, makes payments without problems if insured events occur.
  • "B" if the IC allows minor delays in the transfer of payments, but has no liquidity problems in general.
  • "C" if the IC makes payments "very likely", but in the presence of financial difficulties, payments may be subject to significant delays.
  • "D" if the IC is functioning, but can be declared bankrupt at any time.
  • "E" if the IC is liquidated through the court or is at the stage of bankruptcy.

Pluses are added to these designations if one or another company surpasses the others in the relevant parameters. So, the highest rating belongs to the company, which is rated as “A++”. Car owners do not show interest in SK, which received low marks, (except for cases when the contract was signed earlier, and the goal is to find the appropriate company).

Insurance companies of Moscow OSAGO: rating

Top Companies

Having become familiar with the basics of estimating the SC, considerspecific insurance companies in Moscow (OSAGO). Below is a list prepared by the Expert RA agency as of 2019. It lists companies offering motor third party liability insurance by reliability parameter.

  1. Ingosstrakh Insurance Company (Moscow) – А++.
  2. SOGAZ sh – A++.
  3. VTB Insurance – A++.
  4. RESO-Garantia – A+.
  5. SAO ERGO – A+.
  6. Liberty Insurance – A+.
  7. RSHB-Insurance – A.
  8. "YAG" - A.
  9. Insurance Company Alliance - A.
  10. SD "VSK" - A.

Insurance companies that are in the top ten of the rating are characterized by the most stable position in the market in the coming period. This means that they are definitely not threatened with bankruptcy, and their assets will make it possible to cover all obligations arising from auto insurance contracts. At the same time, these insurance companies are actively fighting against fraudulent activities. If relevant signs are revealed in relation to employees, internal investigations and examinations are carried out.


Many ratings are compiled on the basis of statistical information provided by insurance companies to the Central Bank. At the same time, not only lists of the best companies are compiled, but also the worst ones. An example of the latter is a rating built on the basis of refusals to pay. It includes the following companies:

  1. Welfare General Insurance - 50%.
  2. "BIN Insurance" - 28.51%.
  3. "D2 Insurance" - 23, 19%.
  4. Armyets - 16, 42%.
  5. "SG MSK" - 14, 95%
  6. Alliance - 13, 81%.
  7. Opora - 12.5%.
  8. Borovitskoye SO - 11.54%.
  9. ERGO - 9.95%.
  10. Podmoskovye - 9.27%.
How much does OSAGO cost in Moscow

SK Popularity

Another well-known rating, which is based on the parameter of popularity of companies, is based on the number of contracts that each of the ICs concluded in the corresponding period of time.

  1. "Rosgosstrakh" - 7319437.
  2. "RESO-Guarantee" - 3787256.
  3. Ingosstrakh – 3009434.
  4. SD "VSK" - 2496504.
  5. Open Joint Stock Company AlfaStrakhovanie – 1429513.
  6. SOGAZ – 1294186.
  7. SC "Consent" - 1041909.
  8. "MAX" - 706321.
  9. Yuzhural-ASKO – 630171.
  10. Ugoria - 610138.

Reviews from car owners

Equally important is the feedback left by car owners about insurance companies providing OSAGO services. At the same time, site administrators try to track and take into account only real user reviews. One of these ratings on a well-known banking portal showed the following results for 2018:

  1. Zetta Insurance – 56 out of 152 reviews counted, user rating 3, 2.
  2. "Tinkoff Insurance" - 204 out of 460 reviews, average rating 2, 81.
  3. SOGAZ – 29 out of 86 reviews, rating 1, 79.
  4. AlfaStrakhovanie – 167 out of 395 reviews counted, rating 1, 49.
  5. SK "Consent" - 29 out of 87, score 1, 41.
  6. Ingosstrakh – 104 out of 226, score 1, 4.
  7. "VTB Insurance"– 104 out of 207, rating 1, 26.
  8. SD "VSK" - 179 of 356 reviews, rating 1, 25.
  9. Renaissance Insurance Group in Moscow – 109 out of 158, score 1, 24.
  10. "Intouch Insurance" - 16 out of 48, score 1, 13.

If you study the different official and national ratings, it becomes clear that in many ways they are similar. The place in the ranking may differ slightly, some companies leave the top ten, while others, on the contrary, are included in it.

Auto insurance OSAGO in Moscow

SC description

Let's consider the characteristics of some insurance companies separately.

SD "VSK" (Military Insurance Company) is one of the largest. Twice she received the gratitude of the President. The payment is provided by 1.4% of car owners, and the average amount of compensation is 42,000 rubles. The company holds the position "A++".

Yugoria is a class A developing company. She refuses to pay insurance in only 0.7% of cases, and pays out 44,000 rubles each. The main shareholder is the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, however, the UK has over 60 representative offices throughout Russia.

Closed Joint Stock Company Moscow Joint Stock Insurance Company (CJSC MAKS) has been operating since 1992. However, the company took up insurance directly in 2003. On average, the amount of compensation for insurance is 35,400 rubles. There are few refusals to pay, only 0.8% of the total number of applicants. SC is considered reliable and is expected to develop steadily in the future.

AlphaInsurance has the same indicators as VSK. Sumpayments, on average, is 41,800 rubles. And contributions made 10.6 billion rubles.

Insurance company "Transneft" is a subsidiary of the corresponding oil company. Since 2013, it has been acquired by SOGAZ. For several years she has been holding the position of "A ++". At the same time, the company's average payments are small - only 17,500 rubles. Bounce rate – 2, 4.

Ingosstrakh Moscow provides payments in the approximate amount of 40,500 rubles. The total amount is 15.5 billion rubles. The UK refuses to pay 3.3% of applicants. It occupies an A++ position and is considered a reliable and stable company.

Rosgosstrakh is one of the largest and most famous insurance companies. The total amount of contributions is 77 billion rubles. In addition, the company pays a high amount of compensation, which is equal to 53,600 rubles. Rosgosstrakh has held class A++ since 2008.

Renaissance Insurance also pays large sums of insurance. On average, they are equal to 53,000 rubles. The company refuses about 5, 1% of people who applied.

RESO-Garantia is included in the list of ICs with position "A++". However, with a high amount of compensation, amounting to 43,800 rubles, a considerable percentage of refusals to pay is 4.8%.

Uralsib issues compensation in the amount of 51,000 rubles. Failure is 1.9%. Agency "Expert" assesses the reliability of this insurance company as "A+". This valuation is up from earlier periods, indicating a stable growth for the company.

SAK "Energogarant" pays about 45,600 rubles, and refuses 1.5% of cases. But so far the company is not particularly popular.OSAGO agreements were concluded for the amount of 2.8 billion rubles.

OSAGO insurance companies Moscow: list


The basis of different ratings of motor insurance OSAGO companies in Moscow are certain sources of information. Car owners are advised to focus on different lists or on a combined type rating, where different parameters are combined. Then the chances of obtaining objective information increase, and with it the opportunity to conclude an agreement on favorable terms with a reliable company. Thus, at present, they are guided not only by how much OSAGO costs in Moscow, but also by other indicators that indicate the reliability of the company.

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