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Rosneft gas stations: feedback from employees and customers
Rosneft gas stations: feedback from employees and customers

Seeing a characteristic logo on a Russian highway, each driver can easily determine that there is a Rosneft gas station nearby (hereinafter we will call this company RN) This brand name on the side of the road is perceived by motorists as a kind of evidence of high service quality. Let's present a brief description of the company RN.

Rosneft, in addition to Russia, owns assets in Germany, India, Belarus, and also operates in Armenia, Brazil, Venezuelans, Vietnam, Georgia, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, China, Mozambique, Mongolia, Myanmar, Norway, Republic of Cuba, USA, Turkmenistan. Under its management are oil producing and oil refining enterprises, as well as service industries that manufacture consumables and equipment.

Controlthe stake in RN is owned by the state-owned Rosneftegaz. The main tasks of Rosneft are the efficient production of oil and gas both on the mainland and on its shelf, as well as their profitable sale.

The average number of RN personnel according to data for 2017 was 301.2 thousand people.

Only in Russia, 13 refineries produce oil products, the products of which are gasoline and diesel fuel, which is also supplied to branded gas stations.

produce oil

However, the subject of this article is the reviews of their employees, as well as fuel buyers, characterizing certain Rosneft gas stations. In total, 48,000 people work in the retail business of RN. Let's make a reservation that this business, in addition to the network we are considering, also includes oil depots and oil tanker drivers.

As of 2018-01-01, in 66 regions of Russia there were 2,962 filling stations in operation. 925 cafes and 1,890 stores operated at gas stations.

Note that a typical Rosneft branded gas station decorates the roads not only in Russia, but also in Abkhazia, Belarus, and Kyrgyzstan. The Company has 65 filling stations in these countries.

Rosneft is an important Russian company

The model of car

As we have already mentioned, the network of gas stations "Rosneft" belongs to a strategically important Russian enterprise. This is evidenced even by the very organization of its management. For the Russian Federation, oil and oil products are not only the products of this self-supporting company and an energy carrier, they are also a significant component of the income of the federalbudget. Perhaps that is why the most experienced administrator Igor Sechin, the former head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, a man who knows the national economy, and a powerful politician, was appointed to the post of head of the company with 300,000 employees. The board of directors of the company is led by nothing less than former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.

In the short term, raw materials are produced mainly in the fields of Eastern Siberia, the largest of which are Vankorskoye and Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoye. In the medium term, production will be provided at the fields of Western Siberia and Central Russia. To ensure a long-term outlook, Rosneft is implementing a program of geological exploration, while the resources of the Black Sea and Eastern Siberia are considered as key for the future. In the distant future, as is obvious, the main production of "black gold" will shift to the Arctic shelf.

Let's note an important point: Rosneft, thanks to effective political management, is successful at the macroeconomic level. However, as we will see below, it has some HR policy problems in the retail business sector.

About branded filling stations from PH

Rosneft gas stations on the highway are modern complexes of special equipment designed for refueling technical equipment, located on the roadside. Vehicle owners mainly use them to buy traditional hydrocarbon fuels - gasoline and diesel fuel. Part of the filling stations are also equipped with gas-filling compressor stations and sell the produced by the company,along with oil, liquefied gas.

Note that the Rosneft gas station attracts not only customers who prefer fuel and lubricants from PH, but also motorists who simply subjectively decided to refuel at the roadside gas station they liked. The photo of the Rosneft gas station really reflects the carefully thought-out corporate identity. It is distinguished by a modern design, a catchy and familiar light logo, a light panel with fuel prices, an attractive frieze along the perimeter of the canopy, matching columns, indicators of fuel types and prices adapted to the perception, attractive roadside steles,

Rosneft gas station photo

The style of the gas station is also given by the design of the building. The driver approaching the gas station, as a rule, pays attention to its corporate arrangement, familiar colors. Psychologically, such a technique in advertising and marketing of network companies has a positive effect on further communication "seller - buyer", Rosneft successfully uses modern ventilated facades for the design of gas station buildings. The latter, in addition to being presentable, are really practical and reliably protect the gas station premises from temperature fluctuations and heavy rainfall.

Analysis of customer reviews shows that a significant number of them prefer fuel purchased in the retail network of the manufacturer we are considering. What advantages do motorists find in such a service? It is not difficult to list them by analyzing the corresponding review site:

  • bonus system, moderate prices and decent quality;
  • goodservice;
  • guaranteed fuel quality;
  • additional options: pumping wheels, cleaning the interior with a professional vacuum cleaner;
  • drivers are given the opportunity to have a bite to eat at the cafe at the gas station.

For motorists who regularly use fuel and lubricants from PJSC Rosneft, it is obvious which gas stations to choose: it is rational to give preference to the one closest to the highway in the direction of travel. Indeed, in principle, both service and fuel types are standard, and the production process is well established. In any case, according to drivers, the engines of some Russian car brands work more efficiently on fuel from the launch vehicle. This is especially true for cars that have been in operation for 15 years or more, motorists joke that they are “Rosneftezavisimy”.

The role of the gas station system

Let's figure out what it means for this huge international enterprise itself to have a retail network for selling its own products. I mean, of course, Rosneft gas stations in Russia.

It's no secret that the world's oil prices are very often and skillfully manipulated by American politicians. Sanctions, embargoes, tax instruments, separate agreements - all these instruments, which are far from market policy, are, unfortunately, in use today. Therefore, just as a fund consisting of reliable deposits is important for the stability of any bank, a constant, guaranteed income from the domestic market, independent of politics, dynamically managed and growing through the development of a network of filling stations, is important for Rosneft.

Of course, after being included in the sanctions list in 2014, RN was forced to turn tounpopular measures - staff cuts. This also affected the network of gas stations. Was this process correct? We will try to find the answer by analyzing employee reviews about the company.

Briefly about the Rosneft filling station network (capital region)

Probably it makes no sense to list all 2962 RN gas stations in one article (2018 data), we will mention Rosneft gas stations in Moscow:

  • MJ102 (MKAD 62 km., building 3);
  • 16 (Pershaya Mayevka alley, building 13a);
  • 2 (Altufevskoe highway, possession 19);
  • MJ040 (Varshavskoe shosse 179 building 1);
  • 21 (Volgogradsky Prospekt 42a);
  • 65 (Volokolamsk highway, building 79);
  • 77 (Zelenograd, Panfilovsky prospect house 6,);
  • 24 (Dmitrovskoe shosse, house 77a);
  • 18 (Green Avenue house 1);
  • 83 (Caucasian Boulevard, property 49);
  • 59 (Nastavnichesky lane, house 17);
  • 46 (pr-d Serp i Molot, house 56);
  • 10 (Prospect Marshal Zhukov, house 63, building 2);
  • 40 (Prospect Mira, property 94);
  • 41 (Prospect Mira, building 142);
  • 57 (Ryazansky Prospekt 26, building 2);
  • 52 (Svobodny Prospekt 1а);
  • 12 (Aivazovsky street, property 2a);
  • 49 (Akademika Skryabin street, 11);
  • 45 (Volnaya street, 39);
  • 22 (Geroev Panfilovtsev street, 26, copr. 5);
  • 1 (Dekabristov street, property 47b);
  • №11 (Dubninskaya street, house 52);
  • 36 (Lublinskaya street, property 92);
  • 20 (Malygina street, building 2, building 1);
  • 58 (Maryinsky park street, property53);
  • 44 (Minskaya street, building 2);
  • 27 (Novomoskovsk street, 17);
  • 60 (Novosushchevskaya street, 23);
  • 37 (Papernika street, household 22);
  • 51 (Permskaya street, property 2);
  • 54 (Perovskaya street, 68a);
  • 61 (Polbina street, house 29);
  • 3 (Prishvin street, property 6a);
  • 63 (Stakhanovskaya street, building 5);
  • 39 (Timiryazevskaya street, 38a);
  • 17 (Fryazevskaya street, 4a);
  • 19 (Yablochkova street, property 49a);
  • MJ063 (street 2-Mashinostroeniya possession 14 building 1);
  • 28 (Akademika Koroleva street, 12a);
  • 5 (Birch alley street, property 12, building 6);
  • 9 (Matveevskaya street, property 7, building 1);
  • 23 (Tvardovsky street, building 16, building 2).

Briefly about the Rosneft network (non-capital regions)

refueling PH

Residents of non-capital regions who prefer high-quality fuel from PJSC Rosneft everywhere, at which gas stations you can refuel, is a simple question. After all, the gas station network of the giant company provides almost continuous service in many regions of the Russian Federation. We restrict ourselves to listing, by regions, the number of gas stations operating there, located:

• in the Yaroslavl region (7);

• Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (8);

• Chechen Republic (9);

• Chelyabinsk region (8);

• Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (3);

• Khabarovsk Territory (23);

• Ulyanovsk region (46);

• Tyumen region(1);

• Tula region (39);

• Tomsk region (42);

• Tver region (27);

• Tambov region (47);

• Stavropol Territory (101);

• Smolensk region (84);

• Sverdlovsk region (1);

• Sakhalin Region (22);

• St. Petersburg (32);

• Samara region (81);

• Ryazan region (1);

• Rostov region (45);

• Republic of Khakassia (16);

• Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (6);

• Republic of Mordovia (5);

• Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia (23);

• Republic of Ingushetia (15);

• Republic of Dagestan (1);

• Republic of Buryatia (56);

• Republic of Altai (2);

• Republic of Adygea (11);

• Primorsky Krai (34);

• Penza region (50);

• Oryol region (43);

• Novosibirsk region (10);

• Novgorod region (1);

• Murmansk region (35);

• Moscow Region (79);

• Lipetsk region (52);

• Leningrad region (12);

• Kursk region (1);

• Kurgan region (48);

• Krasnoyarsk Territory (13);

• Krasnodar Territory (239);

• Kemerovo region (5);

• Kaluga region (26);

• Kabardino-Balkar Republic (35);

• Irkutsk region (88);

• Trans-Baikal Territory (9);

• Jewish Autonomous Region (5);

• Voronezh region (82);

• Volgograd region (12);

• Vladimir region (2);

• Bryansk region (59);

• Belgorod region (49);

• Arkhangelsk region (41)

• Altai Territory (91).

In general, the list of Rosneft gas stations by region is not very uniform quantitatively. And this reveals potential reserves in promoting retail sales of PH in some regions of the Russian Federation, for example, in the Kursk, Novgorod, Vladimir, Ryazan regions. In addition, according to experts, the competitiveness of Rosneft is steadily growing, and this in the future creates the prerequisites for further successful promotion of the company in the domestic market of the Russian Federation.

rosneft gas station network

However, in fact, the statistics of filling stations related to Rosneft may soon look somewhat different. It's no secret that the company, along with its deal partners Trafigura and UCP, recently acquired the refinery and gas station network of India's Nayara Energy. The immediate plans for the development of this new brainchild of Rosneft include an increase in the number of gas stations in India from 4.8 thousand to 7.0 thousand

Informing drivers about nearby gas stations

Thanks to modern information support, it is easy for a driver who prefers relatively inexpensive and, of course, high-quality fuel from Rosneft to find “their gas station”. Where the gas stations are, the application of the same name installed on the smartphone of a car enthusiast. In this application, you can see up-to-date, regularly updated information about the types of fuel available at a particular gas station. Drivers should be concernedthe proposed nomenclature, since RN periodically increases the nomenclature due to new and more efficient grades of fuels and lubricants.

Also, Russian motorists can find out the addresses of Rosneft gas stations using a special GPS navigation device with a built-in gas station detection function, or by installing a navigation program like Yandex Navigator, Yandex Maps on a smartphone or tablet etc.

Even in the absence of such devices or programs, refueling can be found using the mobile Internet by entering your location on one of the many information sites for motorists.

Addresses of Rosneft gas stations are numerous, it is not difficult to find them on a large-scale specialized map near the main highways of almost every region of the Russian Federation. In addition, even without a card and owning only the simplest mobile phone (handset), you can use the company's 24-hour support line that advises drivers on the nearest gas stations.

Branded gas stations, despite the overall design style and associated visual similarity, are not faceless. They are characterized by an individual number. The Rosneft gas station is a separate self-supporting enterprise, the profitability of which is determined by the efficiency of the staff.


There is no doubt that the main asset of this huge company, numbering a total of 302.1 thousand people at the end of 2017, is a professional staff.

Payment planning is carried out on the basis of the regulation developed in Rosneft on “subsidiariescompanies." This term is conventionally called regionally isolated territories with different climates and working conditions. The company has an employee motivation program, which, in addition to the general indicator, considers the individual contribution of each.

Rosneft's collective bargaining agreement is attractive to employees because, in addition to the all-Russian social benefits and guarantees that are unconditionally included, it also includes a number of additional corporate ones. The agreement provides for additional support for low-income families of employees, support for them who find themselves in difficult life circumstances, as well as additional corporate pensions for the company's pensioners.

Rosneft shares at gas stations

The company declares that its personnel policy takes into account:

  • worthy financial remuneration of employees;
  • meeting critical social needs;
  • stimulating interest in promotion;
  • the desire of employees to improve their skills.

In general, RP staff costs have the following structure:

  • wages (higher than the average salary in the region);
  • bonus;
  • social payments, including he alth insurance contributions;
  • additional pension provision (payment of non-state pensions to more than 30 thousand people);
  • housing program payments;
  • payment (surcharge) for a spa holiday;
  • payment for educational services of universities and specializedcourses.

The company has a talent pool program that identifies employees capable of career advancement and helps them plan their careers. The readiness and competence of candidates to take leadership positions is checked and prepared by special personnel committees, which are personally headed by top managers of Rosneft.

Briefly about the problems of personnel policy

Why are the gas station employees themselves unhappy on review sites?

It would seem that the proof of professionalism is the average age of employees, which is 40.1 years. Theoretically, this may indeed indicate an extremely low turnover of personnel, who in fact work for a long time at Rosneft and, accordingly, have significant production experience. However, having studied the feedback from current RN employees, you are convinced that the significant average age of employees is determined by another reason: an excessively harsh attitude towards employees. Therefore, young people do not stay there.

gas stations rosneft bonuses

There is a practice when people are forbidden to sit on a chair during a shift at a gas station to rest. Why does a cashier have to serve customers standing up? Why do managers remain deaf to the requests of the gas station staff? How can a gas station (with regular checks by its managers!) be left without heating for a long time in winter? Why does the inspector penalize the employee for lack of a form if he was not given one? Does the inspector drive the desire to really improve the operation of the gas station, if hedoesn't even say hello to the shift supervisor? This and many other questions are asked by employees on the sites.

Also on the company's website they claim that when setting wage rates and bonuses in the RN, similar indicators of other oil and gas companies are considered. There is indeed such a practice. Indeed, regional wage markets are being monitored to establish pay rates that prevent staff turnover. However, in the reviews, gas station employees more than once note an extremely low influx of young people. After the optimization of employees, the remaining ones did not receive wage increases, at least partially compensating for the expansion of work duties.

Drivers' feedback on the bonus program and Rosneft promotions

A typical car driver with a high average monthly mileage (there are many such reviews) writes that it is beneficial for him to refuel at Rosneft because of the current Family Team loy alty bonus program. The idea of ​​the latter is to award points for actual fuel purchases. The accumulated points can later be used both for the purchase of fuel and for the purchase of related products in stores at Rosneft gas stations. The calculation is simple: the larger the tank, the more bonuses.

To join the bonus program, a special form is filled right at the gas station, then a set of three bonus cards (main and two additional) is issued free of charge to those who fill it out there. Note that the main card is not only a bonus card, but also a bank card. Shopping at a gas station, as we have already noted,are accompanied by the accrual of points according to the system 1 point for 2 liters of fuel. The number of points on the card for its owner can be tracked at any time on the company's website.

However, the real experts in the bonus program are drivers visiting Rosneft gas stations. Bonuses initially, according to them, in the form of points are accumulated on special cards. Judging by the reviews, if you refuel for 1000 rubles, you will get 11 points on the card. Having accumulated 4000 points, you get the opportunity to exchange them for 20 liters of gasoline.

For a buyer of gasoline from PJSC Rosneft, promotions at gas stations will pleasantly diversify the seemingly standard procedure for filling a gas tank. Let's take last year's promotion, which runs from August 3rd to October 4th, as an example. Any person could participate in it by purchasing goods worth 300 rubles in gas station stores. At the same time, he received a scratch card containing either a promo code or an instant prize. By registering a promotional code on the site, he became a participant in the drawing of promotional prizes: an Apple iPad tablet (1 pc.), a hoverboard (3 pcs.), a bicycle (3 pcs.), etc. Within the framework of the promotion, it was most realistic to get a pen or an eighty-gram pack of Espresso coffee, since they are raffled off in a thousand pieces.

Organization of work

Rosneft gas stations are the primary links in the retail network for the sale of fuels and lubricants. The reviews of their employees and the official coverage of personnel policy, unfortunately, are completely different. Despite the official PR of “decent pay”, the gas station employee receives a salary not exceeding 20 thousand rubles. In a typical reviewsenior shift refueling mentioned:

  • work physically hard in the absence of chairs;
  • checkers seek not to help, but to punish;
  • after optimization, cashiers have exaggerated duties;
  • Unlike the previous leadership of RN, the current leadership of the gas station network is not constructive.

As you know, modern companies practice the creation of automated jobs with the simultaneous complex formation of various accounting registers. After all, the efficiency of accounting is significantly reduced due to the manual filling of various forms, journals, etc. The feedback from employees about Rosneft testifies to insufficient information optimization and algorithmization:

  • the acceptance of a fuel truck is accompanied by filling out five magazines, two Pi modules, drawing up two acts and a checklist;
  • in time, a fuel truck is received on average 4 hours (if 2 fuel trucks arrive at the same time, the shift supervisor cannot insure the cashier, and he gets a load on the verge of a nervous breakdown).

Many employees complain about the lack of an effective trade union in Rosneft capable of defending the labor rights of its members, while their feedback indicates clear labor discrimination. Judge for yourself:

  1. РН professes an asymmetrical corporate style with regard to gasoline buyers and gas station staff: (buyers - bonuses, promotions, discounts; employees - lack of organized meals, shared toilet with visitors, unpaid extension of duties, counterproductive system of fines).
  2. Inspectors do not promptly solve everyday problems of the gas station staff. There are precedents for the failure of the heating system in winter, while the attitude of the management towards resolving the situation is rather indifferent.
  3. In recent years, gas stations have reduced security guards, cleaners, and cooks preparing food for employees.
  4. Judging by the reviews, young people, unlike middle-aged people, simply do not want to endure such an attitude and quit.


What kind of staff ensures the proper operation of a typical Rosneft gas station? The reviews of these employees, posted on employer review sites, allow even a layman to determine the list of positions of current employees.

Staff includes:

  • shift supervisor (person organizing and responsible);
  • managers-cashiers (delivery of fuel, receipt of proceeds at the cash desk);
  • technical staff (they make the refueling itself);
  • additional positions that are not required (shop clerk, locksmith, cleaner, etc.).

In the future, we will consider the generalized reviews of these employees.

Reviews of senior shifts of gas stations

Rosneft gas stations in Russia work around the clock and in shifts (12-hour shifts). Usually, the shift is replaced by a senior shift, whose duties are to receive gasoline from fuel trucks, record invoices, record the level of oil in the tanks of a fuel tanker using a special device - a metro rod, as well as the general organization of the work of tankers, cashiers, materialresponsibility.

gas stations rosneft russia

Reviews from senior shifts reflect a lack of understanding of the expediency of the practiced tightening of working conditions. More than once, senior shifts presented to the management of Rosneft proposals for improving the work of filling stations. Here are the opinions of these experts:

  • imperfect waybill system;
  • the presence of the trade union is imperceptible in the company;
  • outdated cash register programs;
  • metorstock far from perfect;
  • lack of workers at gas stations and an excess of inspectors.

Reviews of gas station cashier managers

Fuel stations owned by Rosneft, judging by the reviews of cashier managers, before the company's partial privatization had a wider job list. There were cleaners and security guards on staff. Currently, the duties of cashiers, in addition to accounting for the supply of fuel and cash proceeds from its sale, are charged with cleaning the territory and premises. At the same time, cashiers communicate with customers, promote promotions and engage in bonus programs. It is noteworthy that there are no chairs in the cash desk, because by the will of the management, cashiers-managers were obliged to work standing up. Cashier managers in their reviews note that despite such changes, the salaries of cashiers have decreased compared to 2012. The following provisions can be distinguished in the reviews of cashiers:

  • there are more and more duties (and the cashier, and the cleaner, and the cook, and the janitor, and the storekeeper, and communicating with customers), but the salary does not grow;
  • the worker himself has to "knock out" the uniform;
  • gener altoilet with clients;
  • 12 hours on foot;
  • youth, having experienced such working conditions, do not stay to work at gas stations.

Reviews of technical specialists (refuelers) of gas stations

It's no secret that the Rosneft gas station is comfortable for motorists thanks to the work of technical specialists (refuelers). The latter also advise clients on the services provided. Depends on the qualified work of the tanker:

  • throughput (serve maximum customers in limited time);
  • observance of technological nuances and requirements of instructions in work;
  • maintaining order in the territory.

Also, tanker:

  • informs the operator about inaccuracies and equipment failures;
  • measures the groundwater level in the shafts of fuel storage tanks once a day;
  • ensures order when refueling vehicles.

Feedback from Rosneft gas station technicians also indicates that the company's administration is following a dead-end path of tightening requirements for gas station employees, while ignoring the fact that this does not increase work efficiency. Employees complain about the passivity of trade unions in protecting their labor rights, which, in their opinion, are being violated. On employer rating sites, they rate work at an average of 2 points.


Reviews about the filling of "Rosneft" drivers testify to the observance of the order of service at the gas station, the merits of the purchased fuel. It should be recognized that for the most part motoristsdistinguish the company as one of the best. A potential client can quickly, just being on the road, get reliable information about the nearest gas station. Upon arrival, it will be efficiently and promptly served.

rosneft what gas stations

However, Rosneft gas stations in Russia deserve a lot of other kinds of reviews. They are written by the employees of the gas stations themselves on the sites of the employer's assessments. Such a characteristic should alert any businessman. But at the same time, timely and guaranteed wages are noted. Employees note the tough manner of communication between managers and subordinates cultivated over the past few years, arrogance, indifference to their needs and requests.

However, it is worth hoping that the people in charge of this largest company will make adjustments to the personnel policy regarding employees of the Rosneft gas station network.

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