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Cutter - what kind of profession is this

Cutter - what kind of profession is this
Cutter - what kind of profession is this

Now there are many specialists, thanks to which various spheres of human life develop. One of them is a cutter. This is a professional who cuts materials for sewing clothes, shoes, textiles. They are hired only after passing the training, because without this it will not be possible to perform the activity qualitatively.

Features of the profession

A cutter is a specialist who does work depending on what the production is doing. These include employees in one direction, for example, a master in clothes, shoes, curtains. In the atelier, the cutter is a versatile specialist who allows you to choose a style and fabric for a person. He can also draw clothes, take measurements, create a pattern, cut fabric.

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The finished patterns are handed over to the seamstress, who performs the connection of parts using professional equipment. Before the full production of clothes, the client must come several times to try on. Measures are necessary to better fit the product to the figure, eliminate defects. At the same time, the wishes of the client are taken into account.

Factory work

In a factory, a cutter is a specialist who does notindividual work with clients. Such production produces mass clothing, shoes, accessories.

It is the responsibility of the cutter to create and use patterns for mass cutting. Then the materials are transferred to the sewing workshop, where the product is completed.

The work of the master can be individual when he performs the functions of a seamstress. Such a specialist is collectively called a "tailor". But in factories and in the atelier, the distribution of duties is carried out. When a cutter has different skills, he has the opportunity to be a fashion designer, constructor, designer.

Necessary qualities

A master needs to have an aesthetic sense, an interest in fashion. Mandatory skills are drawing, drafting, volumetric eye. The specialist must have excellent hand coordination, communication skills. With poor eyesight, it is unlikely that you will be able to work in the profession.

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In order for the cutter to perform at the highest level, you need to know about modern fashion trends, as well as understand the decoration. His work includes the ability to work with sketches, so professional design and cutting skills are needed.

Working conditions

Cutters work both independently and in a team. The working place is a cutting table. Helpers are pencils, chalk, pens, instruments, measuring devices. The room should be very light.

If a master with disabilities works, then the working conditions must be as required by the programrehabilitation. All items of equipment must be suitable for physiological characteristics. A dressing gown is used as work clothes, a headdress is a scarf, armlets.


The profession "Cutter" is very much in demand. You can get it in college, school. Training lasts 1-2 years depending on the program. Usually there are no exams for admission, enrollment occurs after the provision of documents on secondary education.

After training, a diploma is issued on the assignment of a profession. With a document, you can get a job in a sewing factory or in an atelier. There is also the possibility of further training to improve professional skills.

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You can also get cutter skills at paid courses provided by labor exchanges, as well as training centers. In a short time, the main types of work will be mastered, after which there is a possibility of employment. And salary and prospects will depend on performance.

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