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Help on the form of a bank for a mortgage: the procedure for obtaining, terms of provision, an overview of banks

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Help on the form of a bank for a mortgage: the procedure for obtaining, terms of provision, an overview of banks
Help on the form of a bank for a mortgage: the procedure for obtaining, terms of provision, an overview of banks

Mortgage. For some it is a dream, for others it is an inevitable reality. Someone wants to quickly pay it off, and someone recently paid it and is going to take more. The package of documents for a mortgage loan is the same as for a regular consumer loan.

It is not uncommon for an employer to pay an employee in cash without fixing the real salary in official documents. What if you need to take out a mortgage loan, and the official salary is low? How to verify real income? What about clients who work two or more jobs unofficially? What proof of salary will the financial institution accept? This is our article.

Image "Gazprombank" mortgage certificate in the form of a bank

How to calculate income

A certificate in the form of a bank for a mortgage is needed when official income, confirmed by a 2-personal income tax document, is not enough. How to determine the sufficiency of the amountsalary to get a mortgage?

Firstly, the amount of the loan that the bank approves depends on the amount of free cash that the person will have after paying off the debt. From the amount of income confirmed by the client, the monthly living wage and monthly mandatory expenses are deducted. This is the amount that the client can pay for the mortgage.

Secondly, it should be remembered that the income is calculated taking into account the minor children of the client, the presence of a co-borrower and guarantors. It turns out that it is rather problematic to determine exactly whether there is enough income to obtain a mortgage. Each bank is individual in terms of settlements.

There is only one advice. To obtain a wide range of opportunities and the right to choose, it is better for the client to provide proof of all available income. Therefore, a certificate in the form of a bank for a mortgage is necessary in order not to bind the client with limited lending conditions. Not everyone knows what the certificate form looks like.

On the photo is a sample certificate on the form of a bank for a mortgage of "Rosselkhozbank".

Help for "Rosselkhozbank"

What help is needed for

The form of the bank assumes full and reliable receipt of information about the unofficial salary of the client. Most people who encounter this document for the first time are worried that the data will be transferred to the tax office. Then you have to pay income tax on all accruals. In this case, the employer may be issued a huge fine.

Fears in this case are completely unfounded. The bank has noauthority to distribute personal financial information provided by the client. For disclosing a trade secret, a bank (as an organization) and some of its employees face a fine, revocation of a license and punishment, up to and including imprisonment. A certificate in the form of a bank was created to help borrowers, since the economic situation in the country is very unstable. Many firms, avoiding taxes, pay wages under the "gray" scheme.

For the employer

The main problem when obtaining a certificate in the form of a bank for a mortgage is the refusal of the management of the company where the loan applicant is employed to issue it. Accountants and heads of firms-employers are afraid of transferring data to the tax service. For loans, for example, to obtain a mortgage, a certificate in the form of a bank was specially invented. It exists in order to increase the applicant's chances of being approved for a loan. The amount that the applicant requests from the financial institution directly depends on what kind of confirmed information about the client's income is. In case of problems with issuing a certificate at work, a reference to Article 62 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation will help. According to this article, the organization must provide documents confirming income no later than three days from the date of the request. Of course, it is not recommended to quarrel with the employer if he does not want to draw up the necessary document. Below we will consider the main points of filling out a certificate in the form of a bank.

Employer details

For example, let's consider a certificate in the form of a bank for a VTB mortgage. The name of the employer is written in full, as indicated in legal documentsfirms. No brand or logo is required. The address (legal and actual) is written in full. Sometimes the certificate requires you to enter your full name. immediate supervisor and his phone number. This information must also be provided. Particular attention should be paid to the line indicating the telephone number of the organization. It requires the mandatory provision of a landline number. You can specify a mobile phone if a landline phone number is written along with it. TIN, OGRN, KPP of a legal entity must also be indicated in full.

In the photo below, a certificate for a mortgage in the form of VTB Bank.

VTB mortgage bank statement

Applicant's data

Full name the employee is indicated in the certificate in full. The date of birth must match the passport. Often the certificate contains the position of the employee and his seniority in the organization. These lines should not be skipped, they should completely repeat the entries in the work book.


In a special table, the accountant of the company must indicate the full amount that the employee receives monthly. In a separate line, the year of accrual and month are prescribed. Next, the amount received by the employee in the specified month is written. It is indicated in numbers. At the end, “total” and the total amount for the past period are written. The information provided on the salary certificate will be checked for accuracy. The income will be compared with the average earnings in the region for people with the same profession. Therefore, it must be specified real. No need to enter more thanshe really is.

In the photo below, a sample of income in the certificate on the bank form for a mortgage from Alfa-Bank.

Mortgage with a certificate in the form of a bank


The period for which the salary is indicated must be at least 6 months. In some cases, it is allowed to issue a certificate for 4 months if the experience in the organization is not enough. For the bank, filling in the maximum possible period (within the table) is a priority.

Attention should be paid to the lines with the signatures of the accountant and the head of the organization. If this is the same person, banks recommend attaching a copy of the order appointing this person to the position of chief accountant. If the head and chief accountant are different people, there should be two signatures. Both with decoding.

You can get a certificate on the form of a bank for a mortgage (sample) directly at the branch or print it from the website of a specific financial institution.

The document is certified by the round seal of the employing organization. A facsimile seal or company stamp may not be used.

A sample certificate on the form of a bank for a mortgage from Sberbank is located on the website of a financial institution. Detailed instructions for filling are attached to it.

Mortgage certificate in the form of a bank which banks

Check order

How is the submitted document verified? The authenticity and reliability of the data specified for the mortgage in the certificate in the form of the bank is checked in several stages. Scoring systemprocesses information about the details of the employer company and the data of the employee applying for a mortgage loan. The information provided by the client breaks through the databases and state registries (they look for compliance). Thus, it becomes clear whether the organization specified in the certificate really exists and whether it conducts activities.

The loan officer is next to check. Its task is to determine whether the amount of income declared by the client actually corresponds. The inspector checks the questionnaire, the data from which must fully match the information from the certificate. In the questionnaire, which is initially filled out by the loan applicant when applying for a mortgage, the salary is indicated in full. It must correspond to the amount in the certificate in the form of a bank. Discrepancies in the data provided by the borrower themselves may lead the loan officer to think that the information is not true.

Pay attention to the appearance of the help. Corrections, deletions are not allowed. The data must be formatted in accordance with the information fields. The authenticity of the seal is checked. In 99% of cases, the loan officer makes a call to the phone numbers indicated in the certificate. According to the work number, information is specified on whether the applicant really works in the company, whether the position and work experience match. It would be appropriate to warn the employees who answer the phone that the bank will call to confirm the data. If the loan officer cannot get through to the employer, the application is rejected or hangs untilthe phone will not become available.

A sample certificate on the form of a bank for a mortgage from Gazprombank, for example, differs in the requirement for detailed information about the organization. Filling it out requires accuracy and precision.

Image "Rosselkhozbank" certificate on the form of a bank for a mortgage

How to do without help

Not all potential borrowers have time to collect a complete set of documents. In most cases, if a client is unable to provide a bank statement for a mortgage, it is the fault of the employing company, because the firm is afraid to disclose data on the unofficial income of employees. How to act in such a situation? Some large Russian banks have developed programs for the purchase of housing with the provision of only two documents. The applicant is required to bring a passport and SNILS or a driver's license.

What is the disadvantage of programs that allow you to avoid providing a certificate in the form of a bank for a mortgage when submitting documents? Which banks provide this opportunity?

The main disadvantage is the increase in interest rates. Banks take risks by trusting clients with unconfirmed income. For this they take compensation in the form of an increased percentage.

The second minus is the increased down payment. A large amount (30-40% of the cost of housing) becomes a guarantee of the solvency of the future borrower.

Designing a mortgage using two documents

Banks that accept such conditions:

  • "Tinkoff". From 15% down payment, interest rate from 6% to 14%, dependingon the type of real estate purchased.
  • VTB. From 40% down payment when buying a secondary home and 30% when purchasing a primary one, the rate is from 9.6%.
  • Sberbank. From 40% installment and an additional 0.5% to the base rate.
  • Gazprombank. From 40% installment, rate from 10.2%.
  • Rosselkhozbank. From 40% down payment, rate from 9.35%.
  • "Alfa Bank". Down payment of at least 50%. Rate from 9.79%.
  • "Deltacredit". 40% deposit and 8.25% rate.
  • "Transcapitalbank". Installment 30%, rate 8.2%. This financial institution has a limit on the amount of the mortgage. For Moscow and St. Petersburg, this is 12 million rubles, and for residents of other settlements - 5 million rubles.
  • Uralsib. 40% deposit and 9.4% rate.
Help in the form of Sberbank for a mortgage


Mortgage with a certificate in the form of a bank is possible if the document is drawn up in accordance with all the rules. It is important to remember that you should not try to give a fake certificate to the bank. On the Internet and other sources there are ads with a proposal for several thousand rubles to produce a document with any desired amount. The package also includes a copy of the work book. Such references will not be verified. Mortgage lending inspectors work carefully, the information is checked for accuracy thoroughly. If discrepancies are found, the fraudulent client is threatened with blocking through all channels for future loan processing, it is even possible to transfer the case to the police. On suspicion ofa fraudulent application will be rejected with a special code that will block the client from receiving any loan for life.

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