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Apply for a mortgage at Sberbank: required documents, application procedure, conditions for obtaining, terms

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Apply for a mortgage at Sberbank: required documents, application procedure, conditions for obtaining, terms
Apply for a mortgage at Sberbank: required documents, application procedure, conditions for obtaining, terms

In the article, we will consider how to apply for a mortgage at Sberbank.

In modern life, one of the most pressing is the problem of housing. It is no secret that not every family, especially a young one, has the opportunity to purchase their own apartment, so people are increasingly interested in what housing lending is and how to get it. The bottom line is that if a citizen does not have the funds to buy real estate, you can apply for a mortgage at Sberbank and get the amount of money you need for this.

apply for mortgage refinancing at Sberbank

What does mortgage mean

She is featured in various programs. You can get a loan without a down payment. Separate percentages are set for new apartments, for secondary housing, within the framework of various mortgage lending programs.

You can apply for a mortgage at Sberbank for secondary housing, as well as for the purchase of an apartment in a new building.

The organization offers its customers a mortgagein the amount of 300,000 to 10,000,000 rubles, at interest - from 6 to 13.5. The requirements that apply to borrowers are quite standard. Before receiving funds, an identity document confirming income is submitted. You can first wait for approval for a mortgage loan, and then choose a housing object, taking into account the proposed amount of money.

Applying Methods

In order to get a loan, you must apply for a mortgage at Sberbank. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Leave the completed form at the bank branch by visiting it in person during business hours.
  2. Fill out an application without visiting the office via the Internet using Sberbank-Online.
  3. Fill it out through the official website of the banking institution.
  4. domclick sberbank mortgage apply online

How to apply for a mortgage at Sberbank

The procedure for filing an application in paper form in one of the branches of Sberbank is good because a citizen has the opportunity to consult with a specialist in a banking institution about filling out such a document on the spot. You will need to wait for a response for 5 days - this is how long it usually takes to consider an application. However, this period may be extended at the discretion of the bank. The advantage of applying via the Internet will be that a person does not have to spend time visiting a branch.

Applying for a mortgage at Sberbank is easy.

How to fill out the form correctly

This document is inpaper form takes 6 pages. It can be filled in manually or using automatic printing tools. Filling out the questionnaire can be carried out by a potential lender or an employee of a banking organization according to the borrower.

The first page contains personal data:

  • Full name, gender, date of birth.
  • Status (ordinary or title co-borrower, pledgor or guarantor).
  • Passport details.
  • Having children, marital status, education.
  • Contact numbers, registration address (temporary or permanent).

The second page contains information about the actual place of residence, where the applicant indicates whether his living space is rented or owned. Then data on close relatives are given: spouse, mother, father, dependents.

Apply for a mortgage at Sberbank DomClick

Professional data

The next section contains data on the professional activities of the creditor. Here you must specify the name of the organization, your position, the number of employees, length of service, the type of activity of this enterprise and its TIN. Next, the applicant provides information about his income (documented and additional, the total amount of earnings of the borrower's family and the approximate level of fixed cash expenses are indicated).

The third page contains a section where you need to specify the property: vehicles, real estate.

Purpose of the loan

The next part of the application, which is dedicated to the mortgagecredit. Here it is necessary to indicate why the loan is needed, in what amount, for what period of time the citizen plans to return the money, etc. This information is followed by several additional blocks that the borrower or co-borrower fills out under certain conditions (accounting for total income, receiving a salary on a card, etc.).

The fifth page is the final one for the bank's client, here it is necessary to indicate the time of transfer of the application to the bank employee, sign, provide your consent to work with personal information. The sixth sheet is filled in by an employee of Sberbank - it contains some service marks.

After filling out the above document, the applicant must submit it to the bank for consideration and wait for a response within a certain period.

Sberbank apply for a loan or mortgage

Conditions for obtaining a mortgage

The list of basic conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan at Sberbank includes:

  1. Age no less than 21 and no more than 75 years. Mortgage lending is possible for pensioners, however, at the time of calculating such a loan, the age of the borrower should not be more than 75 years.
  2. Employment contract and continuous experience of at least 6 months in last place and total experience of one year.
  3. Officially confirmed income.
  4. The amount of income to pay mortgage installments.
  5. Good credit history.

It is most convenient to apply for a loan or mortgage at Sberbank online.

Finish and apply online

Tocorrectly fill out and send the questionnaire for consideration by Sberbank employees, you must go to the official website of this organization and click on the "Take a loan" button:

  • service system opens a menu consisting of several items and sections related to the processing and payment of housing and consumer loans;
  • then you need to select the "Mortgage" section and click on it or decide on the type of mortgage lending already in this window and click on it.

How many people do not understand how to apply for a mortgage at Sberbank through DOMKLIK.

sberbank mortgage

Opens a page that is dedicated to a specific type of lending. The next step is to click on the "Apply" button. The official website will redirect the client to "DOMKLIK", which is a service designed to help everyone who wants to purchase housing using the Internet. Such a system automatically offers to calculate monthly mortgage payments using a loan calculator.

Next, the borrower needs to decide on the level of down payment, the term of mortgage lending and other mortgage parameters. The amount of interest rates is directly affected by:

  • availability of insurance;
  • the employer of the borrower has a salary project in this financial institution;
  • can the borrower and his spouse be classified as a "Young Family", etc.

If the client's settlement results are satisfactory, the interest rate is suitable, monthly payments do not exceedmonthly income (per one family member on average), you must start filling out the application form.

apply for a mortgage at Sberbank

To do this, you need to go through the registration procedure on the "DOMKLIK" website and apply online for a mortgage at Sberbank. You will need to create a personal account. To register, you must enter the following information:

  • Russian passport details;
  • email address;
  • education;
  • information about having children and marital status;
  • does the borrower receive a salary on a Sberbank card and, in a positive case, indicate the plastic number;
  • information about the employer: company name, phone number, form of ownership;
  • job data;
  • level of income and expenses;
  • information about additional income.

After that, you need to upload scanned copies of the necessary documents: passport, work book, 2-NDFL certificate, etc. The same documents are required when applying for a personal visit to the bank.

Next, the process of considering the appeal begins.

You can also apply for mortgage refinancing at Sberbank using the same methods.

Sberbank mortgage application

Terms for consideration of the questionnaire

When considering an appeal, Sberbank uses a complex process, the preliminary time for studying the information entered and issuing a result on the application is 5 days, the maximum period can be a calendar month.


  1. Ratio of income to mortgage payment.
  2. Is the borrower a Sberbank client?
  3. Does this citizen plan to attract co-borrowers?
  4. Amount of money requested.

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