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Which bank gives a mortgage on a room: lists of banks, mortgage conditions, a package of documents, terms of consideration, payment and the amount of the mortgage loan rate

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Which bank gives a mortgage on a room: lists of banks, mortgage conditions, a package of documents, terms of consideration, payment and the amount of the mortgage loan rate
Which bank gives a mortgage on a room: lists of banks, mortgage conditions, a package of documents, terms of consideration, payment and the amount of the mortgage loan rate

Your own housing is a necessity, but not everyone has it. Since apartment prices are high, when choosing a prestigious area, a large area and the cost increases markedly. Sometimes it is better to buy a room, which will be somewhat cheaper. This procedure has its own characteristics. Which banks give a mortgage on a room is described in the article.

Select room

Surely many people know films with communal apartments, where 10 neighbors lived and the corridor replaced the street for children. And many had to live in such a room for a long time. Still, this is an opportunity to become the owner of your premises. You can also get a residence permit in this way.

A feature of communal apartments is that they are usually sold in shares, not rooms, for example, 1/7. And for the sale or purchase of a room, the collection of signatures of neighbors for a deal is required. It's long and quite problematic. Signatures are notarized.

which bank gives a mortgage to buy a room

You can buy a dorm room. To get a loan, you only need dedicated rooms (not shares) that have the necessary communications. Getting a loan for housing is easier, and the cost will be noticeably less than when purchasing a one-room apartment.

There is another option - buying the last room. For example, a part of the apartment is owned, and you want to buy the last room from the second owner. Loans are also issued for such purposes.

In the latter case, approval is more likely than when buying a home in a hostel or communal apartment. Whichever option is chosen, you need to know which banks provide mortgages to buy a room.

Property requirements

Buying a room is more complicated than buying an apartment. Banks are reluctant to cooperate with such clients, because in the future the implementation of such housing is difficult. These trades will still be executed, but the following requirements must be met:

  1. The room must be in a house that was built no earlier than 1970.
  2. Housing must not be included in a demolition, refurbishment, or redevelopment/relocation program.
  3. Purchased real estate must have a well-equipped infrastructure.
  4. Habitability matters.
  5. The room should have a separate kitchen and bathroom.
  6. No utility debt required.
  7. The room must not have a third owner.
  8. Required area - from 12 sq. m.
Which banks give mortgages to buy a room

If the requirements are met, a mortgage on a communal room or a room in a hostel is issued without difficulty. But there may be additional nuances in banks that you should familiarize yourself with before a deal.


It seems - what difference does it make what type of housing the money is provided for? And not everything is so simple. The bank calculates the risks of non-payment of the loan. He must be sure that it will be possible to sell the premises in case of insolvency of the client. It turns out that a mortgage may not be approved if the condition of the housing or its location is not suitable. Which bank gives a mortgage on a room? The following offers are valid:

  1. Sberbank. Issued up to 15 million rubles up to 30 years. The rate is 10-17%.
  2. "Deltacredit". It is possible to issue up to 300 thousand rubles up to 25 years. The rate is 8, 75 - 15%.
  3. "Zenith Bank". You can apply for up to 10.5 million rubles up to 25 years. The rate is 20%.
  4. VTB. The maximum amount is 10 million rubles, and the term is 30 years. The rate can be 13.5 - 18%.
  5. "SKB-Bank". More than 250 thousand rubles are issued for up to 25 years at a rate of 17.5%.
mortgage room bank

More offers

Which bank gives a mortgage to buy a room? There are also offers from the following banks:

  1. "AK Bars". A loan can be issued for the purchase of a room from 300 thousand rubles. The term of the contract can be from 1 to 20 years. The rate starts from 13.5%, the first installment is 10-70%. Allowedpayment by maternity capital.
  2. "TransCapital Bank". You can get a mortgage on attractive terms (few documents) with a down payment of 40%. The first installment can be paid by maternity capital. To draw up a contract, you need a questionnaire and compliance with real estate requirements.
  3. "RosEvroBank". This bank has an offer - a loan product for the purchase of rooms in a mortgage. The amount is 350 thousand - 20 million rubles. The term is up to 20 years, and the rate depends on the first installment. Mortgages are also issued in foreign currency.
  4. "Tinkoff Bank". The rate is 8 - 18%, the first installment - from 40%. The maximum provides up to 100 million rubles. Purchased property may be collateral. The money is transferred to the client's bank account, the loan term is up to 25 years.
mortgage for a room in a bank apartment

But this is not the whole list of banks that issue mortgages. On this issue, you can consult any financial institution. If you want to buy the last room, the list of organizations increases. In this case, which bank gives a mortgage on a room? You can contact MKB, Absolut Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, RosEvroBank, Rosbank.

Loans are more readily provided with the maximum amount of the first installment. Usually it is 10-40%. If you immediately have the opportunity to deposit more, then loyal conditions will definitely apply, probably a decrease in the interest rate.

Loans are issued on the security of existing housing. Almost all commercial banks offer this service,money is provided for consumer needs, so confirmation of its use is not required. The advantage of this method of lending is the availability of an acceptable rate. And the loan amount can be up to 70% of the value of the pledge.

A consumer loan can be seen as a way to get money for a room in a shared apartment. Often such loans reach 2 million rubles, which may be enough to buy a room. Which method of lending to choose, everyone decides for himself.

But getting a loan is not easy. Banks put forward high requirements for collateral, they are responsible for the selection of borrowers.


If you need a mortgage on a room, which bank offers more loyal requirements? They are similar in almost all financial institutions. The following requirements generally apply:

  1. Client must be over 20 years old, but not more than 75 at the end of the loan. But these criteria are averaged, some banks provide loans only from the age of 21 and no more than up to 55 years.
  2. Official employment is considered an important requirement. In the last place, you must work for at least 6 months. And the total experience should be at least 1 year.
  3. It is imperative to involve guarantors and co-borrowers who guarantee payment in case of insolvency of the client.
  4. Positive credit history required. Even if there were no previously issued loans, this may lead to refusal.
which banks give mortgages on a room


Which bank gives a mortgage on a room with a minimumdocuments? In all financial institutions, the procedure is almost the same as with conventional mortgage lending. Served to the bank:

  1. Statement.
  2. Passport and copies.
  3. Reference 2-NDFL.
  4. Documentation from guarantors.
  5. Documents with contract timestamp (for military).
  6. Pension certificate (for pensioners).
  7. Paper title to the room.
  8. An extract from the house book confirming the absence of third owners.
  9. Registration certificate for the room.

Depending on the bank, additional documents may be required, which must be considered before registration. Since the state has been providing new family support programs for the last 3 years, a certificate of maternity capital is required to receive a lower rate or loyal conditions. You also need a certificate of participation in the young families program and other benefits.


If you need a mortgage for a room in an apartment, banks draw up the procedure in much the same way. It is different from providing a loan for an apartment. First, the bank must approve the selected room. It is also required to obtain the consent of the neighbors, if it is a communal apartment. When buying a regular home, the client chooses what he plans to buy, and the bank will not be able to put forward special requirements.

which bank gives a mortgage on a room

But the whole procedure is as follows:

  1. Client chooses a lender who agrees to issue a loan to purchase a room.
  2. Pre-search in progresshousing.
  3. Application is being made for a loan setting the loan amount.
  4. If it is approved, then you should consider housing options in more detail and choose the best one.
  5. An independent assessment of living space is carried out for compliance with quality criteria.
  6. If this option suits the bank, an agreement is concluded.
  7. Concludes a contract for the sale.
  8. The room deposit is being processed. If the last room is redeemed, then the deposit is issued for the entire apartment.
  9. Documentation must be submitted to Rosreestr to secure ownership.
  10. The bank transfers funds to the seller's account.
  11. The client purchases a room, after which it is necessary to make loan payments on time every month.


There are some nuances that the buyer needs to follow. After purchase, the room can be used immediately. But even if there was 1 overdue payment, the bank can file a lawsuit and seize housing. The chances of a positive decision from the bank are many times higher with a positive credit history.

utility room mortgage

Banks willingly provide mortgages to regular customers. Borrowers who are paid as a percentage rather than a flat rate find it harder to get a home loan.


Thus, the article tells which bank gives a mortgage on a room. But the process can take up to three months. It should be borne in mind that banks are more willing to provide loans to customers who have already applied to the bank for another banking product orif his official salary is transferred to the bank card.

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