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Help 2-personal income tax for a mortgage: procedure for obtaining, validity period, sample
Help 2-personal income tax for a mortgage: procedure for obtaining, validity period, sample

Increasingly, citizens of our country began to apply to banking institutions for mortgage lending. One determining factor in the loan amount is information about a permanent source of income. Such a certificate is called 2-personal income tax. Accordingly, many questions arise. What certificate of 2-NDFL is needed for a mortgage, for what period to take a document, who draws it up? In the article we will answer them, and also get acquainted with the rules for providing a certificate for a mortgage for PJSC Sberbank.

What is the 2-personal income tax certificate?

The abbreviation personal income tax stands for "personal income tax". 2-NDFL is a document that refers to official regulatory documents and is issued exclusively to an individual in person. Be sure to indicate the name of the employing organization, the amount of cash payments to the employee and the tax deduction for the required period.

needed for a mortgage

A working citizen of our country pays mandatory income tax ifOf course he is officially employed. For such persons, it is not difficult to get a certificate confirming their income.

This certificate shows the income level of a citizen and confirms his ability to pay. You can get a certificate in the accounting department of the employing company; it is issued upon a written request absolutely free of charge. The finished document can be picked up within 3 days from the date of application.

2-personal income tax, except for mortgages, may be requested at:

  • visa processing;
  • employment in a new company;
  • paying tax deductions;
  • calculating child support;
  • appointment of benefits and pension payments;
  • establishing guardianship and adoption of a child.

2-personal income tax for mortgages. Proof of solvency

The main purpose of the 2-personal income tax certificate for a mortgage is to confirm a permanent source of income that would be enough to pay the debt. Of course, the bank can take into account the additional income of a citizen, but only if he can document it.

The bank's specialist will review and study all the certificates that can be used to confirm the client's timely solvency.

mortgage reference 2 personal income tax period

Help contains the following data:

  • company name;
  • F. Acting employee;
  • TIN of the policyholder;
  • passport details;
  • registration address;
  • employee income taxable at 13% for the requested period;
  • total income;
  • total amounttax paid, including child support.

Help 2-personal income tax for a mortgage must be signed by the chief accountant or head of the company, stamped. Banks are required to present only the original document. Therefore, if you plan to apply for a mortgage in different banks, request the required number of copies in advance.

How to order 2-personal income tax?

Each company sets its own internal rules for issuing certificates for its employees. You can apply in writing to the manager with a statement. It is permissible to write it in free form, with a request to indicate in the 2-NDFL certificate for a mortgage the period for which income should be calculated. It should be handed out after 3 days, excluding holidays and weekends.

need help 2 personal income tax for a mortgage

If during this period you have not been issued a certificate, then you can write a second appeal, but by sending it by registered mail with notification and at the same time file a complaint with the labor inspectorate. Moreover, if you have already quit your job, and three years have not passed since then, and the document was needed precisely for this period, then you are required to provide it.

Refusal to issue a 2-personal income tax certificate for a mortgage by the head of the company will be illegal. And even more so in the following situations:

  • you are required to pay for the issuance of the relevant document;
  • often contacted by one worker;
  • request by an employee for more than 2 copies.

Such cases are very rare, and most often the employee already hashand signed certificate.

Pay attention not only to the accuracy of the information written in it, but also to its completeness. Before you take 2-NDFL to a banking institution, review it in full, check the date of issue. No manual corrections or amendments are allowed in the document.

If the certificate is filled out according to the bank's template, handwritten, then this should be done only in blue ink, otherwise the credit institution will not accept it. But this will lead to a waste of personal time not only of yours, but also of the chief accountant.

help 2 personal income tax for a mortgage Sberbank

For what period the document is required

The Tax Code does not define how long a 2-personal income tax certificate is needed for a mortgage. Therefore, banking institutions independently determine this important point. When you contact the manager of a credit organization, he will tell you the exact period. Most often, banks ask for the last 6 or 12 months of work.

Document validity period

The action of the 2-personal income tax certificate for a mortgage depends on the financial institution. Most companies require an employer-certified form no later than one month before applying for a loan.

Another part of the banks accepts with an earlier date. Therefore, before asking the employer for a 2-personal income tax certificate for a mortgage, the term should be clarified with the lender, since the validity period in each organization is different.

Most likely, the form taken in October will not suit the bank to provide you with a mortgage loan if you apply for it in January.

mortgagecertificates 2 personal income tax term

Requirements for 2-personal income tax in Sberbank

The banking institution of Sberbank PJSC cooperates better with individuals who are officially employed. And, accordingly, they are able to confirm their solvency.

To help 2-personal income tax for a mortgage, Sberbank imposes the following conditions:

  • valid for up to 30 days;
  • if it is filled out on the form of the creditor, then its validity is 2 weeks.

The planned loan amount affects the period for reflecting the client's income:

  • if you take a loan up to 300,000 rubles. – information is required for the last 4 months of work;
  • with an amount over 1.0 million rubles, income is taken for 8 months;
  • more than one million - information is taken for 1-3 years. The client can provide a separate certificate for each year, which will not be a violation.

Moreover, if you quit several times and your employer changed, then information from previous jobs is provided.

Bank managers always recommend their clients to request 2-personal income tax last so as not to redo the certificate.

help 2 personal income tax for a mortgage

Sberbank income statement

In a branch of Sberbank, they may require an official certificate in the form of a bank instead of a 2-NDFL certificate. You receive an empty template at a credit institution, and take it to the accounting department of the organization where you work. The head signs such an act, and a seal is also affixed. Once the document is in your hands, check it carefullycorrected, it will be invalid.

Sberbank receives information about the authenticity of the statement, as it checks the information in the document and tax reporting.

To receive a large loan amount, you will be required to confirm income on a 2-personal income tax certificate in the form of a bank.

Is it possible to get a mortgage without 2-personal income tax in Sberbank

Recently, employers have stopped officially employing workers or set a minimum wage in an employment contract in order to pay less tax. In such a situation, it is impossible to obtain a statement of real income, which is required by the bank. PJSC "Sberbank" can meet such a client, but only under certain conditions. Before issuing a mortgage loan without a 2-personal income tax certificate, the bank will assess the borrower's credit history and track the facts of solvency:

  1. Is there a salary card, in which bank is it open?
  2. Are there any other types of credit loans?
  3. Has a debit card been issued for the client at PJSC Sberbank?

If all questions are answered positively, then, most likely, Sberbank will be able to issue a loan with a minimum list of documents. To do this, you will need to provide a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, fill out an application for lending, provide any paper confirming income. With such a list of documents, you can count on an amount of no more than 1.5 million rubles. But if you do not officially work, then they will not give you such an amount.

what certificate 2 personal income tax is needed for a mortgage

Is it possible to falsify income certificate

On the Internet, they often began to offer a service forpurchase of completed documents indicating the required income in order to obtain a mortgage. Remember, these actions lead to a violation of Russian law!

A fake is immediately recognized in a credit institution, such checks are carried out by the security department. Its employees make written or oral requests to employers. They can also call the chief accountant or the HR department and clarify information about the employee, check the numbers.

An easy consequence would be denial of mortgage lending with your data blacklisted, thus spoiling your personal credit history.

But there are also criminal pen alties for such actions. Therefore, think carefully whether it is worth taking such a risk.

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