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Three ways to activate a Tinkoff credit card

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Three ways to activate a Tinkoff credit card
Three ways to activate a Tinkoff credit card

Clients of Tinkoff Bank have the opportunity to receive a card with an approved credit limit, and with home delivery. After signing the documents, the holder's phone receives a pin code and information about the amount of the approved amount. Clients are interested in how to activate the Tinkoff card. Few are aware of the possibilities that this procedure provides. It is worth noting that it is simple and does not require special knowledge.


Before considering the procedure for activating a plastic card from Tinkoff Bank, we will tell you how it fundamentally differs from similar banking products of competitors:

  • The bank provides a loyal bonus system for various types of plastic cards.
  • Monthly statements are provided in electronic and paper formats.
  • An algorithm is provided for the provision of all types of services online.
  • The bank does not requirethe presence of guarantors for issuing a credit card.

What you need

tinkoff credit card reviews is it worth activating

To activate a credit card, the owner will need:

  • Mobile phone number specified in the loan application.
  • Plastic card delivered by courier.
  • Approval date.
  • Passport details.

If the data specified in the personal account is incorrect, the client will not be able to complete the activation. In this case, you need to call the hotline number and correct them. Check the data several times before sending to avoid errors in personal information.

Activation Methods

activate tinkoff credit card online

Activation does not require going to a bank branch. It is very convenient, saves time, as it takes only a few minutes. It can be done using the internet. There are two ways to activate a Tinkoff credit card:

  • Online.
  • On the phone.

Let's consider each method separately.


how to activate tinkoff platinum credit card

Let's tell you how to activate a Tinkoff credit card via the Internet:

  • Go to your personal Internet banking account.
  • Click on the "credit card" tab.
  • Now you need to select "Tinkoff Platinum" (usually the menu is located at the top of the screen).
  • Click on the menuactivation.
  • The next step on how to activate the Tinkoff Platinum credit card is to enter your personal number and expiration date. Then click on the button next to it.
  • The system will ask you to enter the code date set during credit card approval.
  • If the data is entered correctly, the procedure for generating a unique pin code will take place. The user will see two digits on the monitor screen, and two will come in an SMS message. The received data is driven into the field by the holder.

This is a way to activate a Tinkoff credit card remotely. Let's move on to the second method.

On the phone

Tinkoff bank activate credit card

The second way to activate a Tinkoff bank credit card is by phone. The holder needs to call 8-800-555-77-71 and provide the following information:

  • Card number.
  • Approval date.
  • Passport details.

If everything is named correctly, the bank manager will dictate a pin code that you need to remember. The code will also be sent to the customer's phone.

There is an additional option to send the code to an email address. We recommend using it.

Why do I need activation

Some users are wondering not only how to activate a Tinkoff credit card, but also why to do it. The procedure is required not by bank employees, as is commonly believed, but by the holder himself. This is a bank security measure to protect customers from scammers. Activation allowswithdraw cash and pay directly by card. Another measure is the client's signature on the back of the plastic, without which the credit card is considered invalid.


How to activate a tinkoff credit card

Like any product or service, a credit card from Tinkoff Bank has its pros and cons. Some users enthusiastically talk about its capabilities, others focus on the cons. Benefits include:

  • Customers like the quick processing of the application and the possibility of delivering a credit card home or office: the bank manager specifies where to bring the credit card, at what time. A few hours before arrival, a reminder SMS is sent to the customer's phone.
  • According to reviews, the card is accepted in all stores.
  • The bank has more than three hundred partners and allows you to withdraw money through them.
  • Replenishment of the balance is carried out without commission.
  • You can order additional cards, link them to your account and receive bonuses.
  • Each credit card has a grace period.
  • Customers appreciate the convenience of online banking.
  • Credit limit is renewed and may be increased.
  • It is possible to use contactless payments.
  • Availability of cashback.
  • Efficiency of bank managers.

Among the disadvantages of using a credit card, customers name:

  • Unfavorable cash withdrawal conditions.
  • Difficulties in case of delay.
  • High maintenance charges.
  • The initial amount of the loan limit differs from the stated one downwards, it increases gradually.

As you can see, the answer to the question of how to activate a Tinkoff credit card is quite simple. Activation is designed in the interests of the client and is carried out in several steps. To use the product or not, each of the customers decides independently. The most important thing is to correctly assess your financial capabilities, since the bank has strict measures against debtors and overdue payments. We recommend that you indicate your real income when applying for a loan. Based on the information provided, the amount of the monthly payment that is comfortable for the borrower will be calculated, which will avoid delay and damage to the credit history.

So, we have considered what the Tinkoff credit card is, reviews and whether it is worth activating it.

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