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US doctor salary: average and minimum salary, comparison

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US doctor salary: average and minimum salary, comparison
US doctor salary: average and minimum salary, comparison

Leaving for permanent residence in America, a person expects to improve his living conditions. In the United States, this is indeed better than in many developed countries. The country offers many social benefits, including visiting expats, and decent earnings in many areas. A good salary is the main advantage of America. It is because of her that thousands of emigrants come to the country every year. The salary of a doctor in the United States is quite high, and the profession itself is considered prestigious. According to statistics, every fifth doctor in the country is a foreigner.

How to prove medical qualification in the USA?

salaries of doctors in the usa by speci alty

To begin with, it should be noted that diplomas issued by other states are not recognized in America. For a document to be valid, it needs to be validated. For this, an organization called ECFMG operates in the United States. It produces a confirmation of the qualification of a foreign specialist.

An expatriate doctor must pass a special exam, consisting of two stages. After that, he will have the opportunity to get a job in a clinic to start an internship withexperienced doctors. The duration of study is from 3 to 6 years, depending on the chosen specialization.

At the end of the internship, the emigrant doctor must pass another exam, consisting of theoretical and practical parts. In case of successful completion of the last stage, the specialist receives a document giving him the right to practice (H visa). Also, if you wish, you can continue your studies in graduate school.

At the internship stage, the income of emigrant doctors is not very high. But after its passage, it increases significantly. The salary of a doctor in the USA is really high, and the profession is prestigious.

USMLE exam

It consists of two stages: Step 1 and Step 2.

The first is a computer-based test that tests the knowledge of local specialists and expatriate doctors in the following areas:

  • pathology;
  • anatomy;
  • biochemistry;
  • physiology;
  • microbiology;
  • psychiatry;
  • pharmacology.

You have 7 hours to pass the theory exam. The number of questions is 350. According to statistics, examinees answer only 50% of the tasks correctly. But this is enough to earn the minimum passing scores. Some candidates show very good results. This is taken into account by the examination committee. The better the test result, the greater the chance for a young specialist to get a good job.

doctor salary in america

Those who successfully pass the first stage of the exam move to its second level. It includestheoretical and practical parts. The first consists of nine blocks, each of which contains 46 questions. The second part - Clinical skills - is a simulation. Candidates must provide medical advice to ten "patients".

Knowledge of English at the time of delivery is not a prerequisite. But without it, test takers may not be able to complete all of the test items.

American doctor salary

Every year, the medical portal Medscape publishes data reflecting the dynamics of doctors' incomes. According to the latest data, the average salary of a doctor in the US is about $295,000 for 12 months of work. At the same time, narrow specialists receive more than therapists and pediatricians. And a doctor in private practice earns several times more than his counterpart in a government institution.

Features of accrual

average doctor salary in usa

The salary of a doctor in the US is inferior to few speci alties. The level of income of medical workers differs by state. Sometimes this difference is significant (from 2,000 to 5,000 USD). That is, in general, the salary of a doctor in the United States per month is about 20,000-25,000 dollars. But usually statistics on income levels are collected for the year. The amount of monetary remuneration directly depends on the number of hours worked: how much time the specialist spent on work, how much he received. In the US, there is no concept of a salary, a fixed rate. The salary of an American doctor is piecework.

As a rule, the statistics reflect the salary level of doctors without taxes.Therefore, the amount of money received on the specialist's bank card turns out to be less than the indicated figures.

Income levels by profession

The American medical portal Medscape published interesting research results in 2017. It turned out that the income of doctors also differ depending on their race. Thus, African-American specialists earn 15% less per year than their European counterparts.

what is the salary of doctors in the usa

Gender differences were also taken into account. Male doctors continue to receive more than their female counterparts (30% difference).

US Physician Salaries by Speci alty are as follows:

  • Neurosurgeons earn the most in American he althcare, over $570,000 a year.
  • Second place is occupied by orthopedic surgeons - about 500,000 USD.
  • The heads of departments are in the third position in terms of income - about 465,000 USD annually.
  • Cardiologists earn about $420,000.
  • Plastic surgeons in America earn around $410,000 a year.
  • Gastroenterologists can earn $400,000 a year.
  • The income of surgeons and urologists is 395,000 USD.
  • The salary of an anesthetist in the US is $370,000.
  • The radiologist receives about 360,000 USD.
  • A dentist is highly valued in America, because he can “give” a famous Hollywood smile to many. But his income, in comparison with other specialists, is relatively small - about 195$000 per year.
  • American family doctors and pediatricians receive 200,000 USD.

Highest paid doctors

anesthetist doctor salary in usa

From the above data, it can be seen that orthopedists, surgeons, cardiologists, and anesthesiologists earn the most in the United States. There will always be a higher salary for a doctor in the US who practices in a particular field. In other words, narrow specialists receive more than doctors of general specialization. The level of income is affected by the state of the medical institution and its type: public or private. Private clinics offer higher salaries.

According to statistics, about 55% of American doctors are satisfied with their income. And 47% of therapists think their pay should be higher.

Expenses of American doctors

From economic journals you can find out what the salary of doctors in the US is. But periodicals do not always indicate their expenses. And they also deserve attention. For American doctors, high taxes and insurance premiums are set. A specialist who makes a medical error automatically becomes a defendant in court. The amount of payment to the injured patient in this case reaches a very large size. Therefore, American doctors themselves join insurance organizations and monthly deduct significant amounts from their salaries there. But, despite this, they belong to the we althy sections of society.

doctor salary in usa per month

The medical profession in America requires a goodtheoretical training, long-term training with an internship. Practitioners have a huge responsibility for the results of their work. But for this they receive a solid monetary reward, which provides them with material prosperity and good living conditions.

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