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Salary of police officers in Moscow: salary level, comparison by region, real numbers
Salary of police officers in Moscow: salary level, comparison by region, real numbers

Police work is dangerous and difficult. They are the ones we call for help when our lives are in danger. The salary of police officers in Russia depends on many factors that take into account the specifics of the work, the rank of the employee and his professional achievements. Consider what kind of monetary reward Russian policemen receive for their hard work.

police officer salary in moscow 2018

Defenders of law and order

The police is part of the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. In the country, it operates to ensure public order. The Russian police protect citizens from offenders of the law, ensuring their safe stay on the territory of the state. She also fights crime and prevents crime.

The police is a body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is managed by the President of the country. The structure of the Ministry of the Interior provides for the position of a minister who manages the entire service.

Cop –an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, carrying out his activities on the basis of an employment contract or contract. The salary of police officers in Moscow is considered the highest. In fact, its size can differ significantly among employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Monthly remuneration depends on the functions performed, work experience and position held.

Before answering the question: "What is the average salary of a police officer in Moscow?", Let's briefly define the main functions of the police.

  1. Acceptance of appeals (statements) of citizens about offenses and crimes.
  2. Consideration of citizens' appeals.
  3. Taking action on appeals, statements and notifications received from the population.
salary of a police officer in moscow in 2018

How to become a police officer?

Citizens of the Russian Federation (boys and girls) aged 18 to 35 can apply for this position. They should not have he alth problems. With regard to qualification requirements, for some positions it is sufficient to have a complete secondary education. But to become part of the senior or senior management team, you must have a diploma of higher specialized education.

Many people try to get into service in the Russian capital. And this is understandable, because the salary of police officers in Moscow is the highest in comparison with other regions of the country. But candidates who have convicted relatives in the family, or have a personal conviction in the past or have been repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility will not be able to earn it. Such people are justwill not be hired by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Even a person who has his own business and is not ready to keep state secrets will not be able to serve in the police.

Future law enforcement officers are being tested. They check not only their physical fitness, but also emotional stability. Upon successful completion of all stages of testing, a police candidate is accepted for an internship, which lasts from three to six months. And only after that the employee is certified and enrolled in the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the assignment of a certain rank.

average salary of a police officer in moscow

What determines the salary?

The salary of a policeman has several components. Total monthly income includes:

  1. Tariff salary.
  2. Surcharge for existing rank.
  3. Supplement for seniority.
  4. Coefficient that depends on the region of service.
  5. Surcharge for the complexity, intensity of work.
  6. Supplement for irregular hours.

The salary of a police officer in Moscow is formed in the same way as that of a military man. But the latter - the monthly income is often higher than that of a law enforcement officer.

How much do Interior Ministry employees in Moscow earn?

Statistical data for 2016–2017 salaries did not add prestige to this profession. This year the situation has improved. The average salary of police officers in Russia in 2018 increased to 40,000 rubles. In previous years, this figure was at the level of 25,000–35,000 rubles per month.

The highestincome remains with the capital's employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The salary of a police officer in Moscow (2018) varies between 45,000–50,000 rubles. This is taking into account the multiplying factor - 35%. And even this amount does not add prestige to the police profession. If we compare the average Russian salary (32,000 rubles) with the monthly income of a law enforcement officer, then the latter can hardly be called worthy.

police salary in russia

Remuneration by regions of Russia

Working in the Ministry of Internal Affairs is difficult. It seems to many that the police do not perform their duties properly, and therefore their income cannot be high. In fact, there are many difficult aspects of being a police officer, from night duty to the risk of ill he alth or death.

The salary of police officers in Russia by region differs from that in Moscow:

  1. In Vladivostok, law enforcement officers receive about 40,000 rubles every month.
  2. In Smolensk, the police are paid about 27,000 rubles.
  3. In Krasnodar you can earn 22,000 rubles.
  4. Kuznetsk authorities are ready to pay law enforcement officers 19,000 rubles a month.
  5. In Ufa, the salary is 18,000 rubles.
  6. In Khabarovsk, a policeman receives a monthly salary of 10,000 rubles.

But this does not mean that, having started work, the policeman will immediately begin to receive the specified monetary reward. A decent wage will be established for a candidate for employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, if he has the appropriateeducation, good physical data and titles left from the previous job.

Salary by rank

One of the honorable professions is the work of an investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the Russian capital, a person employed in this position can earn up to 75,000 rubles a month. If the investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is listed in the state structure, then his income increases by approximately 20% every 5 years (depending on the level of inflation).

On average in the country, an investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who has 10 years of experience, earns 47,000 rubles a month. The largest level of income remains with the employees involved in the fight against drugs.

Let's look at how much bonuses police officers earn depending on their rank:

  1. The police general has an average monthly income of about 23,500 rubles.
  2. Major and captain receive from 12,000 to 13,000 rubles.
  3. The salary of a lieutenant is 10,700 rubles a month (senior - 11,600 rubles, junior - 10,000 rubles).
  4. Ensigns earn on average from 9,000 to 9,500 rubles (depending on rank).
  5. Senior sergeant can receive a monthly income of 10,000 rubles; sergeant - 7,500 rubles. The salary of a police officer "ml sergeant" in the Russian Guard in Moscow is 7,000 rubles a month.
  6. Ordinary employees receive an average of 5,500 rubles every month.

Colonels in different units receive a monetary reward in the amount of 14,500 rubles monthly.

police salary in 2018 in russia latest news


Last year, the Russian president talked about the possibility of increasing the salaries of police officers by 150% compared to the same indicators in 2012. This perspective was foreseen for 2018. Experts unanimously argued that an increase in the income of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is possible if their composition is optimized (reducing the number of employees). To check whether the order will come into force, drawing the appropriate conclusions, you need to wait until the end of 2018. Many analysts believe that the prospect of increasing salaries for employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will smoothly move to 2019. If the forecast comes true, then the salary of police officers in Moscow will increase significantly and become worthy.

It is worth noting that the reform in the sphere of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has already begun. At the beginning of the year, a number of benefits were introduced for policemen.

  • The queue for free housing has been allocated.
  • Given the opportunity to receive expensive medical care free of charge.
  • Additional vacation days (10) have been established.
  • The possibility of obtaining vouchers to the sanatorium for both policemen and their family members is provided.


Police officers' salaries continue to rise thanks to the existing indexing system. These figures are necessarily agreed upon, and then approved by the Russian State Duma in a vote. As a rule, salaries are indexed, taking into account inflation rates. According to statistics, in 2017, the salaries of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were indexed.

So far at the same levelthe salary of police officers in 2018 in Russia is preserved. The latest news does not tell about the long-awaited increase in the income of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. But everything is still ahead, because the program to increase the wages of police officers is not yet completed. In any case, their salary will increase due to the annual increase in prices in the country.

The government promised to index workers by at least 5% by the beginning of 2020. First of all, those who have decent work experience and special merits will be encouraged in the first place. The indicator will also depend on the level of inflation. With a good forecast, the indexation rate could reach 8% in 2020.

salary of police officers in russia in 2018

How much do interns get paid?

Policemen who graduated from college and just started work are considered trainees. In the first years of work, they undergo training because they do not have the necessary experience. Therefore, their income will be less than that of colleagues who have worked in the police for several years. The average salary of an intern is 20,000–25,000 rubles a month.

To become a senior assistant or a private, you need to serve in the police for a certain time. A decent salary comes with experience. To get a title and a prestigious position, you need to make a lot of effort.

Police officer's pension

The salary of police officers in Moscow directly affects their future pension. And its size, in turn, depends on the following factors:

  1. Salary set according to the position held.
  2. Salary for special ranks.
  3. Experience-based allowances.

The police pension is calculated based on the amount of actual wages that were valid at the time of dismissal, taking into account the reduction factor. Since 2017 (October), it has been 66.78%.

police salaries in russia by region

Foreign colleagues

The salary of a police officer in Moscow in 2018 is discussed above. Let's find out how it differs from the salary of foreign colleagues. American law enforcement officers can boast of the highest salaries, the level of which, unlike Russia, does not depend on experience and services to the country. The average salary of a police officer in the United States is 210,000–380,000 rubles per month (in terms of the dollar equivalent). In the year, American law enforcement officers have about 60,000 dollars. This figure may increase by the amount of bonuses and various allowances.

In Germany, the police also have a rather big income. When translated into Russian rubles, their average monthly salary is about 170,000. As you can see, the income of a Russian policeman is several times less than that of foreign colleagues. And this statistic upsets domestic defenders of law and order. But if we compare their income with the average salary of working citizens of the Russian Federation, then we can say that they live well.

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