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What is the salary of military personnel? The average salary of the military
What is the salary of military personnel? The average salary of the military

The legendary and invincible Russian army, which has known the joys of victories, nourishes the fighting spirit of more than half of Russian citizens who are confident that the patriotic mood will strengthen the country's position at the world level. Recently, capital investments have been made in defense, the salaries of the military have increased, and the attractiveness of the service has grown significantly. A surge of patriotic excitement was also caused by the events in Ukraine that unfolded in 2014.

military salary

Our army is armed quite well, given that Russia has the most weapons of mass destruction in the world, including nuclear weapons. Such maintenance requires a lot of expenses, which grow by 1.2-2% every year. About a third of the entire national budget is spent on general military needs. So what are the figures for calculating the current level of military salaries?

What does the salary consist of?

The salary of the military consists of a salary and various kinds of additional payments, and there are a number of indicators that affect the minimum level of monetaryallowance:

  • occupied military position;
  • personal achievements and merit;
  • length of service;
  • duration and conditions of military service;
  • place and time of passage (peacetime, "hot spot");
  • qualifications and tasks;
  • current military ranks.

In many states of the post-Soviet space, it is the list of these main factors that affects the amount of military salaries. Additional monetary remuneration may be awarded for knowledge of foreign languages, a high level of physical fitness, higher education, absence or competent way out of emergency situations.

salary increase for the military

By the way, the well-being of people in uniform today is at a decent level. The average salary of the military of the Russian Federation last year amounted to 62,000 rubles, which is 2 times more than the average monthly income of a Russian.

You can conditionally understand the monetary allowance using the table below. Conditionally, because several indicators affect the earnings of each soldier.

Table of salaries by military rank and position

Military rank, position Salary according to military position Salary according to military rank Average accrual per month including all surcharges
Lieutenant (platoon leader) 7000 12 442 50,000
Captain (company commander) 7 900 13 970 52,000
Major (deputy battalion commander) 8 490 14 760 55 600
Lieutenant colonel (battalion commander) 9 100 15 529 60 281
Colonel (regiment commander) 9670 17 500 70 320
Major General (Brigade Commander) 10 896 18 630 74,000
Lieutenant General (army commander) 11 500 29 354 117 000

According to the new law, the salary of a lieutenant without additional charges should be 50,000 rubles, with allowances - 80,000 rubles. To many, these figures will seem quite modest for people with such a responsibility on their shoulders - to defend their homeland. But if you consider that until 2012 the average salary of a lieutenant was 14,000, then you can see a significant improvement in the situation.

What's in store for the future?

Every state understands the importance of having a well-equipped and motivated army, increasing its combat capability and the level of professionalism of its employees, as well as the importance of creating good conditions for them. All forces and resources are being urgently invested in the development of the production of defense equipment in order to replace the earlier deliveries from other states that applied sanctions to Russia.

military fees salary

Due to the current economic situation, there is no need to talk about the prospects that there will be an increase in the salaries of the military, but despite this,indexation is made annually to the level of inflation for soldiers, officers and generals.

How much do the military in Russia and other countries get paid?

In the US, the average monthly income of a general is 1.3 million rubles. The maximum salary of a Russian colleague is 200,000 rubles. It turns out that Russia spends up to 140 million rubles a month on its generals, which is 8.5 times less than in America. An American private receives 120,000 rubles a month, including all allowances. German soldier - 141,000 rubles, English - 125,000 rubles.

In the CIS countries, things are even sadder than in Russia. So, in Belarus, a lieutenant receives 6,550 rubles a month in Russian money, a Ukrainian colleague - 15,000.

Military training. Salary

Participants of military training receive not only a monetary reward, according to military rank, but also full food and clothing. All income (salary, stipend, allowances, etc.) that could have been received during the course of the training camp is compensated.

Fees apply to those who are in the reserve and have already completed military service. The participants of the training camp are also adult citizens who have been trained at the military department.

Supercharges and additional payments

Initially, it may seem that the salary of the military in Russia is absolutely none, but this is without allowances. And these are quite serious additional payments, which can eventually amount to 50% of the salary. Financiers monthly "plus" to the monetary allowance of people in uniform allowances that canseriously differ from each other in amount. For example, an ordinary contract serviceman will receive an allowance of 100 rubles for qualification, and the commander of an underwater missile carrier, by order of the Ministry of Defense No. 400, will receive 200,000 rubles.

A serviceman in the army receives good housing bonuses, in the case of conscientious service, a contract soldier is given the right to purchase permanent housing using the accumulative mortgage system. If after 7-10 years a situation arises that you have to retire from military service, the state will fully pay the rest of the mortgage.

Military under contract. Salary

Contract service in the Russian army is quite a popular phenomenon. Contractors are voluntary members of the Armed Forces who carry out their activities on the basis of an agreement. The main conditions are the age limit and conscientious performance of official duties. The first contract is concluded under the conditions if the citizen is at least 18 and not more than 40 years old. Fighters under 30 years of age are expected to be recruited from 2017.

In 2016, the amount of pay for contractors was set according to two laws:

  1. Federal Law of 07.11.2011 N 306-FZ of 06.04.2015 "On the monetary allowance of military personnel and the provision of certain payments to them."
  2. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 12/05/2011 N 992 (08/06/2015) "On the establishment of salaries for the monetary maintenance of military personnel under the contract."

According to these legislative documents, the salary of the military is made up of the salary of the military position and the salaryby military rank. Bonuses and additional material assistance paid annually for good service are added to the total amount.

Average DD (cash allowance)

  • Private contractor - 30,000 rubles.
  • Sergeant and foreman - 40,000 rubles.
  • lieutenant – 55,000 rubles.

When entering the military service under the contract, the salary of a soldier is:

  • in the ground forces - from 19,000 rubles;
  • in the Navy - from 22,000 rubles;
  • in the air force - from 20,000 rubles;
  • in the Navy on submarines - from 40,000 rubles.
military contract salary

In 2016, this data was presented by Tatyana Shevtsova, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. Contract servicemen also receive worthy benefits:

  • Reimbursement for rental housing costs if a service apartment was not provided. The amount of payments depends on the region and averages 50%.
  • When moving to a new duty station, "elevation" is paid for all family members.
  • For more than 20 years of service, a contractor receives a cash allowance in the amount of 7 monthly salaries. If the total service is less than 20 years, lump sums equal 2 salaries.

Contract service in the army is a prestigious profession, and the number of contract soldiers is increasing every year, so the question of what salary does the military always remains relevant? For the period 2015-2016, this number is 200,000 people. By 2017 it is planneddouble the number.

Regardless of the amount of salary and position held, contract servicemen receive paid leave every year, taking into account length of service of 30 days or more.

Profession - military pilot

The work of a military pilot is very difficult and dangerous. Moreover, as a rule, during military conflicts, pilots are not left in captivity, but destroyed. The profession is considered unhe althy due to emotional overload. Military aviation in Russia is given special attention, including material support and housing. Rapid career advancement and the same early retirement.

Will the salaries of the military increase?

The salary of a military pilot is not less than 100,000 rubles, this is in peacetime. In addition, employees are provided with food, and the first are on the list for housing. According to the latest data, the size of the pension of military pilots is on average 1.7 times higher than that of civilians. Pension payments are accrued at a rate of 55%, but not more than 80%.

Money allowance for medical staff

There is such a profession as a military doctor. The salary of doctors is very different from other specialists. A military doctor is one of the most respected professions in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. This is a person with an exclusively higher medical education. Only an officer from the junior staff can become a doctor in the army, ensigns go to paramedics, privates to orderlies, and sergeants to instructors. But, unfortunately, this respect is not traced in the salary of military doctors.

Russian military salary

Colonels,heads of departments receive from 20,000 rubles. The average allowance for lieutenants is 10,000 rubles per month.

Expect a salary increase in 2017?

Will the salaries of the military increase and will indexation be carried out? Federal Law No. 306 of 2011 states the need for annual indexation of wages, bonus payments and monetary allowance. In 2017, indexation is expected to occur in February, based on price increases in 2016. But it is too early to talk about wage increases, even despite the current law, especially in the face of economic instability.

Indexation and crisis

The crisis in our country today is really serious, every resident of Russia has felt it. This could not but affect the income of the population, which decreased by 20%. The increase in military salaries depends, as already mentioned, on the length of service, position held, military rank.

Not so long ago, everyone who was called up on a mandatory basis was paid an insignificant amount - 500 rubles, today the figure has increased to 2000. Considering that the soldiers are provided with food and housing, we can say that for a start the amount is quite tolerable. An increase in monetary allowance can only be carried out during indexation.

Indexation for members of the Armed Forces is scheduled for 2017 due to increased inflation. Today, the average military salary is 30,000 rubles, but the government believes that it should rise to at least 50,000 rubles. In 2016, indexation was also expected, but was never carried out.

Military pension

Military personnel tend to retire early. Already at the age of 40, you can count on pension payments, but on the condition that the military continues to serve further. To date, a bill has already been prepared to increase payments to pensioners by 7%. This indicates the desire of the state to strengthen its army. It is extremely important for Russia to have a powerful armed structure.

military salary in russia

It is also planned to index pension payments by 3% for employees on vacation.

Summarizing the resume

The annual increase in military salaries and the improvement of conditions are due to the fact that Russia has recently needed to strengthen its combat positions. And, as you know, for a long time, service in the ranks of the Russian army was unpromising and completely unprestigious. To attract people, monthly salaries are also being increased and issues of improving living conditions are being resolved.

The main task of the state in the military sector is to replenish the army officers.

In general, the salary of the military today in the country is decent, especially in comparison with civilian incomes. Although it is quite difficult to earn money on your own housing. For many conscripts living in the outback, the prospects for working in the Russian Air Force are very tempting, given the current crisis and complete unemployment in the countryside. High patriotic feelings are, of course, good, but whether or not to serve under the contract, everyone decides for himself.

Work, albeit monetary, but hard,harmful, sometimes ungrateful and dangerous, and the risk to life is already inherent in the salary. Service in the army allows you to receive a stable income now and confidence in a secure future.

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