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Tomato Eagle Heart: characteristics and description of the variety, photos and reviews
Tomato Eagle Heart: characteristics and description of the variety, photos and reviews

Large varieties of tomatoes are always in demand. They are grown for eating fresh and preparing various dishes. The fruits contain amino acids and a large amount of sugars. They have excellent taste and are suitable for children's diet. All such features correspond to the Eagle Heart tomato. Characteristics and description of the variety are presented below.

Purpose of variety

The originator of the variety is Russia. It was assumed that tomatoes of domestic selection would be grown in a film way or in closed greenhouses. It is in such conditions that it is possible to obtain the maximum amount of yield. However, if you try to apply all agricultural practices, the culture will be generous in return in the open field. Some farmers have already carried out such experiments and were satisfied.

Yield, size of bushes and fruits directly depend on the quality of the soil. The crop is included in the State Register of the country for cultivation insmall farms, household and garden plots. In central Russia, it is recommended to plant seedlings in greenhouses.

Eagle heart, tomato reviews

Brief characteristics and description of the variety

Tomato Eagle heart is popular with gardeners and housewives. This is a fairly common variety that is widely used in cooking. The fruits are sweet and have an excellent taste. Despite their large size, tomatoes are used for preservation.

Pink tomatoes make amazingly thick and rich juice. To prepare a salad, it will be enough to take 1-2 pieces. But not only the fruits of culture are surprising. Most summer residents believe that the bush simply has no growth restrictions. The culture reaches especially impressive sizes in a greenhouse.

Giant bushes

The size of the bush can be judged by the photo of the Eagle Heart tomato. Gardeners' reviews indicate that the culture sometimes grows up to 190 cm. This is an indeterminate variety with a thick and powerful stem and many leaves. The plant throws out brushes of 6-8 flowers of a pale yellow hue. The shoots and leaves of the culture have a light green color. It forms the first peduncle after the 7th leaf, the next - every 2.

There are many empty flowers among them. This is due to the fact that the tomatoes are too large, and the brushes can only hold 3-4 fruits. The largest ones usually grow on the first peduncles. If the fruits were formed in every flower, the culture would not be able to give them proper nutrition, and they would not grow even with goodleaving.

Eagle's Heart Tomatoes: photo

Fruit characteristics

Fruits are heart-shaped and have a beautiful rich color that turns pinkish when fully ripe. Tomatoes are fleshy and juicy, do not crack. The pulp is not too dense. One fruit weighs on average 600-700 g, the very first ones can reach 1 kg. The fruits practically do not have seed chambers; their sugary structure is clearly visible at the break. The rind is fairly firm but not rough.

The variety is transportable and has a decent presentation. All the characteristic qualities of tomatoes are preserved for three months. Pay attention to the photos posted in the article. Characteristics of tomatoes Eagle heart is quite consistent with them.

Description of tomatoes Eagle heart

Advantages and features of the variety

The indeterminate variety is among the high-yielding ones. From 1 m2 get from 13 to 15 kg of tomatoes. In the garden, this figure is reduced to 7-8 kg. Since the culture is mid-season, its fruiting is extended. When growing plants in a greenhouse, you can get fruits along with early varieties of tomatoes that are cultivated in open ground. The period from the moment of the first shoots to the ripening of tomatoes is 110 days.

Also, in the description of Eagle Heart tomatoes, an important feature of the variety is emphasized: the fruits will grow really tasty and large only if high-quality seed material is used.

To the virtues of culture, you canattributed to:

  • high yield;
  • possibility to harvest fruits for two months;
  • good immunity to diseases - brown and gray rot, Alternaria, late blight, mosaics;
  • ripe fruit perfectly tolerates any temperature fluctuations;
  • the variety is not a hybrid, so you can harvest seed material yourself.
Characteristics of tomatoes Eagle heart


The disadvantages of tomatoes include exactingness to the composition of the soil. Even when breeding a variety, it was assumed that the culture could justify itself only on rich soil. All branched plants require additional dressings - this is natural. This trend can be observed in the example of hybrids. After the mass collection of the first fruits, they are always fed for further development. Although the variety we are discussing is not a hybrid, tall bushes need strength to grow up and still bear fruit.

Another difficulty is that the bushes need to be shaped. They need to be tied up in a timely manner and regularly stepson. It takes extra time and effort. If for experienced farmers such techniques are not something complicated and do not constitute a lot of work, then for beginners this minus is significant.

Tomatoes Eagle's Heart: the formation of bushes

Seed preparation

Seed material should be sorted out, culled. To get he althy seedlings, only large seeds are suitable. First you need to carry out the disinfection procedure,to protect future plants from pests and diseases. The seed material is immersed for 10 minutes in a manganese solution. Then it is dried. Another way: place the seeds in a warm oven for five minutes. Some gardeners keep the seeds in a rota stimulator for a day. Instead of a special preparation, it is recommended to use fresh aloe juice.

Soil for seedlings

It has already been mentioned that the Eagle Heart tomato variety loves well-fertilized soils. To get good shoots, summer residents recommend purchasing a special substrate in the store, but you can cook it yourself. Seedling containers should be immediately filled with earth. The soil should be permeable and light. It is prepared on the basis of humus or peat, and then enriched with soddy soil. For preventive purposes, a little wood ash is added to the substrate, and for nutrition, potash fertilizers and superphosphate.

Sowing seeds

Before planting the seeds, you need to calculate the time in such a way that young plants are moved to the open ground or greenhouse on time. This is an important nuance that must be observed when growing Eagle Heart tomatoes. The reviews note that two months are allotted for this period, given that the culture is mid-ripening. In special rooms, seedlings are planted in May, so the seeds should be sown in March. Plants are transferred to an open area in late spring or early summer. If you plan to use the film method of growing tomatoes in the garden, then they are planted at the same time as in greenhouses or greenhouses.

Seeds are easier to lay out in long grooves. They can be done in the ground with a pencil. They should be shallow, 1-2 cm. After sowing the seeds, the grooves should be covered with soil, previously watered with warm water. It is better to keep the distance between the seeds immediately, planting them at intervals of 3 cm. The container with future seedlings should be placed in a warm room with an optimum temperature of + 20 … + 25 o С. It is necessary to moisten the substrate and cover with a film.

After germination, the air temperature must be reduced, otherwise the sprouts will stretch. Picking is carried out at the stage of formation of two leaves.

Seedlings of tomatoes Eagle heart

Where is the best place to plant tomatoes in the open field?

If you do not have an equipped greenhouse and you are going to grow tomatoes in an open area, then you need to choose a suitable place. For experienced gardeners, the fact-finding information with the characteristics of the Eagle Heart tomato and the description of the variety is in itself a clue to where such a crop should grow. Many farmers understand that a large bush with impressive fruits requires all-round lighting.

Otherwise, the plants will be small, which means they will not give the expected harvest. In addition, tomatoes are considered a heat-loving plant, so it is better not to plant them in shaded areas. It is also important to consider here that growing seeds of this variety for seedlings is a laborious and rather scrupulous process. So that your time is not wasted, you need to follow all agricultural practices.

TomatoEagle heart, characteristics and photos

Planting seedlings in the greenhouse

Saplings are sent to a permanent place in the greenhouse in May. First you need to loosen the soil and prepare the holes. In each hole it is necessary to apply complex fertilizers in the amount of one tablespoon. For 1 m2you need to place 2 plants. With dense plantings, there is a possibility that the crops will start to hurt, which will significantly affect their yields.

When young bushes get stronger, they must be immediately tied to supports. As can be seen from the characteristics of Eagle Heart tomatoes, this technique cannot be ignored. Tall cultures need shaping. As they grow, shoots will also need to be fixed. If these techniques are not performed in time, the branches may simply break under the weight of the fruit.

For the entire period of stay of crops in the greenhouse, they should be fertilized several times. For this purpose, mineral complex fertilizers are used, which are usually alternated with diluted bird droppings or mullein.

Watering should be carried out moderately and always with warm water. Otherwise, the plants will begin to shed their ovaries and slow down their development. It is also necessary to collect fruits in a timely manner in order to open the possibility for feeding new ones.

Eagle Heart Tomato, reviews and photos

Disease prevention

Despite the fact that in the description the Eagle Heart tomato variety is presented as a resistant culture, it is better not to neglect preventive measures. You need to start doing this from the pre-sowingperiod. Disinfection of seeds is not enough to ensure that crops do not get sick in the future, so soil treatment should also be carried out.

It would be good to spray seedlings, and later crops planted in a permanent place, with Fitosporin. A solution of iodine or weak potassium permanganate is also suitable for this purpose. Products containing copper are effective.

Boverin helps fight pests and diseases - a biological agent that is produced to protect tomato bushes. To protect plants from rot, you can prepare a special composition: mix calcium nitrate with ash in equal proportions and add to the soil.


Many gardeners are engaged in growing this variety, so the culture has already collected a lot of reviews. Tomatoes Eagle Heart always pleases summer residents, and, obviously, lovers of large fruits are not going to refuse them. The variety is characterized by stable fruiting, disease resistance.

At the same time, farmers share some tips: to disinfect in a greenhouse, you need to soak tea bags with iodine and hang them indoors; when feeding crops, you need to make sure not to overdo it, because the bushes will begin to fatten, and this will affect the amount of the crop.


As follows from the description and characteristics of Eagle Heart tomatoes, the variety is really worth it. Even if you already have a certain list of tomatoes that you are used to growing on your site, it does not hurt to plant a few bushestomatoes with huge fruits.

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