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Where to get money for a wedding: tips and ideas, loan options
Where to get money for a wedding: tips and ideas, loan options

The first step in creating a new unit of society, as a rule, is a wedding. At first glance, it seems that organizing it is quite simple. However, a couple in love can immediately face financial problems: where to get money for a wedding?

Developing a plan

If for couples who work and have a steady income, organizing a wedding will not be any particular problem, then for young newlyweds, students who have recently got a job, the problem of where to find money for a wedding is relevant.

Experienced experts recommend at the initial stage to calculate the estimated costs. To do this, it is advisable to draw up a detailed plan that reflects the wishes, the number of guests, the venue for wedding events and other significant aspects.

Wedding Cost Calculation

After that, you need to explore the offers that are available in those places where wedding events will be held. Get information about the current rates for services, which usually include:

  • car rental;
  • banquet room;
  • tamada;
  • musicians;
  • photographer;
  • hairdressers, etc.

Only after the future newlyweds determine the amount that the planned gala event will cost, should we start budgeting.

Currently, there are a number of ways to help find money for a wedding. Some of them are listed below.


It is usually difficult to predict in advance how much a future wedding will cost. As a result, it is advisable to start the fundraising process well before it takes place. As a rule, the main expenses fall on the groom, however, the future bride can also help in this matter.

The joy of the groom from thet

If the future husband and wife work, then by joint efforts it is quite possible to accumulate the necessary amount of money. At the same time, you don't owe anyone. Therefore, the question of where to get money for a wedding should be answered - from your earnings.

Help from parents

A common way to get money for a wedding is to help parents when future newlyweds turn to them with a request. At the same time, they provide calculations on the amount of costs, which the parents of the bride and groom usually share in half. At the same time, it is reasonable to persuade them that parental expenses will also be a wedding gift. With this solution to the issue, the newlyweds will provide themselves with a wonderful holiday. And gifts will surely follow from friends and family.

Borrowed money

The source of where to get money for a wedding can be friends or relatives. They can be asked to lend a certain amount. At the same time, draw up debt receipts indicating the terms of payment. Subsequently, the debt can be closed at the expense of donated wedding money.

Piggy bank - a place where to take money for a wedding without a loan

Usually, future newlyweds do not get married immediately after the decision has been made. This is preceded by a time period in which they live together, recognizing each other's characteristic features. It can be dedicated to saving money in a piggy bank for a future wedding celebration. Practice shows that it is not possible to collect a significant amount, however, they may be quite enough to pay for certain services.

Piggy bank for a wedding

An alternative option for a piggy bank can be a plastic card, to which free funds are periodically deposited. For a year, the necessary amount for a wedding celebration can be collected.

Helping guests

In the modern world, there are also peculiar wedding events, when guests pay for food and festive attributes on their own, like in a restaurant or cafe. In this case, the wedding banquet takes place at home, outdoors or in a restaurant. From the point of view of economy, this option is optimal. The problem of where to get money for the wedding disappears.

Marriage and money are interconnected

However, the older generation (parents) are unlikely to approve. They prefer a classic wedding, with a rich feast and everyone sitting at the table.relatives.


If the future spouses are specialists in the field of buying and selling shares (traders) and if the wedding is not planned in the near future, but in a year and a half or two years, then you can invest the available funds. However, mindlessly buying shares is a rather dangerous undertaking, since you can be left without money. And the wedding will have to be forgotten.

One of the investment options may be the purchase of foreign currency, taking into account the fact that over time its value in ruble terms only increases.

Sale of valuables

For some newlyweds, this is the only option. In this case, some material values ​​are sold. The money raised goes towards the wedding. Typically, items for sale are antiques, real estate, vehicles, etc.

Wedding loan

One of the options for obtaining the necessary amount of money is a loan from a banking institution. In this case, you can consider some of them.

Getting a loan for newlyweds
  1. Target loan. Quite a lot of banks provide a service for issuing a loan (loan) for a wedding. It's called target. The advantage is that the service is provided in a fairly short time with minimal approvals. In this case, the requirements for the borrower are less stringent. Funds can be received within a short period of time, usually within three to five days. Banks usually offer relatively low interest rates on such loans. ForTo obtain a loan, a certificate from the registry office is required, which indicates the fact of applying.
  2. Consumer loan. A loan in the classical form is also a worthy option for obtaining the necessary funds. At the same time, the speed of its execution is quite high. The loan amount is usually enough for all wedding events. There is no requirement to submit additional documents when applying for it. If a consumer loan is secured, then the amount of funds lent will be much higher. Therefore, the option of getting wedding money on bail may be considered more preferable.
  3. Loan at the MFC. It is possible to get the necessary funds quickly and without going to banks. There, as a rule, money is allocated within 24 hours by transferring to an account or to a bank card. However, interest rates on loans in the MFC are significantly higher than in banks, and the repayment period is short, usually two to three months.

Advantages and disadvantages of loans

If the newlyweds have come to the decision that they need to take a wedding loan, then they should first consider options for repaying the debt, evaluating all the advantages and disadvantages of their act.

The joy of the bride from thet

Positive aspects of credit:

  1. Parents and relatives, of course, will try to help the newlyweds in solving problems with paying for wedding celebrations, even if they themselves have financial problems. However, in the case of taking a loan, borrowed funds for a wedding relieve future spouses of moral inconvenience beforefamily.
  2. Bank loans for wedding events are issued in cash and in significant amounts that will pay all costs. In this case, the wedding will not have to be postponed for a long period, and the celebration itself can be organized in a short time.
  3. Significant amounts of credit debt can be repaid at the expense of funds that will come in the form of cash gifts from guests. As a result, you don’t have to worry too much about upcoming loan payments.

Negative moments:

  • borrowed funds in the form of a loan will have to be paid with interest, as a rule, these are quite large amounts;
  • taking a loan imposes on the newlyweds the obligation to constantly monitor payments to eliminate the facts of delays in payments;
  • debt from the first days of married life can be an unpleasant factor to start living together.

Crowdfunding platform

One of the options for solving the problem of where to get money for a wedding is to collect them through crowdfunding.

Currently, the Internet has a sufficient number of different sites (sites) that collect funds for a variety of purposes, including weddings. In this case, the future newlyweds need to get their own pages. Tell them about your problems, explain the reasons for applying for help, indicate the requested amounts, terms and details for the transfer.

wedding and money

Practice shows that there arethere are enough people who are ready to help in allocating the necessary amounts for loving hearts to be reunited in marriage.

From the foregoing, it follows that solving the problem of where to get money to organize a wedding event should be purely individual. However, during the whole process of organizing the event, one should not forget about the main thing - the wonderful relationship that united the future newlyweds.

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