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Shopping center "Ark" in Mitino. Review, features, rating and reviews
Shopping center "Ark" in Mitino. Review, features, rating and reviews

In the twenty-first century, people can no longer imagine their lives without shopping centers. Their number is growing every day. In almost every locality there is a large building with several shops inside. In large cities, they are built in all areas and are very popular among the population. They house clothing and footwear stores, hypermarkets with appliances and sporting goods, numerous cafes and restaurants, beauty salons, cinemas, amateur studios, and so on.

Often people come to them just to take a walk, especially on weekends. As a rule, shopping centers get their names thanks to local cultural monuments located near attractions and metro stations. Sometimes the founders put a hidden meaning into them. Thus, the network of shopping centers "Ark" got its name in honor of the mythical Noah's ark, on which, as the legend says,everything was there.

Shopping center "Ark"

The network is fairly new and includes a few buildings so far. One of them is the Kovcheg shopping center in Mitino, built in 2015 in the north-west of Moscow. Its location is chosen as well as possible: right at the exit of the metro station of the same name. So it won't be hard to get to it. On the official website, the founder draws attention to the fact that he created his network, guided by a paraphrased oriental wisdom: “A good shopping center is when those who are nearby are satisfied and those who are far away come.”

The main slogan of the network: "Everything you need in one place." And the creator really adheres to it: inside the building there are several dozens of various establishments: from optics stores to restaurants. The list of stores in the shopping center "Ark" in Mitino is really impressive.


One of the halls of the Spormaster store

Sport is life. Do you need skis for school? Decided to take up figure skating? Nothing to wear to the gym? So you are already expected here. The store is located on the second floor of the shopping center and occupies it completely. You can go up there either by the elevator, which is located immediately opposite the main entrance to the building, or by the escalator to the right of the elevator.

The name speaks for itself - the largest hypermarket of sporting goods and clothing with a wide range. Opening hours of "Sportmaster" in the shopping center "Ark" in Mitino from 10:00 to 22:00, which coincides with the work of the entire building and almost allstores and salons located in it.


L'Etoile in Moscow

A small paradise for the fair sex is never empty: colorful and fragrant jars beckon girls and women to come in. Finding L'Etoile is easy: as soon as you enter the mall, to the right of the glass doors you will see a store sign.

It occupies a fairly large area, which is definitely a big plus: the ladies are presented with various cosmetics, perfumes and a wide selection of gift sets. There are always a couple of consultants on the trading floor who you can turn to if you have questions.

M. Video

Equipment store M.Video

Technology is all around us. It makes cleaning, cooking and washing easier for us. Having received such a faithful assistant, we can no longer imagine life without her. The realm of home appliances occupies the third floor. You can get here in the same way as in "Sportmaster".

However, if your choice fell on the escalator, you will find it at the exit of the sporting goods store. To do this, you will need to go around the second floor in a circle. M. Video has almost any home appliances: smartphones, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, meat grinders and much more. Competent consultants will not let you get lost: you can find them throughout the hypermarket. They are always happy to help you choose the right product.

Optics salon "Lensmaster"

From the glass doors on the first floor, turn left and you will see him immediately. Necessaryto buy glasses or lenses? Then you are here. In the salon, you can check your eyesight, and, if there are problems, you can immediately choose an “assistant” to improve it. Here you can also choose sunglasses, accessories and care products for lenses and glasses.

Salon "Beeline"

Neighbor "L'Etoile", located a little to the left. The choice of smartphones, of course, is more modest than in M. Video, but there are always great deals from the telecom operator of the same name. In addition, Beeline employees here will be happy to help if you have any problems with communication.

Basement shops

Food items can also be found in shopping malls

The entire basement is occupied by small retail outlets. You can buy anything: there is a shop with vintage goods, a shop "Everything for the Home" with household chemicals, dishes and cosmetics, several counters with food, a small "House of Life". Please note: there is also a Sberbank ATM here.

4Hands Express Manicure Studio

Manicure is important for girls and women

Visitors can treat themselves to a manicure at the Kovcheg shopping center in Mitino. The peculiarity of the 4Hands studio (“Fore Hands”), which means “four hands”, is that 2 masters will take care of the hands and feet of customers at once (which the name hints at us). The cost of services starts from 450 rubles, which is very attractive. Plus, the work done comes with a 5-day warranty. Therefore, the salon is very popular. Located on the firststore floor.

Shoes Respect

shoe store

A huge number of buyers visit shoe stores. The Kovcheg shopping center in Mitino can also boast of this: Respect, a well-known chain with many models of shoes for all seasons and at affordable prices, awaits guests on the ground floor.

Salon "Ormatek"

The way the day will be depends largely on sleep and waking up. An important role in this process is played by properly selected bedding, mattress and pillows. In the salon "Ormatek" consultants will listen to your wishes for a perfect sleep and select high-quality products, thanks to which sleep will be serene and awakening pleasant.

Gold Mine

Wide selection of jewelry

What, if not gold, to please a loved one. Chains of different weaving, rings, earrings and brooches flaunt in this store on velvet stands. The assortment of this jewelry network is impressive. If you are looking for an unforgettable and valuable gift for your loved one - you are here.

Alfa Bank and Russian Standard Bank

Pretty much everyone has a bank account these days. Therefore, the availability of bank branches is very important. Apply for a loan, open a deposit, withdraw money from an account, use the services of an ATM - all this you can do in any branch convenient for you. Banks are located in the same building as the shopping center, however, each has its own separate entrance, above which there is a corresponding sign.


Sitting in a cafe is always nice

There are several cozy cafes in the building of the Kovcheg shopping center near the Mitino metro station. Fans of hot chocolate, cocoa, desserts and light snacks can visit the Shokoladnitsa coffee shop. And those who prefer exotic cuisine will not be disappointed by the Wabi-Sabi restaurant menu. Both establishments are located in the building of the shopping center, but have a separate entrance, located to the left of the central one.

Center for dance and creativity for children and adults New Ark

The modern center for people of all ages occupied the fourth and fifth floors of the Kovcheg shopping center in Mitino. It should be given special attention: highly qualified specialists will teach the art of dance to everyone. Pre-registration is being conducted, group classes are scheduled. Prices do not "bite", so if you have a sense of rhythm and movement is life for you, be sure to visit this center. A free trial class is being held so that everyone can test their skills and try to discover new talents.

International Language School in Mitino

English is essential in modern life

Knowledge of the English language in our time is no longer a whim, but a necessity. It is spoken by the whole world, it is often needed at work, when traveling, when watching foreign films. The International Language School invites everyone who wants to learn this language to study with them. The institution shares the fifth floor with a dance studio. You can sign up for classes by calling the phone number listed on its official website.

Training in progresschildren from school age, and adults. Classes are taught by certified teachers according to a specially designed program, so an excellent result is guaranteed. Group, individual and Skype lessons are available. Just like with a dance studio, you can sign up for a free trial lesson to finally decide for yourself whether to buy a subscription.

Address of the shopping center "Ark" in Mitino. Getting there

The building is located at the address: Mitinskaya street, house 36 building 1. It is very easy to get to it. Metro station "Mitino" Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya metro line, the first car from the center. Further up the stairs, from the glass doors to the right and without turning straight. Rising into the city, you will immediately see this shopping center in front of you. From the metro station "Planernaya" or "Skhodnenskaya" of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line, you can take bus number 267, stop "Metro Mitino". From the metro station "Tushinskaya" take bus number 266 to the same stop.

Opening hours of the shopping center "Ark" in Mitino from 10:00 to 22:00 daily.

Rating of the institution and feedback on its work

As you can see, in the "Ark" you can not only make purchases, but also have a good time. Due to its relatively small area, it ranks eighth in the ranking of Mitino shopping centers.

However, the residents of the area, despite this, are satisfied with his work - this can be seen from the large number of positive reviews on various sites. Visitors note the convenient location of the building andshops inside, separately note the availability of parking. The administration of the center regularly works out emerging complaints in order to improve the quality of services provided. You can leave a review or claim on social networks or by phone. All contacts are listed on the official website of the network.

In closing

The shopping center "Kovcheg" is one of the most popular in its area. In addition to it, there are two more large shopping centers near the Mitino metro station. But they all complement each other: one has a cinema, the other stores goods for creativity. Such a concentration of retail outlets is very convenient: it would be impossible to put everything in one building. Our grandparents could only dream of such a thing. Therefore, in conclusion, I would like to say that we are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to visit all the necessary stores, while being in the same building of the shopping center.

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