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Gomel, hairdressers: addresses, services

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Gomel, hairdressers: addresses, services
Gomel, hairdressers: addresses, services

Every woman dreams of being beautiful and attractive. However, not everyone has the time to take care of themselves. And some do not know how to properly apply makeup, do manicures, care for the skin or dye their hair. Fortunately, hairdressing salons in Gomel are distinguished by affordable prices and a wide range of services. Here everyone can relax while qualified stylists, makeup artists, massage therapists and beauticians do their job. Let's take a closer look at the most favorite places visited by ladies in order to transform and emphasize their natural beauty.

gomel barbershops

He and She Hairdresser

This beauty salon is located on Lenin Avenue, house 6. Here, customers are offered a huge range of services in different directions. Here you can curl your eyelashes or perform a lamination procedure. Also, hairdressing specialists will help with the correction and coloring of eyebrows.

For those who want to decorate their nails, "He and She" salon offers painting and sealing services. Also here you can do a Brazilian, European or wedding manicure. The stronger sex will also be able to give their nails a gloss.

In this hairdressing salon in Gomel, you can perform biolamination, biowave,cauterization, coloring and highlighting of hair. Specialists will certainly help those who have not been rewarded by nature with thick hair.

he and she

In addition, in the hairdresser you can perform any of the hair coloring options known today.


Another good salon is located on October Avenue, house 28B. Hairdressing salon "Nika" is the place where every girl or woman will find a cosmetic procedure for themselves. In addition to eyebrow correction and coloring services, the specialists of the center will help with day, evening and catwalk makeup. Unruly lashes can be curled or covered with a special compound that will give them fluffiness and shine.

Pedicure and manicure specialists will help not only to bring the nails into excellent condition, but also produce artistic painting.

Also in the hairdressing salon of Gomel you can transform your hair. Nika specialists perform almost any procedure aimed at healing curls.


This salon is located at 12 Katunina Street. "Kyoto" hairdressing salon in Gomel offers a cozy atmosphere and friendly specialists who will help you color and correct your eyelashes and eyebrows.

barbershop kyoto in gomel

In addition, here you can do a combined, wedding, hardware, Brazilian or European manicure, as well as a pedicure. Salon specialists provide acrylic and gel nail extension services.

If you need a haircut, there are qualified stylists in the barbershop who can help you choose a men's or women's hairstyle.

In addition, the salon provides bioepilation services. Moreover, this procedure is available to both women and men.

Hairdressing salon in Gomel "Lokon"

In this beauty salon, located at 11 Kommunarov Street, you can perform a huge range of procedures aimed at improving hair. Also in the barbershop you can get a children's, men's or women's haircut.

In addition, hair shielding, extensions and perm are performed in the Lokon salon in Gomel.


Cozy barbershop is located on Boris Tsarikov street, 20/2. The salon employs experienced make-up artists and stylists who skillfully perform all possible types of makeup:

  • evening and wedding;
  • business or natural;
  • catwalk and for photo shoots;
  • rejuvenating.
nika hair salon

In addition, in the salon you can make biolamination, straightening, coloring, shirring, highlighting, hair extensions and dyeing. You should first consult with experts. As a rule, before any procedure, Milena-Lux stylists diagnose the condition of the hair, which allows you to choose the most optimal course of treatment or restorative procedures.

Of the main advantages of the salon, it is worth highlighting the availability of free Wi-Fi and the ability tocashless payment.

Also, the hairdresser provides a wide range of cosmetic services aimed at improving the condition of the skin of the face and body.

Besides, in "Milena-Lux" you can get a tattoo, as well as pierce the navel, ears, chest, face or tongue. Those who are not sure whether they want to apply paint on the skin for life are invited to make a temporary drawing. In addition, experienced tattoo specialists work in the salon.


This institution appeared in the city relatively recently, but it is also worth visiting for those who want to receive qualified services from experienced makeup artists and stylists. Hairdressing salon "Mona" provides men's, women's and children's haircuts. In addition, the salon has a wonderful nail center, where an individual approach will be found for each client.

mona barbershop

The only drawback of the salon is that it is only open until 16:00. This means that you will not be able to drop in for a haircut after work.

There is a hairdresser at the address: Sovetskaya street, house 30.


The beauty salon, located on Gagarin Street, house 28, provides specialized hairdressing services. Also, great attention is paid to the nail service. In this salon, you can perform artistic painting, hardware, European, Brazilian, combined, wedding and even men's manicure. In addition, experienced masters carry out procedures for the correction of gel and acrylic nails.

Also specialistssalons specialize in biolamination, waving, cauterization, highlighting, treatment, coloring and hair extensions. Also here you can make any kind of festive hairstyle.


In the beauty salon, located at 61B, Cosmonauts Avenue, clients can receive not only standard services, but also a number of more modern procedures. For example, in addition to the usual manicure, you can do art painting or nail piercing.

curl gomel

In addition, professional massage therapists work in the salon, who also perform peeling procedures.

Also, clients will be interested in such services as body and face darnovalization, mesotherapy, hirudotherapy and much more. People suffering from warts can also count on the help of experienced craftsmen.

What to look for when visiting a beauty salon

Before agreeing to cosmetic procedures in a new salon, you should carefully study the reviews about the chosen place. It is also recommended to pay attention to the specialization of the masters and clarify whether the organization has a license to provide the type of services that are stated in the price list.

In addition, do not be shy to ask the salon workers to provide comprehensive information about the drugs used. Any cosmetic products must have quality certificates.

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