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Manufacturer Daewoo: country, assortment, quality, prices
Manufacturer Daewoo: country, assortment, quality, prices

Users of household appliances are familiar with the Daewoo brand. Many people have refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens and other electronic items at home.

Korea is the birthplace of Daewoo. The country has a developed electronics industry. This is confirmed by the activities of other enterprises producing similar products, direct competitors of Daewoo.

In the mid-1960s, Daewoo Industry was founded in Korea. It has made a significant contribution to the development of the country's exports. Daewoo manufacturer is engaged in the production of household appliances, automobiles, software development, trade.

Refrigerator internal capacity

merged with steel company POSCO in 2017.

Company activities

Daewoo is engaged in the production of engineering products, including cars andspare parts, chemical products, textiles.

In addition to production, the company is actively developing oil, gas, coal fields in Vietnam, Australia, Myanmar. She is engaged in shipbuilding, weapons production, development of telecommunications, construction.

Automotive manufacturing

To Russians, the Daewoo brand is better known as a manufacturer of passenger cars of the Nexia, Matiz and Gentra brands. These vehicles have attracted the attention of many Russians with their affordable price.

Briefly about Matiz

Matiz cars are bought because they are an inexpensive vehicle. A new car can be bought for 314,000 rubles with a minimum configuration without power steering and air conditioning. A car with hydraulic booster costs from 380,000 rubles.

Car "Matiz"

The volume of the gas tank is 35 liters. The engine capacity is up to 0.995 liters. AI-92 gasoline consumption is just over seven liters in the city and five liters outside the city. Top speed reaches 145 km/h.

A little about Nexia

Nexia cars have 80 or 160 horsepower under the hood. Their prices start from 450 thousand rubles. Basic configuration cars are produced without hydraulic booster and air conditioning, power windows for front and rear doors.

The AI-92 gasoline consumption of Nexia SOHC is 8.5 liters for every 100 km in the city and 7.7 liters outside the city limits. The engine capacity is 1.498 liters. Nexia DOHC consumes 9.3 liters in urban conditions and 8.5 liters on highways, the engine capacity is 1.598 liters.The car received a four-cylinder engine that allows you to accelerate to a maximum of 175-185 km.

The most expensive brand sold by UZ-Daewoo is Gentra

The cost of this car starts from 439,000 Russian rubles. The engine capacity is 1.485 liters. The maximum speed is 180 km/h.

Assortment of home appliances

There are representatives of the Daewoo brand in every kind of home electronics. It actively implements developments in accordance with the constantly changing needs of consumers. For example, among the manufactured washing machines there are models with a dryer.

Among the traditional models of refrigerators, there are side by side models with the no frost function. The company produces them in various sizes, colors, with handles of various shapes. All equipment is in demand both among residents of the Daewoo manufacturing country and far beyond its borders.

Refrigerator Daewoo

Dishwashers have additional modes of economical, intensive washing, soaking. At the same time, many models have delayed start timers, indicators for the presence of s alt and rinse aid.


Daewoo TVs have all the characteristics of modern devices, including the presence of Smart-tv, Wi-Fi, high screen resolution.

Home Maintenance Tools

Inexpensive tools are in demand among residents of private houses, owners of plots, cottages. Their list is wide and varied.

Tool range includes:

  • trimmers;
  • petrol saws;
  • lawnmowers;
  • screwdrivers;
  • drills;
  • grinders;
  • Punchers;
  • electric jigsaws;
  • building dryers;
  • circular saws

Besides these, Daewoo products include generators, snow blowers, car compressors, heating boilers, pressure washers and more.

Pros and cons of Korean brand products

The advantage of the products is low price with good quality products. Daewoo, whose equipment is bought by consumers around the world, is positively reviewed, especially about the quality, performance, and attractive appearance of electronic devices.

Washing machine

However, sometimes there are goods with minor defects. Some buyers are not satisfied with the build quality of household appliances, but these complaints are extremely rare.

In Korea, the country of origin of Daewoo, there are several major manufacturers of electronics and home appliances. But this company is an undoubted competitor to Samsung, LG, Hyandai. The range of manufactured Daewoo products is constantly expanding. Almost all electronic products are updated regularly.

Among the products sold are cars, household appliances, home electronics, tools and special equipment for home and garden.

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