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How to withdraw the founder from the LLC? Step by step description and recommendations
How to withdraw the founder from the LLC? Step by step description and recommendations

When a person decides to start a business, no matter what form of ownership he chooses, he must clearly understand: any of his actions require a report to the regulatory authorities. The question of how to withdraw the founder from the LLC cannot be excluded. This article will discuss the main nuances of this difficult matter.

Where does it all begin?

The first thing to do, if necessary, to terminate your activities is to write an appropriate application addressed to the General Director. An exception is possible only when it is one person, since it is impossible to withdraw the sole founder of an LLC. In this case, the organization will have to be liquidated or sold to third parties. The application is drawn up in random order, because there is no standard for its execution. The only thing that should not be forgotten is the general norms of documentation. The moment of acceptance of the application will be considered in the future as the date of termination of work in the company, but all obligations will be removed from the person only after the information is entered in the state register.

application for withdrawal

Are there any othersways?

The procedure can be initiated compulsorily or voluntarily. The legislation does not prohibit at any time and only at will, without other grounds, to leave the organization, if such a clause is specified in the charter. How to withdraw the founder from the LLC is also described in the norms of the federal law. In addition to the initiative to write an application, you can sell your share in a limited liability company if this is not prohibited by the charter of the company. At the same time, we must not forget that other participants must be notified, moreover, when selling, the remaining founders have an advantage in buying a share. If part of the authorized capital nevertheless passes to a third party, the contract will have to be officially certified by a notary.

It happens that the question arises of how to remove a person from the founders of an LLC without consent. This method is initiated only when the participant creates obvious obstacles to the successful operation of the organization, ignores obligations, or if he does not contribute his share to the authorized capital for at least a year. Then other members of the society, who own at least ten percent of the share in total, can withdraw such a partner by court order.

receiving a share

What rights does an exiter have?

When leaving a limited liability company, a shareholder has the opportunity to receive monetary compensation based on his share. How can a founder withdraw profits from an LLC? This procedure has a number of nuances. First, the remuneration due to the candidate,calculated on the basis of the value of the net assets divided in proportion to its share. Secondly, this amount can be known only after the completion of the accounting for the full year. That is, a person who applied, for example, in February 2018, will have to wait until January 2019. This is in line with the general rules on how LLC founders can withdraw money.

The Ministry of Finance defines net assets as assets minus liabilities. After calculating the total for the year, in order to calculate the compensation of the shareholder, it is necessary to divide the face value of his share by the value of the entire authorized capital, and then multiply by net assets (decreasing by liabilities and retained earnings).

In addition to remuneration in monetary terms, the former founder may receive shares or property, if the charter provides for this. The cost will be assessed at the market price on the day of the application for resignation.

What about founder taxes?

Of course, do not forget about tax liabilities. Their size will vary depending on whether they are dealing with the question of how to withdraw the organization from the founders of the LLC, or whether an individual needs to leave.

Legal entity exit creates more complexities. If finances are issued that are comparable to the size of the share of the authorized capital, then the income tax base does not arise, since there is no income. If the property is transferred, even if its value is less than the share, an income base is formed outside the sale, and it is taken into account when calculating income tax. Why a Losing Organizationmust also pay tax, unless the courts can explain. According to the standard, the income tax base is calculated based on the amount received, reduced by the contribution to the Criminal Code. With VAT, the situation is as follows: if the issued income is equal to a share in the authorized capital, you do not need to pay VAT, but if it is higher, you will have to pay value added tax.

For individuals, compensation equal to the price of a share in the authorized capital is not taxed. If the remuneration exceeds the value of the share, personal income tax is paid at a rate of 13 percent of the amount of the difference in payment in relation to the initial share. The obligation to pay the tax costs of an individual by law lies with the organization, unless the person himself has expressed a desire to do this on his own.

obligations of the outgoing

Tax obligations of the LLC itself

If the LLC received an amount equal to the share of the participant when one of the members left, it does not need to be taken into account when calculating income. If the contributed share is higher, it is reflected in income outside the sale. When the contribution is of a property nature, the income is determined from the amount of the balance of the price according to tax accounting data. It is important not to focus on the market indicator or the calculation of an independent appraiser - there may be claims from the tax service if the price exceeds the market level.

In relation to the costs associated with the issuance of a share to a former partner, the organization does not have the right to take them into account when calculating the taxable base. All expenses associated with the exit of the participant, the organization accepts only at its own expense without anyexceptions.

VAT will need to be paid only when the value of the property transferred to the candidate is greater than its share in the authorized capital. In cases where the compensation is less than or equal to the share, no value added tax is required.

What to do if your partner dies

How to withdraw a deceased founder from an LLC? It all depends on whether the participant was the only one or there are several partners in the organization, and also on whether the action plan in such a situation is prescribed in the charter of the company.

If the owner was alone, according to the law, the organization passes to his descendants by inheritance rights. To do this, within six months it is necessary to visit a notary together with a death certificate and a certificate of the last registration of the deceased. Since the transfer of inheritance is not reproduced immediately, focusing on the Civil Code, the notary has the right to appoint a trustee, because the death of the general director can paralyze the entire work of the company otherwise. Such a person is appointed for the period necessary for the transition to inheritance, after which the descendant independently decides whether to manage the affairs of the organization or sell it. We must not forget that along with the rights, all the obligations of the company, including debts and sanctions, are inherited.

If one of the several organizers of the firm has died, there may be two options for inheriting the rights to the organization. The first (it is also the prevailing in the vast majority of cases) method is when the heirs receive monetary compensation for the share of the deceased and do not participate in the future fate of the organization. Gather the necessarydocuments and reproducing the process is easy. To do this, you need a photocopy of the certificate of the right to inheritance, certified by a notary, and a statement from the heir that he refuses to take part in the affairs of the society. After the payment, the LLC will have a certificate stating that the dividends have been fully paid to the copyright holder, and he has no claims.

The second option - the heir completely replaces the deceased among the founders, assumes the role of a member of the company and in the future has the right and obligation to participate in its economic activities. This option is possible only after the consent of the remaining members of the organization, and if the charter contains the corresponding clause. The same documents will be needed, with the exception of the refusal letter.

Does quitting get rid of obligations?

It is worth mentioning how to remove the founder of an LLC from the list of founders in order to relieve him of obligations. Situations are different: a member of the organization may want to leave because the business is unprofitable or because other partners have a personal dislike for him and he is afraid of the consequences of this. Firstly, any responsibility that a participant has before the time of writing a letter of resignation lies with him. After the CEO signed the document on the withdrawal of the partner, notifications were sent to the regulatory authorities and information about the termination of the candidate’s activities appears in the state register, any obligations towards the company are removed from him.

communication with partners


What difficulties may arise with how to withdraw the founder from the LLC? The first problem that can be encountered is that the charter of the company contains a clause on the impossibility of exit of participants from the organization. This provision is permitted by law. What to do in such a situation? At a minimum, initiate a meeting of partners. The provisions of the charter can be changed at any time if there is the consent of all parties, therefore, the paragraph can be removed. Other members of the company may not mind such a circumstance. In the event that the applicant is not met halfway, he will have to act only through the courts.

The next problem is simpler - the application cannot be signed as there is no way to contact the CEO. If the charter contains a clause on the approval of independent withdrawal, you must obtain a copy of the document and write an application with a notary with it. If there is no such item, you just need to wait for the head of the company. In the case when the connection does not appear for a very long time, you can go to court.

The main problem is to withdraw the director and founder from the LLC, if this is the only participant. This option is not possible in any way. If the organizer is alone, he will have to deal with the liquidation of the company. The situation is exactly the same if all the founders want to leave the organization at once. This cannot be done, at least one person must remain, or the company must be closed.

laws for ooo


On how to remove a member from the membershipfounders of an LLC can be found in the legislation of the Russian Federation. To do this, you need to look at Federal Law No. 14 "On Limited Liability Companies", Chapter Three, Article Twenty-Six.

Required documents

Of the necessary documents for preparing the exit of the participant, the following are required:

  • Original passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • TIN or its photocopy.
  • Charter of LLC and all amendments that were made to it.
  • Certificate of LLC registration.
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

How to formalize the withdrawal of a participant from an LLC? The procedure further assumes that the general director of the enterprise must submit to the tax office the statement of the issued one and form 14001. After five days, the federal service will issue a fresh extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and a certificate that changes have been made.

required documents

How long will it take?

The time for the procedure may be different in each individual situation. However, the deadlines for individual actions are indicated. So, for example, it is necessary to submit documentation to the tax inspection department no later than one month from the date of application. The IFTS itself is obliged to issue a fresh extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and a certificate stating that changes have been made within five days from the date of receipt of the documents. One more term - the organization is obliged to issue dividends to the departing participant no later than six months after the end of the financial year during which the founder left the limited companyresponsibility.

required time

When can I do business again?

If the founder voluntarily left the LLC without litigation and without debts, he can at any time and without problems take part in the economic activities of any companies both as a founder and as an executive body (general director). The candidate can also apply to the organization he left earlier and, if the board of founders approves, return.

In the event that he left debts and acted as a defendant in lawsuits that ended not in his favor, the court could impose a punishment according to which the rights to hold such positions and conduct legal activities could be limited.


How to withdraw the founder from the LLC? This is quite simple if you approach the procedure wisely and comply with the law and the provisions of the organization's charter. In turn, members of the companies are encouraged to discuss such problems in advance and document the decision in the charter of the limited liability company.

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