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Should I use fish feed

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Should I use fish feed
Should I use fish feed

Any entrepreneur engaged in fish farming tries to make the most of every liter of the reservoir, getting the maximum yield of the product. But for this, insufficient natural development on natural natural nutrition. Properly balanced and nutritious food is very important for the fast and efficient rearing of fish. In modern commercial fish farming, special feed for fish is used at all stages of cultivation.

feed for fish

Pond and industrial fish farming

Fish breeding in pond fish farming is carried out in natural or artificial reservoirs. In order to maximize efficiency and significantly increase the yield of fish per hectare of water area, an intensive form of fish farming is used, in which carp and other herbivorous species are densely stocked (pcs/ha) and fully fed with mixed feed for fish.

Industrial fish farming involves breeding fish in cages and pools with dense planting. With this methodcultivation is carried out at a high speed of water circulation and full feeding with mixed feed for fish. With industrial fish farming, the largest increase in production volumes.

feed for pond fish

Compound feed groups for fish

There are three groups of feed for feeding with different growing methods:

  1. Compound feed for fish can be a mixture of grains of cereals and legumes, bran. This is the most affordable type of compound feed. Most often used when feeding cyprinids in ponds without pre-treatment. The main disadvantage is poor balance. Ranging from the shore.
  2. Feed mixtures or granular compound feed. Well balanced in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The degree of balance depends on the choice of raw materials. This compound feed for pond fish is suitable for use in pneumatic feeders and automatic feeders.
  3. Extruded feed. Produced by specialized companies. Complete food of high quality and with the corresponding cost. They are used exclusively for industrial fish farming.
compound feed for fish composition

Compound feed for fish: composition and requirements

The balance of feed in terms of nutrients and minerals not only ensures the rapid growth of fish, but also prevents various diseases. The composition of modern compound feeds can include up to 40 components. The recipe is selected for a certain type of fish, taking into account its age. The compound feed contains minerals, elementsanimal origin, cereals, legumes, meal, etc. Compound feed should be:

  • Strong, not crumble during handling and transportation.
  • Water resistant. Remain in shape when immersed in water for a certain time.
  • Complete in terms of batteries.

According to the chemical composition in the compound feed in different percentages, depending on the recipe, should be present:

  • Protein. Valuable for the amino acids it contains. Especially useful for young animals.
  • Fats of various origins are a source of energy.
  • Carbohydrates (fiber).
  • Minerals.
  • Vitamins are water and fat soluble.
  • Biologically active substances - premixes and enzyme preparations.

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