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American business ideas: new, original, popular
American business ideas: new, original, popular

How to start a business in the USA with low risk and high profit? This is an important question that needs an answer. This article will look at the most popular small business ideas and investment opportunities in this country, a detailed analysis of legal requirements, market conditions and everything else that is required to start a business.

US facts and figures that will interest an investor or entrepreneur

There are plenty of facts and figures that make the United States of America run like clockwork. No wonder people move to do some form of business in the US. This is due to the vast resources that the country has:

  1. Statistics showed that America ranks ninth in the world in terms of GDP per capita, and this is a fairly high standard of living for ordinary people.
  2. It has also been found that Americans have the highest household and worker income. In 2010 America had the fourth-highest median household income.
  3. This is one of the leadingdealer countries, as well as the second major manufacturer in the world, which means a fifth of the world's production.
  4. The US has the largest domestic market for goods, and services are also leading. In 2012, total US trade was found to be over $5 trillion.
  5. There are fifty states in America, in each of which you can open a business.

Starting your own business is not a luxury, but a necessity for any person whose goal in life is to earn good money, and maybe become a millionaire. This is one of the reasons why people often consider America to start a business.

Small agricultural business

growing tomatoes

Urban farms are now very popular in America, for example, for growing tomatoes, which are very fond of Americans. Starting a tomato growing business is a rewarding endeavor that does not require a lot of investment. To start it, you need to find out which fruits people usually buy better than others.

This information can be obtained from those who supply seeds and other planting materials. Sellers always have up-to-date information about what is popular and what is not. In addition, they will recommend varieties that grow well in the region chosen for doing business.

Many he alth conscious people choose only organic products. Such fruits of agricultural crops ripen longer, unlike the hybrid counterpart. If an aspiring entrepreneur has a propensity for a he althylifestyle and interest in this type of activity, he may well consider setting up an organic farm garden. This is a great home business idea.

Greenhouse plants

The agro-industrial complex, which includes the greenhouse industry, is undoubtedly one of the leading industries in most countries of the world. These are companies that produce food for the population and raw materials for most factories, restaurants, cafes or government agencies. For example, a supplier of food, fruits, herbs and vegetables is chosen to feed children in a school or kindergarten. Most often, it is the agro-industrial complex that becomes such a partner.

Due to the significant role played by the agricultural sector, the government of most countries ensures that they go all the way to subsidize seedlings, fertilizers, agricultural implements and equipment for farmers, and encourage entrepreneurs to go into the greenhouse commercial agricultural business.


aquaponics - growing fish and vegetables

This is one area of ​​trading that can guarantee a good return on investment. However, before you start building this business, you need to gain the knowledge and skills that are required for this kind of activity, so as not to simply lose money. This is what is now popular in America: the simultaneous cultivation of fish and plants. Aquatic inhabitants live in the reservoir and, accordingly, excrete waste products that act as fertilizers on plants.

For example,lettuce grows well in such fertile water, and the fish that fertilize it grow remarkably in oxygenated water. More information about this system can be found in the US Department of Agriculture. The government strongly supports small urban farms that use this technology. After all, aquaponics not only increases yields, it ensures that the products are of the highest quality, since they simply do not require additional fertilizers. And who wants to spend money on something that they can do without?

Pet care

These days more than ever before, people are taking care of their pets. Grooming for dogs and other animals is always in high demand in all parts of the United States of America. This includes grooming, that is, dog grooming, veterinary services, overexposure, a hotel for animals, and even a dog psychologist. The most popular low investment American business idea for beginners is dog walking.

Kindergarten for adults

Some people, no matter if they're all grown up and called adults, can't take care of themselves. For example, older people suffering from senile dementia or people with disabilities who do not need medical supervision, rather need a carer or assistant. To start doing this, you don’t need anything special either. This is another great low investment American business idea for beginners.

Grocery store

Food is one of the basic things without whichAmericans can't get by. Therefore, opening a business in this direction would be the right step in the right direction. The good news is that opening a grocery store is not difficult at all. There will definitely be a return on investment.

It all depends on the area where you plan to open a mini-market. If possible, you can open a regular store. And if there are many competitors around, numerous American franchises will help out. You just need to choose a direction that is not nearby.

If the area of ​​the mini-market allows, you can install vending machines at the entrance with all sorts of little things: crackers, chips, chewing gum or drinks.


Cleaning services for houses, apartments, yards or streets is an excellent niche for small business development in the USA. You can easily manage it from your home or office, starting with a minimal investment. The highest costs during a launch are the purchase of cleaning supplies and cleaning tools. To truly succeed, you need to start doing it yourself.

As practice has shown, home business ideas are the most successful. That is, all entrepreneurship is built on the activities that work well in their own living quarters. In other words, if an entrepreneur knows how to clean his apartment, his cleaning company will definitely succeed.


Freelance - free work

Depending on the industry, free work practices change over time. In some industries, such as consulting, freelancers canrequire customers to sign contracts and agreements. In journalism, self-employed citizens can work according to a specification in order to gain a positive reputation or good relations with the editorial office in order to receive a letter of recommendation. After receiving written feedback, freelancers can provide written job evaluations and solicit deposits from clients.

Freelance pay also depends on the industry, skills and experience. Freelancers can charge per day, per hour, or per project. Instead of a flat rate or fee, some freelancers have adopted a pricing method based on the perceived value of results to the client.

Typically, payment arrangements can be upfront, interest-bearing, or on completion. For more complex projects, the contract may set a payment schedule based on milestones or deliverables. One of the disadvantages of freelancing is that there is no guaranteed pay and the job can be very risky.

In writing and other artistic fields, "freelancing" and its derivative terms are often reserved for workers who create work on their own initiative and then look for a publisher. They tend to retain the copyright to their work and sell the rights to publishers in a time-limited contract.

In 2013, the Freelance Union estimated that one in three US workers were self-employed, or about forty million citizens. More than four million of them belong to the creative class: knowledge workers, technologists, professional writers,artists, entertainers and media professionals.


It's no secret that there is a problem of obesity in the United States. Therefore, the problem of non-standard furniture is acute for Americans. Reinforced beds and armchairs, custom cabinets, garden tables and chairs, and much more that people need daily can be made if you have the ability in carpentry. Before you start producing custom furniture, you need to familiarize yourself with the tastes of Americans. For example, Russians love carved furniture, but abroad they consider patterns and monograms on chairs to be extra corners for dust. When creating furniture for Americans, you need to proceed from the preferences of the customer.

Mobile business

Restaurant on wheels

The truck industry has experienced significant growth over the past five years. Many people love the mobile business because it saves them the most time and money. As a result of increased patronage of food trucks, many entrepreneurs are entering the industry.

With this development, the level of competition in the industry is getting fiercer. Despite strong performance in the industry, high competition and unfavorable regulatory conditions in some cities have negatively affected this type of business, limiting the growth of mobile food suppliers.

In addition to competing with each other, food trucks also compete with canteens and fast food outlets. This is why restaurant vans shouldn't park next to othersfood establishments.

Undoubtedly, the fact that competition has intensified does not hinder the work of some enterprises. Most of them know how to recreate and rethink the strategy in order to reach or attract more customers. Creativity and plenty of food and drink options are key to surviving the competitive food industry.

Creative food truck marketing ideas and strategies

Most mobile food companies use social media platforms to reach customers. Geolocation shows subscribers where they are, where they will be in a couple of hours, the menu that is on board, and discounts available at the moment.

Technology is the main tool in the marketing of a fast food business. In addition to social media, special mobile applications can be used to help customers track down the gourmet truck. Other strategies are to ensure that the truck is well branded.

People are drawn to colorful designs and good music. One great truck customer supplier can be event managers. They will help increase sales when organizing outdoor events.

One way to reduce the price of food and snacks is to buy raw materials in bulk directly from the manufacturer. Cheaper to buy raw materials and food ingredients directly from farmers.

Creating a corporate identity for a restaurant van

Brand has to do with how people perceive the truck, so you need to maximize the use of advertising. If athere are few own resources, it would be nice to think about buying a franchise or implement one of your favorite foreign business ideas for decorating a truck.

Cost-effectively use social media platforms to promote your brand. The standard path for any entrepreneur in this area is:

  1. Unique brand logo.
  2. Placement of advertisements on printed and electronic media.
  3. Providing employees with branded uniforms with a logo. This contributes to brand awareness.
  4. Banners with company logo and contacts at strategic positions.
  5. Sponsorship of relevant TV programs, radio commercials and state print publications.
  6. Using online and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Badoo, Snapchat, Google+ and others to promote the corporate brand.
  7. Set up your billboards in strategic locations in your city or state.
  8. Distribute leaflets in target areas

In addition to the immediate task of selling food, the truck can perform other useful functions for buyers. For example, you can put vending machines next to the truck so as not to create queues. A truck usually moves from place to place every couple of hours, so you can offer another necessary service - the sale of electricity. This is not about industrial scale, but only about street phone charging.

Gift shop

Gift shop

A great way to make good money is to createkits. The gift basket in the general gift industry in the United States maintains the highest ranking and includes nearly four thousand retailers across the country. More gift shops are in California, New York and Florida. Most firms estimate sales at half a million dollars a year.

The gift market is no longer limited to women alone, as it used to be. Once upon a time, the fairer sex made up the industry's largest market segment. The market has now expanded to include a corporate client.

If the decision to open a similar outlet has already been made, it is worth considering another idea to increase the profit of the store - random gifts. They can be given to a large purchase, increasing customer loy alty. Or install a machine with a win-win lottery in the store. It contains several functions: all Americans love games and gifts, and the device will also become the highlight of the outlet and help it stay in the mind of the buyer.

Mobile Hotel

Mobile hotel

Hotels that can be transported between events or locations at the time they are most needed is the most interesting business idea of ​​recent years. An inn in vans or trailers, where there are small rooms with basic amenities: a single or double bed and a bathroom. You can transport them with a tractor. Water can be supplied by a large tank to all rooms, may need to be dosed carefully if there is not a good one nearby.water source.

Such hotels are needed during events that attract a large number of people: these are sports competitions, championships and holidays. As soon as the event is over or demand has dropped, the hotel packs up and moves to a new location. Always high occupancy!

Fitness center or gym


Sport has always been a source of concern for Americans. This is due to the high level of obesity that affects more than seventy percent of the inhabitants of the United States. At the initial stage, the entrepreneur needs to have enough finances to equip the gym, hire staff, purchase simulators and other equipment.

Mobile car cleaning

Mobile car wash

The mobile car wash eliminates the need for a physical location for the business, therefore greatly limiting startup costs. They usually start work with inexpensive devices and tools, and as needs arise and profits grow, they buy the necessary equipment or simply change it to a better and more convenient one.

Customers are looked for in parking lots, driveways, garages and other crowded places. Disadvantages include the inability to work outdoors in inclement weather and the limitations of having to travel with all the necessary tools and supplies, including plenty of water.

Food Delivery

Courier, deliveryfood

A profitable, fast-paying business for any entrepreneur who is serious about his business. You can cook on your own, or you can negotiate with several restaurants and cafes in the vicinity. The catering company will not have to hire couriers, which is very convenient, and the entrepreneur will earn good money on the commission.

Nursing home and home carers

Caregiver for the elderly

Home shelter for the elderly is an area with growing demand. Today's he althcare offers more surgeries, surgeries and procedures, often leaving behind patients in need of temporary home care.

In addition, older people who do not want to leave their homes often opt for permanent home care. For an entrepreneur looking to break into the home care market, finding a customer base is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, the population of American cities is rapidly aging.

Poultry farm

chicken farm

Starting an egg production may seem like an easy and easy business, but in fact, everything is much more complicated. Starting this business, you will need to determine the target market and the part of the chicken industry that you plan to enter. The American chicken industry business idea is divided into two parts: egg production and broilers for meat.

Private military business

private army

The military company is a bit complicated simply because of the various government issues that need to bescale before being licensed by the United States government.

You need to have good military training, appropriate certificates and a clean, not burdened by crime reputation. Once the license is secured, the private military must comply with the rules and regulations governing the business or their license will be revoked and the company closed.

Production of wooden souvenirs

Production of wooden souvenirs

Starting a woodworking business is a great way to turn a hobby into a money making business. Items made from this natural material are extremely popular, so this American business idea is doomed to success. But the creation of production is not only the manufacture of wooden objects. This requires research and planning, especially in marketing and management.

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