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Who are bookmakers: a detailed description and history of formation. Best Representatives

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Who are bookmakers: a detailed description and history of formation. Best Representatives
Who are bookmakers: a detailed description and history of formation. Best Representatives

With the advent of various sports, people argue about which team will win in a given competition. To maintain excitement and greater attractiveness, specialized establishments were invented that accept bets in the form of cash with the possibility of increasing the face value several times. Any bookmaker-type office opened as a real institution or online organization must be licensed, only then it is considered official and has the ability to pay out winnings or use unplayed bets at its discretion. Currently, a huge number of representative offices of such offices are known, and who the bookmakers are, what they do and which company is better to contact, will be described in detail in the article.

Historical facts

The first independent progenitors of modern institutions appeared in ancient Rome. They were individuals or a group of like-minded people who accepted money from local residents for the outcome of horse racing or cockfighting.

bookmaker predictions
bookmaker predictions

With the advent of sporting events characterized by strict rules and a specific organization (date and place of the event, the name of the teams and types of confrontations), bookmakers' bets have acquired a more understandable direction. Starting from the nineteenth century, this kind of activity received the status of a separate profession, and institutions began to open everywhere, gradually covering the whole world. The first "specialized debaters" appeared in the UK, thanks to the development of football in this country. In Russia, their mass distribution began in recent history - since 1992, since the Soviet leaders did not approve of the activities of such institutions.

Variety of possibilities

Today it is much easier to hit the jackpot than a few decades ago. This is primarily due to the advent of the Internet and the increased number of various events. In addition, many bookmakers' predictions have become much more diverse and accessible:

  • Traditional rates. Accepted on the outcome of the match, regardless of the sport. This also includes guessing the score of the confrontation.
  • Express. In this case, the amount is deposited for several events or achievements at once, and the coefficients related to each event are multiplied. It is important to remember that even with one incorrect result, a loss counts.
  • Live. Bookmakers' bets are accepted in real time (mostly available only in the online version). For example, if one of the teams is losing and there are still a few minutes left in the game, you can deposit money for a draw or a win. The harderachieve the final result, the higher the coefficient will be.
  • Miscellaneous. This section includes Total (you need to guess the number of goals scored - less or more than the nominal value set by the office), Handicaps (the difference between goals scored and conceded) and much more.
bookmaker rates
bookmaker rates

Is there any chance to become rich?

In order not to become another numerous bankrupt who knows firsthand who bookmakers are, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Before you put your own savings, especially in large quantities, you need to study the topic. In this case, it’s just a matter of being well versed in the chosen sport.
  • It's better to start with small stakes, and for this, find a suitable organization that makes it possible to unwind with minimal losses.
  • Need to pay attention to the specific offer. The best option is a regular outcome with a small coefficient.
  • Gambling people don't have to force the number of their own bets and the size of each of them.
bookmaker rating
bookmaker rating

In order not to answer the question of who the bookmakers are in negative tones, without choosing expressions, you should create an account development strategy before making the first deposit to the account or transferring your own funds to the office of the company.

TOP-5 BC with a worldwide reputation

The main indicator used by modern "debaters" who bet on important sports and social events is the rating of bookmakers. The higher it is, the more transparentorganization's activities. Below are the top five institutions of global scale with the support of Russian-speaking citizens:

  • William Hill is the oldest firm founded in England in 1934;
  • PariMatch is one of the most famous figures in the CIS;
  • Winline is an organization from Costa Rica, which in six years has become one of the most attractive bookmakers, including in Russia;
  • Titanbet is one of the directions of the famous poker mogul;
  • Sportingbet - open since 1998.
who are bookmakers
who are bookmakers

It is worth noting that the rating of bookmakers is a conditional value, made up of several nuances and important details.

What to choose: office or online?

With the ubiquity of the internet, many sports betting establishments have shifted their activities to the web. Therefore, today, to the question of who bookmakers are, you can most often hear the answer - companies operating online. In fact, real offices have not disappeared, as before, accepting funds locally. Which offer to choose, you will have to decide on your own, but in fact both options are equivalent, they have both pluses and minuses.

Domestic Organizations

Since 1992, bookmakers in Russia regularly offer their services both as real establishments and in Runet. Here are the most successful and attractive offices:

  • "Betcity";
  • Zenith;
  • "Europe";
  • "Marathon";
  • "Chance";
  • "League of Stakes".
Russian bookmakers
Russian bookmakers

Each of them has its own story and the opportunity to bet on all the most important sports - from hockey and football to more exotic competitions (billiards, darts, boxing).

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