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How to avoid taxes: legal ways to reduce the amount of tax
How to avoid taxes: legal ways to reduce the amount of tax

Every person has to pay a lot of taxes. They are levied on property, income or land. Fees are also paid by different companies or individual entrepreneurs, depending on the applicable taxation regime. Monthly and annually, a really significant amount of funds has to be transferred to the state budget. Therefore, many people have a question about how to evade taxes by legal methods. If you use illegal methods, then this will lead to bringing a citizen to criminal responsibility. You can use different unique methods to reduce each type of tax.

How to reduce personal income tax?

From the salary of each person, 13% is transferred to the budget every month. In this case, the tax agent is the employer, who not only pays the fee, but also submits the necessary documentation to the Federal Tax Service for his employees. Employees of different firms may not be involved in the calculation of this fee, but at the same time they are thinking about how to avoid paying taxes in order to slightly increase their salary.

For example, if a citizen receives 35 thousand rubles, thenhe receives only 30,450 rubles in his hands, and 4,550 rubles. transferred to the state budget. There are several ways to save money on paying taxes. These include:

  • switching to a gray salary, but this method is not legal for a direct employer, so if such a violation is revealed, the head of the company will be held accountable;
  • tax refund to the Federal Tax Service or through the employer, for which different types of deductions are used, for example, if a citizen purchased residential property on his own, he can return 13% from 2 million rubles, which will significantly increase a person's monthly income;
  • The amount of personal income tax is reduced for some beneficiaries, which include the disabled, veterans or underage workers.

In addition to the property deduction, you can issue other types of returns. For example, a standard benefit is offered to employees who have minor children. Social deductions are issued if last year a citizen spent a certain amount of money on treatment or education, and they are provided even if the money is spent on education or treatment of close relatives.

how to avoid car tax

How to reduce the shipping fee?

If a citizen has his own car, he will have to pay a transport tax to the regional budget every year. Its size depends on various factors, which include:

  • capacity of existing machine;
  • region of residence of a citizen,since fares are set by the local authorities of each city;
  • discount offered only to beneficiaries.

To reduce this fee, you can use the following methods:

  • moving to another region;
  • reducing machine power;
  • registration of a car for a person who can take advantage of the benefits when paying this fee.

Each method has its own characteristics, but if a person is interested in how to avoid car tax, he can use some legal methods to transfer a small amount of funds to the regional budget.

Reduce auto power

The size of the transport tax depends entirely on how much power the car registered to a citizen has. It is the engine power that is taken into account in the process of calculating the fee. This characteristic can be found in PTS.

If a citizen is sure that the actual power of his car is less than indicated in the TCP, then you can correct this error by contacting the traffic police department. The most common discrepancies are due to the following reasons:

  • errors made by officials in the process of filling out the TCP;
  • significant wear of the car leads to a decrease in its power.

To prove that the power of the car is less, you will have to order a technical examination. This issue will have to be addressed only to specialized organizations that have the necessary license. As soon as the necessary changes are made to the traffic police database, you need to request a certificate, which is furthertransferred to employees of the Federal Tax Service.

You can further reduce power by buying a less powerful car.

how to avoid vehicle tax

Re-registration of a car for a beneficiary

How to get away from the transport tax without using the power of the car? To do this, you can re-register your property to another person who has the right to enjoy benefits when paying this fee. Benefits are determined not only by federal, but also by local legislation.

Standardly, the following citizens do not pay car tax:

  • disabled, but they are offered exemption only on the condition that they drive special cars converted to their disabilities, and such a car must be bought with the help of social services;
  • Retirees in many cities can expect a significant discount in the process of paying this fee.

How to get away from transport tax with the help of beneficiaries? To do this, any citizen can re-register his car to a person who can receive exemption from paying the fee. But at the same time, one must trust this citizen so that he does not appropriate the vehicle. Most often, a car is re-registered for parents who are already at retirement age, so they can count on a significant discount.

Register in another city

In the process of calculating the transport fee, the tariff is taken into account, which is set by the local authorities of each city. How to avoid tax? To do this, you can issue a permanent ortemporary registration in another region where the low tariff is used.

Most Muscovites use this trick, as the capital has a significant tariff. They often apply for registration in another region where their close relatives live. This allows them to pay not too much money to the state budget for their cars.

how to avoid taxes when renting an apartment

Ways to reduce property tax

If a person has any property officially registered to him, then he has to pay a certain amount of funds to the budget every year until December 1 of each year. Its size depends on the cadastral value of the existing property. A fee is paid for apartments, rooms, housing shares, houses or other similar items.

How to avoid property tax? Various methods can be used to reduce this fee, but not all of them are legal. If a person does not want to pay a large amount of money for his property, then it is advisable to use only legal methods, otherwise you will have to face negative consequences.

How to get away from the apartment tax? In order not to transfer a significant amount of funds to the state annually, you can use the following legal and simple tricks:

  • re-registration of real estate for a person who is a beneficiary under federal or regional legislation, and usually pensioners, disabled people, labor veterans and other citizens have a discount, but to receiveFor up-to-date information, it is advisable to contact the social security department of a particular region;
  • use of a deduction, and if a person has only a small share in an apartment or house, then he can get exemption from paying the fee at all;
  • registration of a residential facility as a place for doing business, which will lead to the need to pay a fee only to the company that uses this premises for its work;
  • change the type of use of the object.

The easiest way is to register housing for a beneficiary, who must be a close relative of a citizen. Other methods are considered quite risky and specific. But at the same time, it is taken into account that the state benefits are offered only for one property.

how to avoid taxes

How to avoid tax when selling an apartment?

If a person sells his property, then he has to pay a large amount of funds to the budget, since 13% is transferred from the income received. For example, if a citizen sells his apartment for 2.4 million rubles, then 312 thousand rubles are paid to the budget from the amount received. This amount is considered significant, so citizens have a question about how to avoid tax when selling a house or apartment. To do this, you can use the following methods:

  • drawing up a deduction, which amounts to 1 million rubles, so if an object is sold at a lower cost, then there is no need to pay a fee at all;
  • not required to pay sales tax ifhousing has been owned by a person for more than three years, but this only applies to a situation where an apartment or house was received on the basis of a gratuitous transaction, represented by a gift or inheritance;
  • if the apartment was bought, you will not have to pay a fee from its sale if it has been owned by the seller for more than five years;
  • if the seller has documents that confirm his spending on the purchase of real estate, then he will have to pay a fee only on the difference in price, so if the apartment is sold cheaper, then you will not have to transfer any amount of funds to the budget at all.

Many people, wanting to avoid paying the fee, deliberately reduce the cost of the apartment in the contract of sale. Now this method does not work, because if the sale price is too low, then the employees of the Federal Tax Service use the cadastral price in the calculation process, so the seller of real estate still has to pay a fee. If you figure out how to avoid tax when selling an apartment, you can significantly reduce the tax burden.

How to avoid paying rent?

If a person has several properties, then often he decides to rent out one apartment to increase his income. But at the same time, it is important to carry out the procedure officially, for which a formal agreement is concluded between the landlord and the tenant. A citizen must pay a fee on the income received, but landlords often have a question about how to avoid taxes when renting an apartment.

To avoid paying the fee, you can useonly two ways:

  • illegal property rental;
  • correct conclusion of the contract with the tenant.

In the first case, the transaction is not registered with Rosreestr. However, it is still possible to draw up an agreement with the tenant. Under such conditions, certain risks arise for the owner of the property, since if the tenant does not pay the funds or even damages the property of a citizen, then it will be impossible to recover money from him even through the courts. Additionally, if such activities become known to the employees of the Federal Tax Service, the owner of the property will be held accountable.

Can I legally evade tax? The landlord can legally reduce the amount of the fee if the contract is correctly drafted. The tax is paid only for a year, so if the agreement is drawn up with the tenant for a shorter period, the landlord may not transfer the fee to the Federal Tax Service. Such a contract can be drawn up with the help of a notary or on your own. This agreement is registered with Rosreestr, and this method has many advantages. The relationship between the two parties will be formalized, so if any problems arise, it will be easy to go to court to assert your rights.

how to avoid taxes

How to get away from IP taxes?

If a person is engaged in entrepreneurial activity, then he has to pay taxes to the Federal Tax Service, and their amount depends on the chosen taxation regime and the profit received. How to evade taxes for individual entrepreneurs? Way,which allows you to reduce the fee depends on which system for calculating the tax is used. Therefore, the following nuances are taken into account:

  • if the simplified tax system is used, then a fee is paid either from the entire income, or only from net profit, therefore, to reduce the tax, it is advisable to choose the simplified tax system "Income minus expenses", after which the costs of doing business increase;
  • under the simplified tax system, the tax base can be reduced only for expenses that are justified and confirmed by official documents;
  • if UTII is chosen for work, then the fee can be reduced only by reducing the physical indicator, for example, if an individual entrepreneur is engaged in retail trade, then only a small room should be chosen for this activity;
  • it is impossible to reduce the cost of a patent in any way, so if a PSN is used, then the entrepreneur will not be able to influence the price of this document;
  • when applying the OSNO, you can reduce the amount of income tax by increasing other expenses.

If the entrepreneur starts using any illegal methods, then he will have to face negative consequences. For attempts to avoid paying taxes, not only administrative, but also criminal liability is applied.

how to avoid taxes

Features for companies

Even the owners of different companies are thinking about how to avoid taxes. They usually want to reduce VAT and income tax. To do this, you can use the following legal tricks:

  • purchaseworking capital, as a result of which all income received will be taken into account in expenses, and this will also lead to the expansion of production and an increase in the capacity of the company;
  • an increase in the company's expenses, which inevitably leads to a decrease in revenues and the tax base, as a result of which the company transfers a small amount of funds to the state budget, although this situation is usually the basis for extraordinary tax audits;
  • cashing out money, although this method is illegal, and such fraud often leads to checks by the Federal Tax Service;
  • withdrawal of money to offshore zones, but this is only possible with the implementation of foreign economic transactions;
  • VAT reduction through deductions.

Practice shows that the purchase of working capital does not bring any tangible benefits to the direct owner of the company. Therefore, entrepreneurs usually use other, but legal methods to save on taxes.

how to avoid tax when selling an apartment


Everyone wants to know how to avoid taxes legally. People who pay property tax or personal income tax can use various tricks, and there are also some ways to reduce the fees of entrepreneurs and business owners.

It is advisable to use exclusively legal and proven methods, since if illegal frauds and schemes are used, this can even lead to criminal prosecution. Enterprises that deceive employees of the Federal Tax Service are forced topay heavy fines, and often this leads to the suspension of their activities. In fact, there are many ways you can legally lower your premiums without worrying about negative consequences.

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