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Creative idea for a business: description, conditions, tips, reviews
Creative idea for a business: description, conditions, tips, reviews

Any experienced businessman will tell you that the most important part of your business is the product. Without fail, he must have a unique trading offer in order to be noticed and chosen. And in order to make such a product noticeable, you need to use some kind of creative idea for business. This is what we will talk about in our article.

Why do I need a creative idea for a business?

What marketers and manufacturers do not come up with today to distinguish a product from other competitors. Sometimes creative ideas for business from the most enterprising people reach the point of absurdity and absurdity. And the most amazing thing is that such ideas often work, while delighting the market with something unusual, completely new. As a result, such a creative business idea brings the entrepreneur a multi-million dollar profit.

Below you can find incredibly unusual ideas for your business that have already worked and brought a lot of money to their owners.income. Therefore, if you want to start a profitable business from scratch, a creative idea is a must. Please note that innovations and scientific developments will not be presented here.

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Superhero Restaurant

Once upon a time, the owner of a small restaurant in the capital of Thailand dressed all the staff in Spiderman costumes. The restaurant was all dressed up: food peddlers, barkers who work on the streets, waiters. After this innovation, the entrepreneur's sales almost doubled.

However, after some time, the company "Marvel" demanded to cancel the unauthorized actions on the part of the creative entrepreneur. But the Thai did not lose his head and a week later he dressed all his subordinates in the Austin Powers suit.

Austin Powers' copyright is owned by WPM Film International, which not only granted the restaurant owner the right to use this character's image to attract guests to the restaurant, but also sent 10 knitted costumes to the restaurant owner so that the team members could change clothes. In addition, outfits were donated for the owner himself, his wife and children.

for business from scratch

Currently, a Thai businessman is negotiating with the owner of the copyright for the character Catwoman, Batman, Lara Croft, as well as other popular characters.

So if you decide to start your own restaurant business from scratch, a creative idea for you using famous costumessuperheroes is a great solution.

Elephant wash

Once in a nature reserve, the flow of tourists decreased, so the management came up with an idea how to attract new people to visit this place. For this purpose, a special service was organized in the reserve - car washing by elephants. These animals watered cars from their trunks, after which they washed the car with a sponge. Literally in a short period of time, the flow of tourists to the reserve increased rapidly, as everyone wanted to try such an unusual service. Take a look if you're looking for some creative small business ideas.

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Ironing board for men

A small company from the city of Wales has started producing ironing boards that are able to please men when they are doing their household chores. These boards feature beautiful girls in bikinis. As the material heats up, the bikinis begin to disappear, and the beauties appear completely naked in front of the man.

Such ironing boards have gained great popularity among the single members of the stronger sex. In just 1 year of existence, this small company, which started its business from a home office, has increased its turnover, which currently stands at $ 1 million. Perhaps such an undertaking can be attributed to the most creative business ideas.

Ironing lessons

For those representatives of the stronger sex who cannot iron things, there are special courses in Austria that teach such a thing. The cost of this training is $50.for 4 hours. It should be noted that the courses are very popular among bachelors, as well as among those women who purchase gift certificates here. They subsequently give them to their chosen ones. Such a creative idea for a business in a small town would be ideal. In addition, its development will require minimal investment.

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Erotic paintball

Several enterprising businessmen from the US state of Nevada came up with and then organized an unusual entertainment for men - a paintball hunt for naked girls. Such entertainment was called "Hunting for Bambi".

These girls run around a specially equipped area in the manner of roe deer or graceful gazelles. Shooting with special bullets with paint is allowed only in the area below the waist, and if a man shoots, he will get the opportunity to take a photo with a girl.

If desired, he can then take his prey to the hunting lodge, arrange it in a special device that imitates the torso of a hunting trophy. The cost of one game is very high. It is $4,800 for each participant. However, this attraction is incredibly popular in the US, bringing its owner a great income.

If you are looking for rare small business types, a creative business idea with this game will be just perfect for you.

Compliment Service

A Japanese company started a compliment service that could be heard over the phone. If you are not sure of yourself, you can simply dial the phone number, afterwhich a pleasant voice will assure you that you are a person who has no flaws, has many positive qualities, and in the future you will have great success in your endeavors.

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This compliment service is incredibly popular among Japanese young men. Who knows, maybe just such a creative idea for a business with minimal investment will bring you incredible income in the future.

Topless hairdressers

One enterprising businessman Brian Sells got rich and opened his own topless barbershop. In such establishments, customers not only make themselves a beautiful hairstyle, but also enjoy looking at half-naked employees. If you are still looking for a new creative idea for a business, and you have the initial capital, then you can safely open a similar institution in your city. Surely you have never had such hairdressing salons.

Cornfield maze

Continue looking at creative mini-ideas for small businesses. One farmer in Colorado realized he wasn't happy with the benefits he was getting from growing corn. He decided to make some money by setting up a maze ride in his own cornfield, which was an incredible hit on Halloween.

The number of tourists was so large that such a creative idea for a business plan turned out to be much more profitable than growing corn itself. In one night, the farmer was able to earn $100,000.

Fancy chewing gum

One entrepreneur from England named Jan Kenyon openeda revolutionary way to research public opinion, which has been called "gum marketing". The agency of this businessman provided companies with the service of conducting various surveys, using posters for this, as well as chewing gum for answers. Similar posters were placed in high traffic areas, and Londoners actively participated in the survey.

with minimal investment

The question could be absolutely anything. Each poster had two sectors on which the answers were posted. It was on these sectors that chewing gum was glued. The project has been an incredible success in the UK.

Feminine builders

One entrepreneur founded his own construction company, where only the fair sex acted as employees. This company performs all types of construction services. Currently, there is simply no end to orders, and it didn’t even have to be advertised. In this case, it works on the principle of word of mouth. By the way, the founder of the company is also a woman. At the same time, the company's clients can be sure that slovenly and rude builders will not be present at the construction site.

Domestic jellyfish

A businessman from the city of San Francisco opened his own company that provides everything necessary for those people who decide to have a jellyfish in their home as a pet. This company opened its own online store, where, in addition to the jellyfish themselves, people could also buy aquariums, food, and various jellyfish care items. The price of 1 jellyfish is from 39dollars and more.

Before coming up with such an idea, the businessman analyzed the entire global pet market and realized that no one had an offer with jellyfish. In addition, this entrepreneur graduated from the biological marine faculty, which was a definite plus in his endeavors.

Anti-stress room

A businessman from San Diego opened a small club where people relieved stress in the most unusual way. A person gets into a special room, which is filled with furniture and utensils, where everything is allowed to break and break. Throwing darts at a picture of a boss is a separately provided service. A person can bring a flash drive with music, under which he will destroy everything around.

The price in the club is quite high - if you want to break 15 plates, you will have to shell out $45. However, there is no end to visitors. In addition, in the club you can buy a gift certificate for your friends who need to relieve stress.

Torso for rent

One US resident named Jason Sadler figured out how he could earn money, and realized that for this he could rent himself out, or rather, his own torso. Currently, Jason gets paid to wear a T-shirt with the logo of some brand, and then walk around the city in it.

the most creative business ideas

During the first three months of his business, Jason earned about $60,000. The demand for such advertising was so high that Jason even becamehire additional people who do the same. At the same time, not only professional athletes and stars are suitable for such a role. Absolutely anyone can trade their own torso.

Twin business

Literally recently, residents of the UK, USA, France and Germany can invite famous politicians, show business stars, and athletes to dinner. Of course, not the stars themselves will come to dinner, but their twins. Such services are provided by a special agency that has its own headquarters in New York. However, in different countries there are branches of this company. Such a service costs from $1,000 to $10,000. The price will depend on the similarity, as well as the duration of the "star's" visit. This service has proven to be very popular among we althy people.

Reviews and advice from beginner businessmen

Such a concept as a creative business or entrepreneurship in our country is not yet very popular. However, creative business ideas in America and Europe are developing very rapidly.

However, those residents of Russia who are already engaged in such a business, note that in order to successfully develop their business, it is necessary to come up with something that is not yet on the market. What creative professionals often don't realize is that success will depend on the skills to promote a business. As a rule, every creative person has a lot of ideas, so they have no problems with development.

If you decide to develop a small business, you should start with a business plan. Of course,You need to have initial capital to grow your business. Therefore, before starting your own business, you need to sit down, carefully calculate everything, weigh all the pros and cons, and analyze the market. Who knows, maybe your crazy idea will soon bring in millions.

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