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Sberbank cards: replacing them in different situations
Sberbank cards: replacing them in different situations

Almost every Russian has a Sberbank card. This is one of the most popular and reliable financial institutions, trusted by millions of citizens and companies with their money. Payment plastic is issued for a certain period, after which it becomes necessary to replace the card. In case of unplanned cases: loss, damage, blocking, change of surname and other situations, the Sberbank card is also reissued. Replacement is carried out in one of the branches of the bank. What needs to be done for this procedure, we will consider in the article.

Scheduled re-release

Sberbank issues cards valid for one to three years, depending on the type of plastic chosen. The procedure is provided for security and protection against theft of funds. The planned replacement of Sberbank cards is carried out only in one case - after the expiration of its validity. The date of the next reissue is indicated on the front side of the plastic next to the inscription Good thru (Valid thru) in the format "month / year". The bank warns the user via SMSnotifications a couple of months before the scheduled replacement.

Sberbank cards replacement

If the owner did not have time to receive a new plastic card, then the expired card is blocked. It will no longer be possible to use it, but the money stored on it will not go anywhere. They will be in the bank account.

What to do with an expired card?

The bank customer has several options in this case. First you need to decide whether the cardholder needs the card in the future. Sberbank does not impose its products, therefore, when the next replacement period approaches, an individual has a choice:

  • continue cooperation on the same terms;
  • refuse to issue a card;
  • switch to another tariff plan and type of plastic.

Regardless of what choice the client made for himself, the first action after the expiration of the term will be a visit to a branch of Sberbank. It is advisable to come to the office where the expired card was received (usually this is the territorial office at the registration address). You need to take your passport and payment plastic with you. Turning to a specialist, you need to explain the situation and find out if the Sberbank card was automatically replaced after the expiration date. In this case, all that remains is to pick it up by signing several documents, unless, of course, the client does not mind continuing cooperation.

Sberbank card replacement

In cases where a new card is not yet ready, an application for re-issuance is filled out. The procedure usually takes 5 business days. Holderplastic, if necessary, can manage the funds in the account using the cash desk.

Rejection of service or change of tariff

If the bank's client no longer needs the services provided, a refusal to reissue is written. The old card is removed and destroyed. The account of an individual is valid for another 45 days. This is necessary to complete all card transactions. In order not to have to pay for the annual maintenance of plastic automatically reissued for the client, you should notify the bank in advance of your intention to terminate the contract. The minimum application period is one and a half months before the expiration date of the card.

Sberbank replacement of salary cards

If you want to change the tariff plan and get a different type of card, the client fills out the appropriate application form. The old plastic is removed, but the funds stored in the account remain available. You can manage them through the checkout. Making a new card takes from 5 to 15 days. The bank notifies the client of the need to pick it up at the office. When switching to another program, the replacement of the card is free of charge.

Application for reissue online

Debit cardholders are given the opportunity to take care of the timely replacement using the Sberbank Online service. At the same time, you will have to visit the office once - only to get a new plastic. Replacing a Sberbank card upon expiration is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  1. Log in to the system.
  2. Select the "Cards" section, the "Reissue" subsection.
  3. Fill inapplication.
  4. Check the correctness of the entered data and click on the "Confirm" button.
  5. Enter the code received in the SMS message.
replacement of a Sberbank card when changing a surname

The application has been generated, its implementation can be tracked in the personal account of the Sberbank Online service. It should be noted that this feature is not available to credit card holders. Scheduled replacement of Sberbank cards is free of charge, regardless of how the application was made - online or at a branch.

Features of replacing salary plastic

Debit cards used to receive wages are also subject to scheduled reissue. Their duration is usually 3 years. Usually, Sberbank sends the data for automatic reissue on time, the holder only has to come to the office and pick up the new plastic. Sometimes the employer also controls the process, sending employees to the bank branch on time.

replacement of a Sberbank card change of surname

Even if it turned out that the validity period has expired, you must contact Sberbank yourself. Replacement of salary cards is carried out identically to other debit plastic. You will need to leave an application and wait for release. You don’t have to worry about receiving wages: for this, a bank account linked to the card is used. The money will go to him, and you can withdraw them at the Sberbank branch through the cashier. After receiving a new card, account details do not change.

Reason for unscheduled replacement

Cards do not always "live" until the end of their termSberbank. Replacement is sometimes required in the event of emergency situations. Among them, cases such as:

  • damage;
  • loss or theft;
  • “Capture” by ATM;
  • declassification of card data.

These are emergency incidents that, in the interest of the holder, must be resolved by reissuing plastic. There are also more expected changes that lead to the invalidity of the card: a change in the surname (less often the name, patronymic).

Unscheduled reissue, regardless of the reasons, is a paid service. New plastic will cost the client from 30 to 150 rubles, depending on the type of card. Do not worry about the financial side of the reissue to holders of premium plastic. "Gold" and "platinum" cards are replaced under any circumstances with new ones free of charge and much faster than classic ones.

Replacement when lost or stolen

The main reason for unscheduled re-release is plastic theft or loss. In both cases, you need to act quickly. First you need to block the card so that the attackers or the lucky ones who find the ownerless plastic cannot use the owner's money. This can be done by calling the Sberbank contact center, sending an SMS (if the Mobile Bank service is available) or by independently performing the action through the Sberbank Online personal account.

After that, you should contact the bank office where the card was issued. The client fills out an application for an unscheduled reissue, indicating the reason. If desired, you can close the current account and open a new one, or transferfunds for another. The terms for replacing a Sberbank card in case of unscheduled treatment are the standard period - 3-5 business days, but sometimes there are delays (up to 14 days).

Plastic damage

Sometimes it happens that the card is demagnetized or broken from physical impact. The situation is unpleasant, but solvable. Damage to plastic, regardless of the reasons, leads to an unscheduled reissue of a Sberbank card. Replacement is carried out at the personal request of the owner to the territorial branch of the bank. In this case, the client has the right to keep the same type of card or choose a more interesting tariff for himself. Before receiving a new plastic in hand, you can use the funds using an account through the cashier.

When a card is “captured” by an ATM, there is a high chance of its destruction. It will have to be restored according to the same algorithm as in case of loss.

Reissue of the card when personal data changes

Replacement of the Sberbank card when changing the surname is made upon personal request of the client. You should not delay reissuing for the following reasons:

  • if you lose the card and restore access to the account opened by the owner's old name, there will be problems;
  • payment transactions for wages and other income will not “go through”;
  • inconsistencies in the database of the bank and passport will lead to significant inconvenience.

You should contact the financial institution that issued the card with outdated personal data immediately after receiving a document confirming the change of surname. The procedure does not take much time and consists of the followingaction:

  1. Appeal to the territorial branch of the bank.
  2. Filing applications: for changing personal data and reissuing a card.
  3. Getting a new card.

In addition to the passport, you will need a document on the change of surname: a certificate of marriage/dissolution of marriage, other official paper. Reissue is carried out within 5 working days, but delays are not excluded. The service is paid - from 30 to 150 rubles (for Gold and Platinum cards - 0 rubles), as well as any unscheduled replacement of Sberbank cards.

A name change is usually preceded by planned events, so the client has the opportunity to think ahead and visit the bank.

Reissue credit cards

Like debit cards, credit cards have an expiration date, after which they must be replaced with new ones. At the same time, the rules for contacting the bank remain the same: if you wish to extend the period of use, the client personally or through the Sberbank Online system submits an application for reissuance. Although most often the organization takes care of the renewal automatically.

Sberbank bank card replacement

However, not every Sberbank card holder will be able to get a ready-made credit card. Renewal replacement is only available to customers who:

  • have no late payments;
  • actively use the card, making non-cash and cash transactions;
  • confirm solvency.

Scheduled reissue is free of charge and usually takes no more than 3-5 business days. If you wish to refusefrom a credit card, you must notify the bank one and a half months before the expiration of its validity.

An unscheduled replacement of a Sberbank bank card is carried out upon the personal request of the holder, similar to the reissue of debit plastic. For this, an application and the necessary documents are provided. The procedure will cost 150 rubles for classic cards. For holders of Gold and Premium credit cards, the service is provided free of charge.

What information changes with a reissue?

Updating the card, the holder is not indifferent to information about what the new plastic will be like. With a scheduled reissue, only the CVV2 / CVC2 security code located on the back and the expiration date change. It is possible that the PIN code will be changed. The card number remains the same.

replacement of a Sberbank card upon expiration

In case of an unscheduled reissue due to a change in personal data, a new surname will be added to the above changes. If there is a loss or theft, the card number will also become new. In any of the possible cases, the account details will remain the same.

The largest number of payment plastic owners are served by Sberbank PJSC. Replacing the card after the expiration date is almost always done automatically, the client only needs to pick it up from the office. In case of emergency situations, you will have to contact the bank yourself or use the Sberbank Online service.

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