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How to make money on captchas on the Internet easily and quickly

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How to make money on captchas on the Internet easily and quickly
How to make money on captchas on the Internet easily and quickly

The Internet attracts to its networks not only those who are looking for entertainment, but also those who are interested in the possibility of earning. Moreover, such methods are popular that do not require any investments or special knowledge or skills. Beginners are often interested in how to make money on captchas. This method attracts with its simplicity. It allows you to get the first money without an impressive investment of time and effort.

how to make money by entering captcha

What is this?

Those who are interested in how to make money by entering captcha, first of all, you need to understand what it is. What's this? So, captcha is a simple test, passing which allows you to tell that you are a real user of the site and the program, and not a computer bot.

As a rule, you need to enter some alphabetic or numeric characters from a distorted picture. In some cases, users have to solve mathematical problems, answerquestions or choose pictures of the specified topics.

Those who use captcha are sure that only a human can solve such tasks. Accordingly, it becomes an obstacle for various computer bots that can register accounts or leave spam comments.

you can earn on captcha

When needed?

Enter captcha, as a rule, is required when registering on sites or when adding comments. This feature is designed to prevent the automatic creation of accounts, which are then used to send spam to other users. You also have to enter captcha when using various useful services. For example, created to check the uniqueness of texts.


Is it possible to make money on captcha? Knowing how this method of generating income works, you must understand that there is no deception in this. Some users are ready to decrypt the captcha on their own, and some, on the contrary, prefer not to spend their own precious time on this, but pay money.

You have to enter it not only to leave any comments, but also when using some services that make multiple requests. For example, when using a program that automatically sends letters to specified contacts.

is it possible to earn on captcha

Who pays?

As a rule, mail servers consider such activity suspicious, and therefore at some point requireuser to enter captcha. It is believed that a computer program is not able to pass such a test.

Not every webmaster has enough of his own time to monitor the work of the program and enter captcha on each request. Most likely, for this purpose, he will use a special service that offers captcha solving and entering for a small fee.

In turn, such a service hires users who, for a small fee, are ready to enter captcha. In fact, he acts as an intermediary between the customer and the final contractor, who receives an extremely modest reward for performing such actions.

Now you know who is willing to pay for entering captcha. Basically, these are representatives of various Internet professions who use programs in automatic mode, which, in turn, send hundreds of requests, creating suspicious activity.

Individuals who leave comments or occasionally register accounts do not need this service, since they rarely have to enter captcha. Accordingly, they cope with such a task on their own.

earn by entering captcha


Now you know that you can earn on captcha. What are the advantages of such a way of virtual earnings?

  • No special knowledge or skills required. This means that absolutely any user who has barely mastered the basics of computerliteracy.
  • No attachments needed. It is so easy to earn by entering captcha that you do not need to undergo special training or buy equipment for this. It is enough to use any device with Internet access to access sites that provide the opportunity to earn money for captcha.
  • Free schedule. No one is forcing you to complete tasks at a strictly allotted time. Only you decide what time to earn money on captcha, and what time to relax or do other things. In addition, you can earn income in this way, being anywhere. For example, standing in line.
  • Lack of superiors. No one will scold you for mistakes, cut your salary and ask you to go to work on a day off. You determine your own schedule and are responsible for the quality of the work performed.
earn money for captcha


Each way to generate income, as a rule, is not ideal. And this type of income has negative aspects that potential employees will have to face:

  • Low income. This is important to know for everyone who is interested in how to make money on captchas. However, this is not surprising. Any job that doesn't have any qualification requirements tends to offer low pay.
  • Lack of prospects. Even if you gain experience and engage in similar activities for several years, it is unlikely that you will be able to earn a lot on captcha. Since the presence or absence of experience does not affectpayment level.
  • Routine work. Not everyone will like this way of earning. Since it involves the performance of routine actions throughout the entire working time.

Where can I earn money by entering captcha?

So, in order to make this kind of income a reality, you need to find someone who will be willing to pay for your services. There is no point in looking for clients directly. They still won't be able to offer you enough work.

For those who are interested in how to make money on captchas, special services have been created. Let's list the most popular, and also talk about each of them in more detail:

  • RuCaptcha.
  • Kolotibablo.


This is the most popular site among Russian-speaking users who are interested in how to make money on captchas. First of all, you need to go through a standard registration, and only after that it will be possible to start performing paid tasks. Also, before starting it, it is strongly recommended to read the instructions for potential employees, which is published on the website.

Users choose the site thanks to a simple and intuitive interface. In addition, there are tutorials for beginners. Payment varies from one to thirty-five kopecks. The site has a rating system that allows the most experienced and responsible users to take the most expensive orders.

You can withdraw money starting from fifteen earned rubles. The site provides a considerable number of ways to withdraw funds.


This service provides users with a simple interface that is easy to use. The service is regularly updated with new features. To withdraw funds from this site, you will have to accumulate at least one dollar in your own account. Users can withdraw funds in several ways, which is usually straightforward


When wondering how to make money by entering captcha, it is important to find out what kind of income you can count on. So you can understand whether it is worth spending your own time on a similar way of generating income or it is better to look for an alternative option.

On average, a thousand entered captchas bring the user from twenty to fifty rubles. This amount of work can take more than an hour to complete. It depends on the complexity of the tasks and your skill.

However, experienced users assure that this way of earning will not replace full-time employment, as it brings a penny income, which is enough only to pay for the services of an Internet provider and some other small expenses.

However, for someone, earning by entering captchas can be an alternative to aimless surfing the Internet. After all, even a little personal income is better than none.

How to increase income?

Now you know the answer to the question, is it possible to make money on captcha. However, this is not the only thing that interests potential users. As a rule, such activities bring a very low income. For this reason, users try to find out whichsome simple secrets to increase it. However, there are no secrets.

To increase income on captcha, you can attract other users using your own referral link. If the service you have chosen to work with offers an affiliate program, you will be able to receive a certain percentage of the income of the users you referred or a fixed amount for each registration. It all depends on the specific conditions of the affiliate program.

If you want to get a more or less stable income by entering captcha, you need to work constantly. However, this is a rather boring and at the same time routine work that not everyone will like. Most of all, this option is suitable for those who have not yet mastered other ways to make money on the Internet and will be glad of any opportunity to get at least a small income

how to make money on captcha

How to do the job?

This question is also relevant for beginners who have never made money online by entering captcha before. So, when decrypting, you need to verify the entered data. If you make mistakes, this can lower your rating and subsequently affect your reward level far from the best.

If you constantly skip tasks, the service may block the user for a while. If tasks take a long time to load, this may mean that too many employees are working on the service. All you need to do is to be patient or log out of your account and continue working in another period when the number of usersdecrease.

As tasks, captchas can come across, when entering which it is important to respect the case, that is, uppercase and lowercase letters are different characters. Do not ignore such information, otherwise the task will be completed incorrectly. Also, among the tasks, users can be given mathematical equations. Don't give up on their decision. They are usually extremely simple. But regular skips often cause a short blocking of the user.

earn money on captcha


Entering captcha as a way to make money on the Internet is losing its former popularity. Most users try different options and end up preferring more profitable methods. However, this method is still not bad for beginners and those who do not believe that you can earn money on the Internet without investments.

Entering captcha is a simple job that any student can handle. After all, it does not require any specific knowledge. This is a fairly quick way to make sure that you can earn money by entering captcha in particular, and on the Internet in general. If you wish, you can also learn alternative methods in the future. Keep in mind that high-paying jobs usually require specific knowledge. If you have them, you can find a worthy alternative to entering captcha without delving into the features of this way of earning money.


What is the summary of all of the above? Earnings by entering captcha is quite simple and does not require special knowledge. Therefore receiveincome in this way can be anyone who has mastered the computer.

However, in this way it will not be possible to receive a more or less decent income. The pay for this activity is extremely low. That's why no one recommends entering captcha as the main source of income. This is an option for those who are just starting to make money on the Internet or do it exclusively in their free time. Also, entering captcha is suitable for those who want to make sure that you can really make money on the World Wide Web.

However, if you do not belong to any of the above categories, it is better not to stay long on such services. It is better to look for alternative ways to generate income. Try different options and you will find a more attractive job.

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