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What to do without the Internet, what to do? How to have fun without a computer?
What to do without the Internet, what to do? How to have fun without a computer?

We are so used to the Internet that being disconnected from it can become stressful. But there are ways to stay productive offline. Whether you're at home, in the office, or traveling, here are some ideas for things to do offline.

Stroll down the street

Walk without internet

The easiest and cheapest thing to do when you're tired of your phone or computer is a nice long walk. Whether it's a leisurely stroll through your local park or a quick sprint to your neighbor's house, getting out in the fresh air is a surefire way to rejuvenate.

Cook the dish

Tired of being online? Don't know what to do without internet? You can bake something simple and tasty: chocolate chip cookies or quiche. Treat yourself to a delicious break.


The guy is reading

If you are wondering what to do at home without the Internet, read. You can get lost in a good book for hours. Reading is a great way to learn somethingnew and stay productive. This will help to distract for a long time.

Deep reading is different from the shallow reading we do when we look at articles or news columns. It is slow, exciting, rich in emotional and moral experiences. It is best to use the paper version of the book. The absence of hyperlinks frees the reader from making decisions: should I click on it or not? Allows you to stay fully immersed in the story.

So if you're flying on a plane without Wi-Fi or the internet suddenly goes down, spend some time deep reading if you have a book handy.

Take a nap

Uninterrupted sleep is a luxury few can afford, especially during a busy work week. The next time you get bored or don't know what to do without the internet, turn off your phone and go to sleep.

Do something with your hands

Christmas decorations

Bored, but are you ready to create? Pull out your forgotten art supplies and use the opportunity to make something simple yet fabulous for your home. Whether it's painting an old piece of furniture or crafting, crafting can keep you busy and save money. You can come up with many luxurious ideas for a home that are not much different from designer bells and whistles.

Throw away old documents

No matter how organized you are, chances are you have tons of outdated papers filling up space. See which of these is no longer useful, andclear your desk and mind.

Go shopping

Are you still wondering what people do without internet? You can use your free time to go shopping or to make a list of monthly essentials to always have on hand.

Physical exercise

download press

Nothing is more distracting than an intense workout. Spend time taking part in a makeshift home fitness room. Even ten minutes of practice is better than no action at all.

Watch your favorite movie

What to do if you are bored at home without the Internet? Most of us have old DVDs left. But if you don't have them, download your favorite movie before the internet goes down and enjoy the lost memories.

Cut up old clothes

Looking for a cheap way to update your wardrobe? You can cut old jeans and t-shirts. It will transform your outdated clothes into new summer clothes in seconds.

Dust in hard to reach places

What else to do without the Internet? Taking a few minutes to clean some of the hard-to-reach areas of your home, such as ceiling fan blades, light fixtures, and tall bookcase tops, will freshen up your entire space.

Make some phone calls

Think of all the calls you have to make. Need to make an appointment for a haircut or visit a doctor? Is your dog going to see a veterinarian? And when are you lastdid you call your mom? If the internet is down but you still have cell service, take the time to make a few calls.

Create a playlist

Many people listen to music while they work. This works in a positive way, because when we listen to music that we like, the part of the brain that releases dopamine, the chemistry of motivation and pleasure, is activated. So what do you do without internet? You may not be able to access songs when you are offline, but in most cases you will still be able to create a playlist offline.

Finish what you started

You will definitely have tasks that you left halfway. It can be embroidery, an unhung picture, a flower that needs to be transplanted, etc. Every time you remember these things, you are overcome by a painful feeling of incompleteness. Stop him, stand up and do what needs to be done.

Take time to relax

If the question arises, what to do when you are bored without the Internet, why not use your free time to relax and unwind? It may sound counterproductive, but work breaks have been shown to increase productivity by increasing alertness, concentration, and speed.

Take a walk, take a nap, or have coffee with a colleague and talk about something other than work. Meditation is also a great way to take a break.

Do the Brain Outburst Writing Exercise

Write in notepad

You may find it difficult to find time for creativeexercises that seem redundant. But when there is no internet access, the brain dump exercise is the perfect excuse to spend some time exploring your subconscious mind and letting your creativity flow.

How does it work? Open a new document on your computer or notebook and write down whatever is on your mind. You can perform the exercise purposefully - choose a specific topic and work with it. Don't worry if you have a lot of ideas and thoughts - that's the whole point. Just release them. No need for structuring.

Once you reach the limit, look at what you wrote. Now group your thoughts into categories, choose ideas that can be effective. Then you need to prioritize, make a to-do list, and think about how to complete each item.

Interact with other people

Communication in the office

One of the best things about being offline is being able to take your eyes off your computer or other device and spend time with the people around you.

For this action, the place where you are is important. If you are on the subway or on a plane, it may be uncomfortable for some to start a conversation with a stranger. But if you don't have Internet access at work, why not take advantage of your downtime and spend some quality time with your colleagues? Strong social connections in the office can make you happier and more productive, or make you feel more passionate about your work. You can also get more support for a professionaldevelopment and feedback.

If you love the idea of ​​connecting with other people, but want to keep everyone focused on work, then a blackout can be the perfect time to get a team together to brainstorm, track the status of all projects or discuss schedules and problems.

Besides the Internet, there is a whole world of interesting things to do. Cheer up, one day without access to the network will not ruin your life. You will be grateful for this opportunity if you spend your time wisely.

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