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Growing flowers for sale at home: business plan, reviews

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Growing flowers for sale at home: business plan, reviews
Growing flowers for sale at home: business plan, reviews

Many sooner or later think about creating their own business. Many people want to work for themselves, and not for someone else's wallet, to achieve a luxurious life. And the search for an interesting activity begins, which will both delight and generate income. In this search, you should pay attention to growing flowers for sale at home. In the reviews about this business, people note that it is quite interesting and profitable. In order for the case to "shoot", you need to delve into some of the subtleties associated with this activity.

Business Features

Growing flowers for sale at home as a business is popular in many cities around the world. To get the first profit, you need to grow plants, provide conditions for receiving an order and delivering goods.

business with plants

You will need to implement advertising, find buyers. In addition, the business plan for growing flowers for sale includes the cost of official registration so that the activity is completely legal.

Where to start

Begingrowing flowers for sale at home from the practical side of the issue. The first step is to choose the right room. Utility rooms, apartments, garages will do. To grow flowers for sale at home in winter, you need electricity, heating.

Apartment will do for a start, but growing plants in a private house with large windows is most preferable. In terms of area, a room of about 20 square meters is best suited. It will house at least 150 plants.

At the same time, the business will not require much investment. However, knowledge and skills for growing plants will be needed. For this reason, it is important to devote more time to collecting process data. This will not be difficult, since there is a lot of literature on this topic.

Choose colors

The business of growing flowers at home for sale can develop based on three types of products. First of all, we are talking about indoor plants. Costs here will not be required much, and there is no need to deal only with flowering species. Many people prefer to decorate the premises with exotic plants. And such an idea is quite realistic to implement in an ordinary apartment. Even if you grow flowers for sale in a greenhouse in winter, this business will still not require many expenses.

home seedling

The second direction is the creation of seedlings of flowers. During the summer period, many people acquire seedlings of various plants. Petunias, violets, purslane and other annual flowers are popular. Seedlings are purchased extremely often.If you are going to start growing flowers at home for sale, you should take into account the fact that the cost of the initial planting material will be small. However, returns can be very high.

The third direction is the cultivation of cut flowers. For such purposes, a plot of land will be needed. Here you will need to plant roses, tulips, daffodils and flowers of a different kind. Their choice depends, as a rule, on the personal preferences of the business owner.

In growing flowers at home for sale, it is important that agricultural technology does not create additional difficulties at first. In the summer, the price will not be too high, but it will become a school for acquiring the necessary skills so that the business expands in the future.

Growing in a greenhouse

The most profitable thing is to grow flowers at home for sale in winter. If flowering species are sold, you will need to purchase a greenhouse. It will be necessary to spend money on construction, seed material, fertilizers. All other purchases will depend on the business owner's own preferences.

in the greenhouse

At the initial stages, greenhouses or nurseries made of ordinary polyethylene can serve as greenhouses. It is important to purchase high-quality planting material. Sometimes in the flower business it is quite difficult to predict what will be the demand for plants in subsequent seasons. But keep in mind that roses, tulips, petunias, chrysanthemums are always popular. At the same time, it makes sense to follow current trends, visit flower shows.

Sale plants

Stands outseveral options for selling grown products. It is sold independently or through wholesale sales. Of course, the first option will be more profitable, but it will require separation from the main activities. If the work is carried out in a team, for example, a family business, it will be more convenient and profitable. If a person works alone, it is better for him to use the services of resellers. Then you do not need to spend money on sales, delivery, outlet. All the time will go directly to production, which will increase the volume and expand the offer.


The profitability of this case can reach 40%. If a large batch of flowers is grown, it is realistic to earn 50 thousand rubles net. But it is important to consider that the business is seasonal. Holidays also have an effect. The most experienced businessmen specifically calculate the "harvest" for individual holidays - March 8, Valentine's Day. As a result, revenues increase significantly.

Flowers in a greenhouse

Starting costs

To start a business of this kind, you will need to purchase a greenhouse worth at least 30 thousand rubles, seeds for 10 thousand rubles, fertilizers and protective equipment for 20 thousand rubles. In addition, it is recommended to create a separate website and register activities - the cost will be 30 thousand rubles.

Choice of equipment

The choice of equipment will be determined by the direction of the case. If you plan to grow flowers for sale in the ground, you will need greenhouses. Preference is given to polycarbonate structures. Acquire lighting, greenhouses, facilities forwatering makes sense in the same place. If the cultivation is planned in the open field, the business will be seasonal.


It's important to take care of official documentation. In this case, you will need to register individual entrepreneurship, owning your own household plot. When applying for the second option, you will not have to pay additional taxes. The taxation system for registering an individual entrepreneur will be a single agricultural tax. This form provides for the payment of 6% of the profit.

Flowers on the windowsill


Proper lighting and sufficient humidity play a big role in growing flowers for sale. In addition, you need to think about how to water was competent, as well as plant nutrition.

The most profitable flower business. If the approach is competent, the yield is up to 300%, despite the fact that investments will be minimal. The costs will be spent on the purchase of seeds, the maintenance of flowers.

Extremely profitable sale of plants during the holidays. If you are attentive to this kind of business, the costs will pay off in a few months. To promote such a business, you need to think over a marketing strategy.

After things get better, it will make sense to think about opening a separate flower shop. Thanks to this, an ordinary hobby will become a source of good income.

Growing at home

At the moment, both cut flowers and in pots are sold. Both are popular with buyers. Butthere are some differences - cut flowers diverge better in the pre-holiday period. While potted plants are purchased throughout the year. At the same time, growing flowers is a profitable field of activity, and it is permissible to start developing it at home. The key to success will be a competent organization of plantations in conjunction with an advanced marketing strategy.

Market Analysis

Before doing this, it is important to analyze the market in this area. At the moment, more than 80% of the entire flower market is allocated to foreign suppliers - Dutch, Colombian. The thing is that these manufacturers have the widest range of products that look presentable - the flowers have powerful stems, large buds. The main disadvantage of imported products is higher prices. In addition, plants brought from other countries, one way or another, will not be as fresh as those delivered, for example, from a neighboring area.

dutch fields

These features can be used by a Russian businessman. The greenhouses of our country are only 2% occupied by flowers, the rest of the space is devoted to growing vegetables and fruits. All this indicates that entrepreneurs will actually occupy a free niche in which there is not such fierce competition. It is quite possible to sell garden products in a variety of areas - decorate flower beds, grow exotic plants for cutting, pots, sell seedlings and seedlings.

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