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How to pay for electricity via the Internet? Payment for electricity on a personal account via the Internet

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How to pay for electricity via the Internet? Payment for electricity on a personal account via the Internet
How to pay for electricity via the Internet? Payment for electricity on a personal account via the Internet

With the development of network infrastructure, services from life were transferred to the virtual space, which greatly facilitated the fate of a person. Now multi-million deals, contracts, purchases can be made while sitting in a comfortable chair. Mandatory payments for utilities were no exception, which were integrated and became part of the functionality of Internet banking or electronic wallets.


However, there are still quite a few people who pay their bills through physical bank branches. But why waste precious time when you can do it much easier? Using the details, it is easy to independently fulfill the mandatory payment for utility bills via the Internet.

Payment for electricity by meter via the Internet

In this article you will find detailed instructions for mandatory payments for utilities using the example of step-by-step payment for electricity via the Internet on the frontaccount.

Main directions of payments

Payments can be made in different ways:

  • Via Internet banking (Sberbank-Online, etc.).
  • Using an electronic wallet (for example, Yandex.Money).

How to pay for electricity through online banking?

Let's make a payment using the example of the popular Sberbank-Online service. The operation that we will perform is the payment of electricity on a personal account via the Internet. With the help of Sberbank, you can pay almost any bill, so this is a universal example. But you can use online banking and other organizations, the scheme in them will be about the same.

How to pay for electricity via the Internet using the Sberbank website? The mechanism is simple and unpretentious:

  1. We go to the Sberbank-Online website through a search engine or via a direct link. The main page prompts us to enter a previously registered login and password from a personal account, or to register from the very beginning. After you have entered all the necessary data, you just have to wait for an SMS message to be sent to the phone number associated with the profile. This two-factor authentication helps protect users from scammers.
  2. Sberbank personal account login page - Online

    Enter the code - we get into the office.

  3. In your personal account, go to the "Payments and Transfers" tab. Sberbank-Online in this regard is quite convenient and simple. You can't get lost at this stage. Which is very helpful for beginners to figure out how to pay for electricity via the Internet.
  4. Menu of the Sberbank service "Payments and Transfers"
  5. On the tab that appears in the middle we see the inscription "Housing and communal services payments - Electricity.." and others
  6. Recipient's company search menu in Sberbank-online
  7. We need electricity payments. Let's follow the link. Here you can get lost at first, because there can be many companies. What to do in this case?

We make payments through the bank's website, having a receipt on hand, an invoice for consumed kilowatts. The invoice contains all the necessary information.

how to pay for the light?

Details of the recipient's sales company, the subscriber's personal account will be able to clarify how to pay for electricity via the Internet in Sberbank-Online and in any other Internet service. Enter the TIN of the desired sales company in the search line - the easiest way. After entering, registered companies with the rest of the details immediately drop out.

Step-by-step instructions for paying online Sberbank - choosing a company

Choose the one you want and move on. In the next field, enter the personal account number for paying for electricity by the meter via the Internet and click "next" again.

  1. The next step is to enter data on the volume of consumed kilowatts, electricity meter readings before and after payment. After you need to press the "Forward" button.
  2. Step-by-step instructions for paying via online Sberbank - filling in the final payment data
  3. You don't have to fill in the amount and other fields. You will need to verify the data andgo to the standard payment menu. In it, you need to re-enter the new code from the second SMS message, thereby confirming the authenticity and adequacy of the online transfer from the subscriber's personal account to the specified details of the recipient.

This completes the main procedure for paying for electricity via the Internet without commission using the online bank.

If you need to take out reporting or check confirmation of the payment made from this method of online payment, the bank service will provide such a service in a few clicks.

Pay with e-wallet

You can also pay for the receipt using an electronic wallet, for example, Yandex.Money. This example was taken for convenience and ease of understanding the essence of paying for electricity on a personal account via the Internet.

How to pay for a utility service via the Internet using Yandex.Money?

  1. On the main page of the service on the left side we find the inscription "Payment for services" and click on it.
  2. Main menu of the Yandex Wallet service
  3. On the next page we go down to the very bottom, and then to the left - to the link "Payment of utilities". This is the second step that allows you to pay for electricity via the Internet with a bank card.
  4. Link Payment of utilities services in Yandex - Wallet with notes
  5. In the menu "Housing and communal services payment" at the very bottom we see a field with a search bar, which offers to facilitate the search for the desired recipient company by entering its name, and even better, an individual tax number (abbreviated as TIN).
  6. Search menu forlocation of the recipient's sales company in Yandex Wallet
  7. As soon as we get to the main menu for paying for electricity, it remains to fill in a few basic fields: personal, subscriber number, full name, amount of energy consumed.
  8. Menu for entering personal data for payment in Yandex Wallet

The following steps in the payment menu do not require additional comments. Unfortunately, e-wallets charge an additional fee for transfers. Commission rates are published as a percentage before payment is made.

Thus, how to pay for electricity via the Internet using the example of a popular electronic wallet service has been successfully disassembled in detailed illustrative examples.

Other online utility payment services

How else to make a payment for services without leaving home?

  • With the help of a personal account on the website of the organization (for example, Petroelectrosbyt).
  • Through other online systems.

Payments through these systems are processed in a similar way.


Paying electricity by personal account via the Internet, as the article above showed, has great advantages even taking into account the potential risks if the payment service is not so well known or reliable in relation to payment by receipt at the post office or at the bank.

Try to develop, learn new things, find out new convenient services and services that make your life easier, but at the same time, taking into account the circle of your personal and financial security is simply necessary in modern life. BUTwhat do you think?

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