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How to make money on "Irecomend": working methods, conditions, tips
How to make money on "Irecomend": working methods, conditions, tips

With the development of Internet technologies, there are more opportunities for earning money in real time at home computer. You can get a good income if you learn how to write high-quality reviews about products, various methods and sites. The Airecomend website offers a unique opportunity. How to make money here? Let's look into everything in detail.

Resource overview

Irecommend (Irecommend.ru) is a unique site where everyone can leave their feedback about anything. This is beneficial to everyone. After all, everyone can get acquainted with the information about the selected product before buying. People who leave reviews, in turn, get rewarded for them. However, to consider the resource as the main source of income is still not worth it. It is rather an opportunity to realize oneself, to share experience with other Internet users.

Airecomend website

How to make money on "Irecomend"? First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the interface of the site. Resource completedin pleasant colors that attract third-party visitors. This means that a large number of people will be able to read the review. Residents of all CIS countries visit the site.

Passing registration

Before you start earning on Irecommend, you need to go through a simple registration procedure on the site. To do this, you need to have your own email address. All you need to do is fill in the data on the site in the appropriate field. Particular attention should be paid to the username and password. Login is the username that will be displayed when writing reviews. If it's beautiful, people will remember it and want to look at other reviews.

Password is the key to your personal account. It should be quite complex. After all, financial information is also stored in the personal account (data on electronic wallets to which earned money is withdrawn). It is recommended to create a password consisting of Latin letters and numbers. It should never be a date of birth or other simple data.

The whole registration process only takes a few minutes. After filling in the data, you will need to confirm the account via e-mail. To do this, you will need to follow the link in the letter from Irecommend. Immediately after all the manipulations, you can start writing reviews.

How much and what do they pay for?

The creators of the resource appreciate every review (feedback). However, different users have their own way of writing such articles. One review will be useful and informative, the other will be a simple set of suggestions. Therefore, a special reward system was invented.Immediately upon registration, a new user is credited with 50 rubles to the balance. Further, bonuses are paid depending on how often the review is viewed. For each new view, the service pays 5 kopecks. This is not much, but it should be borne in mind that you can receive remuneration from one written article on an ongoing basis. If the review turned out to be of really high quality, it will bring in a good income.

Earnings on the Internet

How much do Irecomend earn? To get a good increase in basic income, you have to work hard. One written review will bring a penny. But if there are more than 200 quality reviews, you can receive 400-500 rubles a month to your account.

Plus is that you can earn in this way, regardless of education and status. A small income from the site can be used to develop your own resource or training. How much I earned on "Irecomend" - I spent so much. If you believe the reviews from the same resource, many managed to rise well thanks to the writing of quality reviews. So, most novice authors will soon start making money writing articles to order.

How do I post a review?

To make money on Irecomend, you need to learn how to write quality reviews. It should be a competent text without errors and water. It is good if the review is supplemented with high-quality photographs. It is recommended to write the article immediately in Word format and save it.

To publish a review on the site, you need to go to your personal account and clickthe corresponding button. An editor opens in front of the user, into which it will be necessary to insert pre-prepared text. Here you can highlight subheadings, insert images and links to third-party resources. All these features must be used to make the review attractive.

laptop and coffee

What to write about? Is it possible to make money on "Irecomend" without knowing the information? Probably not. Users will easily feel cheated and the review will be irrelevant. In addition, it is worth considering the topics that remain the most in demand.


About everything in the world you can write on "Irecomend". How to make money on food reviews? Very simple! This topic is quite relevant. People are happy to study information about various brands of dairy products, honey, manufacturers of flour products. In addition, reviews may include recipes and alternative uses for food.

You can read a lot of reviews about diets. This topic should also be related to nutrition. How to make good money on "Irecomend"? It is worth writing reviews in the "before" and "after" format about a particular diet. These reviews are very popular. With their help, it will be possible to achieve a good passive addition to the monthly budget.


Reviews of various recreation centers and resorts remain in demand. Those who travel a lot will be able to earn good money. Such a review should contain a high-quality photo report. It is important for the user to know what conditionsliving in a recreation center, what are the advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, you need to describe the pricing policy of the boarding house.

If you describe not a recreation center, but a resort town as a whole, it is worth describing the sights, giving your own advice on organizing a vacation.

Two travelers

Don't write short notes. No one will read such reviews, they will not get into the top. To start making good money, you need to learn how to write detailed reviews with a lot of information. In addition, you need to remember that a review will be paid only if its volume exceeds 500 characters. Moderation of the written text does not take place immediately. A review can sometimes be re-read by the administration only after the user submits an application for withdrawal of funds.


This section of the site is the most requested. How much do girls who can write high-quality cosmetics reviews earn on Irecomend? Some users, according to the data on the site, manage to withdraw more than a thousand rubles a month.

Reviews on anti-aging cosmetics remain the most popular. Reviews are well viewed, in which there are photos in the "before" and "after" format. Under each review, you can see the live communication of site users. Girls express their opinion about this or that remedy.

Cosmetics Review

Reviews about decorative cosmetics, shampoos, hair care products remain in demand. Each review can be editedreplenish it with pictures after a certain amount of time. It is important that the text is "live". This is the only way to inspire trust among readers and start getting good passive income.

Internet resources

How to earn a lot on "Irecomend"? It is important to write a large number of reviews about everything. It is very difficult to predict which review will be the most popular. Many decide to write articles about other sites on the Internet. The Airecomend resource does not prohibit this. Reviews of other sites for making money are especially popular. Here you can read information about freelance exchanges, forums that pay money, etc.

To make money on Irecommend, you should carefully read the resource about which the review will be written. It is important for the potential reader to know all the nuances. If the site is dedicated to making money, you should write about how much you can earn, how to withdraw money. You can supplement the review with a screenshot of your personal account.

Reviews of various online stores are also in demand. When writing such a review, it is important to consider the following points: the assortment of the store, payment and delivery options, pricing policy.

Pregnancy and childbirth

If you re-read the various reviews on "Irecomend", you can understand that the main part of the users of the resource are the representatives of the weaker sex. And girls are always interested in learning from experience, sharing their knowledge. The section on pregnancy and childbirth is in great demand on the site. Women are happy to describe their stories about carrying a baby and giving birth. If athe review is written with high quality, it is always interesting to read it.

It is important to understand that such reviews are read by women who are in an "interesting" position. Therefore, you should not give recommendations from yourself. Feedback should be for informational purposes only.

Pregnant girl

Description of pregnancy can be supplemented with photos of the tummy at various times. Such a review will be useful in several directions at once. The reader will be able to satisfy the interest, and the reviewer will save the memories of pregnancy in a separate review.

Photos for reviews

Pictures that will be published inside the review must be of high quality. The resource does not prohibit posting low-quality photos. However, a review with such pictures will be unattractive and no one will view it.

When writing a review about a cosmetic, you should learn how to create staged shots using decor and additional accessories.

How to make money on "Irecomend"? How to increase earnings?

In order for reviews to be viewed more often, it is worth learning how to write texts in accordance with key queries. There are many resources on the Web that allow you to identify keywords and phrases on a particular topic. Also, the title is important. It should encourage the reader to go into the review and read it in its entirety.

Withdraw funds

Do you know how to make money on "Irecomend"? Excellent! Now this money needs to be withdrawn. All payments are made to the ruble wallet "WebMoney",which must be registered in advance. The minimum payout amount is 150 rubles. It is possible to collect it quite quickly, provided that two or three reviews are written daily.

girl at the computer

The first payment is credited to the wallet within 10 business days. It is important that the information specified in the personal account of the site and in the WebMoney account match. All subsequent payments are made much faster.

Fly in the ointment

On the Web, you can find a lot of negative statements about the work of the resource. All opinions should be studied before making money on Airecomend. Many users note that the administration blocks the account for no apparent reason. Especially often there are complaints that blocking occurs when a sufficient amount is accumulated for withdrawal. Thus, according to a number of users, the administration is getting rid of people in order not to pay them the money they earn.

In fact, this situation can be explained quite simply. When registering, each user "signs" a user agreement, for violation of which the administration has the right to block the account. The rules specified in this agreement are not read by anyone. As a result, violations accumulate. The administration checks the account for such violations only when the user is going to withdraw the money earned to his wallet. Hence the frequent blocking.

What rules can't be broken? First of all, you can’t start several accounts at once to “cheat” your views.reviews. It is also impossible to write “custom-made” and untruthful reviews. It is also impossible to describe goods prohibited by law.


If you want to make money on Irecomend, you should first weigh the pros and cons. This resource can provide a stable passive income, subject to all the rules. However, it is impossible to perceive writing reviews as the main source of income. You need to understand that the first income will be received only after a few months, provided that there will be a lot of reviews and they will be interesting to readers.

Writing reviews and reviews on AirRecommend can be a good hobby that benefits others.

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