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"Image Inventor", equipment for beauty salons: reviews
"Image Inventor", equipment for beauty salons: reviews

Beauty at all times for a woman was an indicator of her success. This is more than obvious these days. The prosperity of beauty salons speaks for itself. But the salon is not only excellent specialists, but also furniture that is convenient for both the master and the client. "Image Inventor" - domestic technological ideas embodied in furniture from foreign material.

Diversity of assortment

barbershop equipment

The catalogs on the sites present excellent professional furniture for beauty salons. Amazingly designed armchairs delight with a variety of designs and upholstery. The functionality of the equipment in the accompanying photos and videos does not allow doubting the reliability of the mechanisms and the durability of the product. The described comfort that the client should experience is delightful.

So, looking through the catalogs of Image Inventor hairdressing equipment, you are amazed at the wide range of products of this company.All kinds of chairs for special purposes, massage tables and cabinets for improvised materials, as well as cabinets, mirrors, necessary related products. It would seem that the matter is small - to take and buy. But equipment for beauty salons "Image Inventor" is produced in Moscow. For regions, especially remote ones, this can be a big problem.

First problems

Reviews about Image Inventor are diverse. But quite often there are questions that the company is in no hurry to answer. The reaction most often occurs either to laudatory or to repeated negative ones. For the transportation of expensive equipment, the company, in all likelihood, does not want to be responsible at all. That is, sloppy packaging and unreliable campaigns for the delivery of equipment do not matter. No matter how hard the buyer tries to contact the seller in the future: calls, letters on the forums, at best he receives an answer that this review is the tricks of scammers bribed by competitors.

Equipment in operation

armchairs "Image Inventor"

Despite the stated claim of high quality justifying the high prices, there are individuals among buyers who claim that both the mechanisms and the casing do not match what is written in the catalogs. Equipment for beauty salons "Image Inventor" often arrive faulty, with missing parts. And if the bent parts can be attributed to the barbaric attitude of the carrier, then the spare parts that disappeared along the way are modestly silent.

The material from which the equipment "ImageInventor, becomes unusable after a few months, rarely reaching half a year of service. This attitude to its own image is very strange, since the company tends to attribute its shortcomings to partners from whom materials are purchased.

What kind of company is this

Center "Image Inventor"

The comparative youth of the Russian company "Image Inventor" can forgive some mistakes. However, since 2001, the company has officially taken its place in the Russian market as a company that knows the needs of customers, the ability to fulfill requests for their product. For some time now "Image Inventor" has become a leading company among domestic manufacturers in the Russian market. In their advertisements, manufacturers write about modern technologies that the brilliant Russian mind could come up with, and about high-quality materials in which these ideas are embodied.

Is there a choice

Such an application, as a rule, must have a good reason. At the very least, it must be competitive with foreign firms engaged in the manufacture of similar equipment, if not in terms of quality, then in terms of prices. However, for the time being, yielding in the quality of equipment for beauty salons, Image Inventor is in no hurry to reduce prices. Sometimes promotions are announced for certain product lines. But the insignificance of discounts is not able to compensate for shortcomings in quality.

Beauty requires sacrifice?

Image"Image Inventor"

As you know, in our time, the beauty of a woman is a man-made phenomenon. It canto make her a happy owner of good skin, shiny hair, unique manicure and just a he althy look, which is so attractive to the opposite sex. A trip to the beauty salon takes several hours. Each procedure lasts at least half an hour. All this time, it is assumed that a woman should feel comfortable. And the master is not able to stay in an uncomfortable position for a long time. Therefore, both of these points must be taken into account.

haircut in the salon

And Image Inventor are well aware of this. In the catalogs, their chairs look comfortable and functional. At the same time, the forums are full of reviews of dissatisfied craftsmen who are not able to adjust the chair so that it is as comfortable as possible for both the client and work. The return of funds is said to be something incredible. Claims have to be written several times. As a result, they receive an answer from a “half-drunk master”, who yells obscenities at buyers, demanding an answer from them, how can he, being in the capital, fix their chair in their wilderness?

It is not even that such a review of the company is even possible, but that the company itself did not react to this in any way. Is there really no way in such a worthy company to regulate the behavior of its employees and eliminate the shortcomings that prevent their clients from working?

Company Opportunities

The official website of the company says that work is underway in all areas. Despite the fact that Image Inventor is located in Moscow, the company owns warehouses inall major cities of Russia. Delivery is carried out using our own transport, equipped to transport complex and fragile equipment. There is even an opportunity to order a turnkey salon service. The company's pricing policy is also democratic and provides an opportunity to purchase simple chairs at low prices and entire complexes at a competitive cost. For comparison, in "Image Inventor" a simple hairdressing chair costs 9980 rubles. At the same time, in other companies, the same chair costs from 6,600 rubles. Even with discounts offered by the company (10-20%), it is quite difficult to outbid a competitor.

Reality reviews

salon equipment

It is very difficult to say how real the reviews about the company are. Nowadays, people make money by writing reviews. Their skill is growing every day. It is possible that negative reviews have no real basis. Then all the more it is not clear why the company does not react to them in any way? Or react very standard. For example, this review can be read on several forums:

"Image Inventor"

GUEST Employee 12/12/2018 18:37 +5 Hello, Dear Nina / Regina / Anna Evgenievna / Anna Mikhailovna / Irina / Valentina … (unfortunately, on different sites you write the same review at the same time with a difference of a couple of minutes, but everywhere you introduce yourself with different names), Please tell me, when you contacted our company, what is your application number? Who did you communicate with? In any case, thank you very much for your feedback, we will remind ouremployees to work with integrity and courtesy. Unfortunately, the fact that you post frequently, under different names, at the same time, to different sites, and only with false information (e.g., non-existent order numbers, non-existent manager names, non-existent order amounts) indicates that this rather, the envious machinations of unscrupulous competitors who are unable to offer a really worthwhile product to the market and are trying to scare off customers with such methods. If this is not the case, we apologize and ask you to provide your contact details to clarify the information and have a pleasant conversation. For those who are interested in checking, look at the reviews on other sites and look for such a time to add a review.


GUEST Client 12/10/2018 01:31 -5 Well, don't really buy here, it's really not worth it. Therefore, do not contact and do not even think. The choice is small, the prices are cosmic. And the most offensive is a marriage that is not exchanged!

Why does the company ignore other reviews? For example, not a word was said about chips on furniture and deep scratches that could not have appeared during transportation. Nothing has been written about poor-quality plating, which absorbs any chemical liquid and is completely impossible to clean. About the chair, which had a bent headrest and did not have a seat height adjuster, it was said that the company is not responsible for negligent transportation (this despite the fact that it was previously stated that the company fully takes care of delivery to the buyer!)

Discounts and prepayments

Image "Image Inventor" table

This one also has a lot of overlaps. For example, promotions that hang on sites for a long time do not work at all when ordering equipment. And even if you correctly calculated the payment, then in the future they will try to compensate this amount with the help of some tricks. For example, the carrying capacity of the vehicle on which the equipment was delivered, the delivery of goods from another city, since this particular lot was not in the local warehouse. Or elementary: "Sorry, we made a mistake in the calculation / the discount ended two days ago / the new manager did not take into account the material of the product, etc." Even with a 100% prepayment, the manager can say that as a result, several thousand were not counted, you need to pay extra, otherwise you will not receive either equipment or money.

More reviews

Upon a detailed examination of the work of the company with clients, it can be noted that the reviews are approximately equal in percentage. There are almost as many positives as there are negatives. In positive reviews, the politeness of the staff, promptness of delivery, organization of order processing, excellent quality of the equipment itself, durability of materials and excellent operation of the mechanisms are noted. Some write about working with the company for quite a long time and that they never want to change trusted partners for one-day firms offering obviously cheap products.

At the same time, negative reviews on the forums are often given positive ratings, and enthusiastic ones are often disliked. This is hardly possible to tailor. In addition, the sluggish responsethe company itself to attacks from buyers suggests that everything with this equipment is not as good as it might seem at first glance. After all, any self-respecting company must have a service that answers questions and claims from customers. However, here the question of communication with management is very tough - no one knows how to do this, even the company's employees themselves.

Buyer decide

equipment room

Difficult to conclude based solely on reviews. Numerous diverse claims dramatically outweigh the monotony of positive reviews. There is an opinion that is quite normal for our country - there is a great idea that needs to be finalized so that it becomes a reality. In the meantime, you can only admire it on the pages of the catalog and the official website of the company.

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