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"Viva-Money": reviews of debtors, loan conditions, interest rates, debt repayment and consequences

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"Viva-Money": reviews of debtors, loan conditions, interest rates, debt repayment and consequences
"Viva-Money": reviews of debtors, loan conditions, interest rates, debt repayment and consequences

Companies that lend money today are becoming more, while their conditions are less and less loyal to the borrower. But what if life circumstances force you to climb into bondage and agree to such deals? First of all - carefully get acquainted with the conditions, as well as explore alternative options. Today we will talk about the Viva-Dengi company. Reviews of debtors will help you understand whether it is worth dealing with its representatives.

viva money reviews


This is a relatively young microfinance institution. It did not become the first or the only one on the market for such services. In 2011, the Viva-Dengi company appeared in Russia. Reviews of debtors during this time managed to accumulate in large numbers. Of course, among them there are negative and completely neutral. Communication withcollectors does not bring great joy, but no one forced to draw up a contract.

The company is engaged in issuing microloans for a short period. The minimum amount is 1 thousand rubles, the maximum is 80 thousand rubles. Loan term can be from 7 days to a year. If a person returned the money the very next day, he will still pay interest for the week.

Marketing move

According to the advertisement, each new client can receive cash on very attractive terms. That is, up to 40,000 rubles at 0%. At the same time, managers actively persuade potential customers to take money, just hold it on their card, and then return it. They promise that a person will not lose anything and at the same time improve their credit history. Is it possible to believe fairy tales about free cheese? Decide for yourself, but practice shows that no one can take money under such conditions.

When drawing up a contract, you will encounter the need to pay insurance, a percentage for servicing a card, and a dozen other points that allow you to justify any amount to managers of the Viva-Dengi company. Reviews of debtors emphasize that no one has acquainted them with the final amount.

viva money work reviews

Loan processing

It's very simple here. The company is engaged in non-targeted lending, that is, a person can receive the necessary amount and spend it at his discretion. At the same time, the company does not collect certificates of employment, income and similar confirmations. This is confirmed by the reviews of debtors. "Viva-Money" for obtaining a loan requires going through standard procedures:

  • Register on the official website or personally visit the nearest office.
  • Indicate in the application the required amount and the period for which you take the money.
  • Wait for a call from a company representative. He will tell you about all the nuances and details of lending.

On the surface, the conditions are acceptable: I borrowed money, paid it back without any problems. But if you think a little, doubts appear. When money is given to everyone, it means that the percentage of delays turns out to be quite large. Due to what or whom will the company cover the risks? In addition, the MFI is simply obliged to enlist the support of collection agencies, which knock out debts.

viva money customer reviews

Feature of the loan

The loan amount may depend not only on the desire of the client, but also on the assessment of the manager. The criteria are not voiced, one can only guess. For registration, you need to present a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. Age restrictions - from 21 to 65 years. And now a very interesting point. The minimum interest rate is from 1% to 1.5% per day. We are not talking about the maximum, but below we will consider the real rates, which are very different from the declared ones and definitely do not look like 0% per day.

Express issuance of money is made without guarantors or collateral. At the discretion of the company, the first few days may be preferential, that is, no interest will be charged on them. The possibility of obtaining loans at any time of the day or night is being considered.

Despite the simplicity of the conditions, there are quite a lot of negative customer reviews. "Viva-Dengi" is not the only representative of MFIs, and the type of activity is similar for all of them. If you take a small amount on the eve of the salary and return it on the day of pay, then the overpayment will be tolerable. But going into delay, especially after a significant time of using the money, threatens with enslaving markups, which will be very difficult to pay.

viva money company reviews

From heaven to earth

Of course, no one will lend cash just like that. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate and weigh the overpayment. This information is also on the website, the company does not hide it, but does not advertise it either. In any case, it is more difficult to find it than the promotional 0%.

When first contacted:

  • If the loan amount is from 1 thousand to 29 thousand, for a period not exceeding 28 thousand rubles, the interest will be neither more nor less, but 730% per annum.
  • If the amount up to 30 thousand is borrowed for 180 days, then you will have to pay 305%. You can start saving today.
  • The loan amount is up to 40 thousand, and the term is 360 days - only 216%. That is, if you take 40 thousand, you will give back about 150 thousand

When you apply again, the interest does not decrease. And there are not so many people who, having calculated the overpayment, are ready for a second loan. "Viva-Money", reviews of which are so heterogeneous, does not try to keep regular customers with interesting bonuses. In principle, this lending program is only suitable for critical situations whenproblems cannot be solved in other ways. Therefore, people do not choose, which is what the MFI system is designed for.

Pros of the company

Why is MFI so popular? Despite all the negative reviews, "Viva-Dengi" continues to work, and the number of customers is only increasing. Many are comfortable with her services as a way to intercept before the paycheck. Regular borrowers are provided with a bonus in the form of free first days, for which interest is not charged. Unlike banks, very attentive and polite employees work here. This is understandable: their salary directly depends on how many deals they can close in a certain period. Well, the main reason for the popularity is the ability to get cash immediately at the office, presenting only a passport. If money is needed urgently, then they think about how they will give it away later.

viva money delay reviews

Today, the culture of lending among the population is gradually growing. People are beginning to understand that money can be borrowed only when it is urgently needed, for something specific, and not just like that. And of course, you need to immediately calculate your strength, if possible, leave a margin for paying two or three payments.

Receiving and repaying a loan

Analyzing the reviews about the Viva-Dengi company, we can say that it is quite easy to get a loan here. Much more problems arise with its return. The issuance of funds is carried out immediately, in hand, or the client transfers them to a bank card.

When applying for a loan, an online representative of the MFI is requiredmust call back and answer all questions, as well as inform the client about how he will pay the debt.

Payment of the loan is possible in several ways:

  • In the MFI office. The work schedule is standard, so it may not be convenient for everyone to have time in the evening.
  • At Euroset ATMs.

When applying, each person wants to get to know the experience of other people. Not the last is the question of which way is more convenient to pay the loan. Reviews here are also different. Some write that the service is very polite, employees answer all questions, and repaying a loan is simple and convenient. Others complain about the confusion. For example, they approved by phone, and upon arrival at the office it turned out that this application was refused.

viva money company reviews


"Viva-Dengi" regularly receives negative reviews about intrusive calls from problem loan managers. Moreover, people are outraged that it is worth missing just one day, as calls begin. They come many times, from different specialists. Assurance that the payment will be made today does not help. Moreover, when it is paid, calls can continue. A call to the hotline confirms that the funds have arrived, but the inconvenience does not end there. As a result, you have to borrow funds and close the loan amount in full. It's hard to say whether this is a characteristic of the work of zealous employees or this is the company's policy.

viva money company reviews

Special Offers

Relatively recently, a new product has appeared in the company's offices. These are gift plastic cards from MFI "Viva-Dengi". There are practically no reviews about them, so it is difficult to say whether they are in demand. This is a great gift option, especially if you have no time to go shopping. The balance can be from 300 to 15 thousand rubles. You cannot cash them out, but you can pay with them at any store.

Another interesting offer is a deposit. In banks, the percentage is small, here they offer much more. After all, your money will also be used to provide loans. For 12 months, you can invest cash at 19% per annum. This is twice as much as in banks.

MFI career

What do employee reviews say? "Viva-Dengi" is also a company where people get a job. Job postings are pretty enticing. They promise good earnings and a friendly team, a normalized working day. Most beginners are happy with their choice.

But nevertheless, practically no one recommends Viva-Dengi as a permanent job. Reviews emphasize the high workload and stress. These are problematic clients, and dissatisfied bosses, and plans for issuing loans. If a person left, deciding not to apply for a loan, this will entail a debriefing, and possibly a bonus deduction. In general, an employee will have to communicate with customers, smile and be a little cunning, make phone calls to potential borrowers, offering them his product. And also - post ads and remind customers thatthem tomorrow payment. And the most unpleasant thing is to call those who have a delay, their friends and relatives. There is a huge amount of work, so the staff turnover is very high.

Instead of a conclusion

"Viva-Dengi" is another MFI that entered the market about 8 years ago. She, like many other companies, has high interest rates, problems with collectors when payments are late. If you need to intercept a small amount before the next salary, then the services of the company can be used. It's pretty fast and convenient. Good conditions for deposits. If there is free money, then you can invest it to make it work.

It is better not to take large amounts for a long time, because the overpayment is very large. As well as getting a job in a company: you will have to listen to a lot of negativity, both from customers and from management. However, if you need a part-time job for several months or an initial work experience, then it may be difficult, but sometimes even interesting.

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