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What is the personnel department: functions and tasks, structure, duties of employees

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What is the personnel department: functions and tasks, structure, duties of employees
What is the personnel department: functions and tasks, structure, duties of employees

To understand what a personnel department is, you need to study the features of its work, its main functions and structure. But generally speaking, such units take part in the process of personnel management. The efficiency of the enterprise largely depends on them.

What is Human Resources?

This terminology is used to define a structure within a company whose key task is to help achieve the goals of the organization through the selection of the necessary specialists. Also, employees of the personnel department contribute to the most effective use of the experience, efficiency and qualifications of hired workers. Thus, they take part in the personnel management process within the enterprise.

personnel department specialist

If we talk about the work of this structure in more detail, we can single out the following tasks, which it is engaged in:

  • Search, selection and hiring of personnel in the right amount and with the necessary qualifications. Interviews are conducted and the necessarydocumentation.
  • Development of career plans for employees. Employees are allocated to specific positions: they can be promoted, demoted, or transferred.
  • Development of personnel technologies. It is planned to change specialists in managerial positions, improve the skills of employees, etc.
  • Formation of an effective system of full-time employees. A scheme is being developed for promoting specialists up the career ladder.

At the same time, all activities of the department must be consistent with the requirements of labor legislation.


A full-fledged human resources department consists of several main and auxiliary departments. We are talking about the following functional division:

  • recruitment;
  • labor organization;
  • research on the socio-psychological climate;
  • training and retraining of personnel;
  • he alth and safety at work;
  • promotion and career planning;
  • motivation, including financial incentives for employees;
  • assessment of reserves, appraisals and labor rationing.

Small companies may not have some of the departments.


Understanding what a human resources department is will be easier if you understand the peculiarities of its work.

The functional side of the work of such structures is reduced to the management of the company's personnel, taking into account the formed strategy of the company. Also, the personnel department determines the need for the enterprise in personnel at the moment and in the future. Based on the data obtained,new specialists are evaluated.

what is the human resources department at the university

Recruitment criteria are being developed to improve the efficiency of the process. The ratio of internal and external recruitment of personnel is also being optimized.

Studying what a human resources department is and its functions, you need to pay attention to such a direction of work of this structure as professional development of the company's personnel. This is a necessary measure to achieve the strategic goals of the enterprise. This task is performed by initiating the following processes:

  • selection of the most appropriate form of employee training during advanced training;
  • determining the forms, terms and principles of personnel certification;
  • organization of retraining and training of employees of the enterprise;
  • planning the various measures needed to improve the skills of all employees.

It is necessary to touch on the issue of dismissal to fully understand what the personnel department is. The specialists of this structure in the enterprise have to periodically dismiss employees.

what is the human resources department and its functions

As part of this process, actions such as:

  • selection of suitable options for releasing employees;
  • providing social guarantees for those employees who leave;
  • analysis of the reasons for the release of staff.

Construction of works and costs

The personnel department is obliged to build and organize the work that is needed to implement key processes:determination of jobs, formation of technological and functional links between them, provision of necessary working conditions. Completing these tasks inevitably involves activities such as:

  • carrying out operational control over the work of staff;
  • creating favorable working conditions;
  • implementation of short-term personnel development planning (qualification-professional);
  • determining the scope of work at each specific location.
hospital personnel department

The Human Resources Department is responsible for planning the costs of personnel and social services provided to them.


The main function of the personnel department is personnel management. To implement it, the specialists of this structure use the following methods:

  1. Administrative and legal. With their help, such types of influence as administrative, organizational and disciplinary are carried out. This can also include administrative fines.
  2. Organizational. Their essence comes down mainly to the planning of jobs.
  3. Economic. These methods include material incentives, determination of the minimum size of labor, cost accounting, privileges and guarantees.
  4. Socio-psychological. It is about social and psychological research as well as planning.

All methods are used taking into account the specifics of a particular enterprise.


Any organization periodically makes calculationsto determine the level of required resources. Personnel planning within the framework of such analytics is one of the main elements of the overall system. It, in the end, allows the company to provide the company with all the necessary specialists in certain positions and at the right time.

what is the personnel department design according to the code

Planning should be carried out in the following areas:

  • recruitment;
  • optimization of the composition of specialists;
  • staff costs;
  • personnel development;
  • training;
  • relocation and downsizing;
  • using specialists;
  • staff retention.

Such planning is done in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Maximizing the potential of staff;
  • providing the company with the necessary workforce;
  • receiving and retaining new employees in the team;
  • determination of the cost of maintaining and hiring staff;
  • identify possible problems that may arise in the face of excess or shortage of staff.

The first thing HR determines as part of the planning process is the factors that influence the organization's staffing needs. We are talking about jobs, technologies used, the number of products that are produced, and the development strategy of the enterprise.

The staff itself can be divided into 3 main categories:

  • employees, including various levels of leaders;
  • technicalstaff;
  • workers (skilled auxiliary and basic professions).

Duties of the boss

The head of a structural unit, for example, the personnel department of a hospital, must distribute duties among employees and monitor their implementation. Such a manager must know all the facets of the work of the hospital (or other institution) in order to notice gaps in the organization of labor processes in time. It is the manager who is responsible for the performance of the entire department.

The Head of Human Resources is responsible for his department

His duties also include the approval of documents and verification of the legality of their completion. Thus, if the specialist makes a mistake, the manager of the unit will also be fined.

Also, the head is developing a strategy for personnel work in the company.


Information about working with official documents will also help you understand what the human resources department is. Registration of hired workers according to the code is supplemented by the need to draw up planning tables. The latter are often used in state-owned enterprises to enter information about seniority records, rank changes, etc. Any such change must be accompanied by an order.

It is necessary to write and approve the regulation on the personnel service. It is used to fix the rights, duties and functions of department specialists. In addition, a work plan is being drawn up.

Human Resources

For a clear viewof what is the personnel department at a university or other institution, you need to pay attention to the peculiarities of the interaction of this unit with the company's personnel.

personnel department

In order for communication in the work team to be at a high level, the personal and business qualities of employees are studied. Based on the data obtained, characteristics are compiled, followed by the transfer of specific specialists or the redistribution of duties, if necessary.

The Human Resources Department also handles disciplinary action. Before taking specific measures, the specialists of the department study the misconduct of employees, correctly document them and inform the employee about the situation.

At the same time, it is important to take into account all the legal subtleties in the process of drawing up such documents.

A competent approach is also necessary in the case of incentives. There are certain restrictions on each of them.


The main function of the personnel department is to identify the need for specific specialists, their search and subsequent registration. The performance of such duties is associated with a large amount of work, since it is necessary to properly assess potential employees and correctly distribute them to various positions.

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