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Kim Igor Vladimirovich, banker: biography, banking, fortune

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Kim Igor Vladimirovich, banker: biography, banking, fortune
Kim Igor Vladimirovich, banker: biography, banking, fortune

This is a significant investor, a successful banker, a key shareholder of Expobank LLC (more than 60%) (Russian Federation), Expobank CZ (Czech Republic) (61.29%), AS Expobank (Latvia) (100%). In addition, the media called Igor Kim the main shareholder of IC Reserve. In addition to this, he owns a decisive stake, in addition, he is a member of the board of the D2 Insurance joint-stock company. According to the Russian version of Forbes, he has $460 million at his disposal.

Igor Kim - banker and businessman

Short biography

Kim Igor Vladimirovich - a native of the Kazakh SSR, the city of Ushtobe. By nationality - Korean, feels his belonging to the ethnic group. In childhood, this served as both a badge of distinction and an occasion to build character.

In 1983 he graduated from the lyceum with a specialization in physics and mathematics and entered the university, but after the first year he was drafted into the army. In 1986, it is restored. In the 1990s, he graduated from NSU (Novosibirsk State University) with a degree in Economic Cybernetics. At the same time (March 1990 - January 1991) he was the manager of the small scientific and technical production "Unicom".

After that established onthe basis of the construction team of students is a cooperative. Successfully engaged in the purchase and sale of goods and raw materials on the relevant exchange. And in 1992 he was among the founders of the RNB (Russian People's Bank).

always open for communication

Career start

Trading on the stock exchange, Kim earned a good amount of money and later successfully invested it in the banking sector, becoming one of the founders of Russian People's Bank. A year later - the main owner. Later, in 1995, he becomes chairman.

Banking career

Igor Kim, "the absorber of banks"

But already in 1998 he leaves Russian People's Bank, after which he was the head of the management of Sibacadembank for 5 years, later - chairman of the board of directors. At the same time, in 2001-2004, he sat in the management of a Kazakh bank with the name "Caspian".

In 2004 he became the head of Uralvneshtorgbank, and a year later history repeats itself - he becomes the owner of a decisive package of securities. In 2006, he took up the merger of two OJSCs (Uralvneshtorgbank and Sibacadembank) into OJSC Ursa Bank, heading the newly formed financial institution.

After 2 years (2008), the situation on the financial markets worsened. 40% of Ursabank's liabilities consisted of external loans. The owners of the shares of UrsaBank and MDM Bank made a decision (due to the critical financial situation) to merge into MDM Bank. Its management was entrusted to Igor Vladimirovich. The choice was influenced by the timely advice of the banker to producemerged with a bank ranked 13th in terms of assets.

The next year, Igor Vladimirovich Kim and his colleagues make a deal to buy Barclays Bank LLC from the British Barclays group, simultaneously returning the old name - Expobank LLC. In the same period, purchases of other Russian subsidiaries were made. This influenced the banker's popular nickname - "Bank Absorber".

The Orient Express bank took an active part in the operation, which, under the leadership of Sergei Popov, took part in many mutually beneficial transactions for the bankers. In the "Orient Express" at that time, Kim owned 13% of the capital.

In the fall of 2011, Igor Kim quits joint projects with Sergey Popov, wanting to acquire banks for himself from now on. The Latvian bank and cash are transferred to Kim's disposal. This is how the "bank divorce" was formalized.

From December 2011, Igor Vladimirovich becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors of Expobank LLC Bank.

A year later (2012), from WestLB AG, one organization of the EU banking sector, Igor Kim bought a subsidiary of WestLB Eas. In addition, VR-Leasing owns FB-Leasing (later merged with Expobank), as well as LBBW Bank CZ (after changing its name to Expobank CZ).

In 2015, Kim's bank made a deal involving the complete purchase of MAK-Bank securities from a diamond mining company (ALROSA). In the meantime, according to the agreements reached, a subsidiary in the Russian Federation, RBS, was acquired from Royal Bank of Scotland and also became part of Expobank.Named M&A Deal of the Year by EMAE Finance.

In the spring of 2017, Kim Igor Vladimirovich and the controlled Czech Expobank closed a deal to buy out all the shares of one of the Serbian banks - Marfin Bank. The acquisition took place from one of the Cypriot banking organization Cypr. Pop. Bank Public Co Ltd.

In the winter of the same year, Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi A.S. purchased by Yapi Credit Bank Moscow.

Achievements and awards

Igor Vladimirovich has been on the Forbes long list more than once. Thus: 2009 - 94th position, and in 2011 - the 186th line is banker Igor Kim, whose fortune was estimated by journalists at 0.4 billion and 0.5 billion US currency, respectively.

2003 and 2009 were the time when Igor Vladimirovich earned the title of "Banker of the Year" in the Russian Federation.

The "National Russian Olympus" award marked him with the symbol "For Honor and Valor".

EMAE Finance magazine recognized the deal with RBS as the "best of the best" in the M&A sector for 2015 in the Achievement Awards in 2016.


Igor Kim loves science fiction

He is fond of science fiction and futurism. He has an interest in the field related to space and its development. Loves classic fiction. However, according to Igor Vladimirovich Kim himself, the banking business is the focus of all his interests.

Private life

personal life: beautiful wife

Married, two daughters from marriage: Nastya and Sasha. Kim Igor Vladimirovich married twice. AT2008 - on Evgenia Mileshina in Novosibirsk. The chosen one has an artistic taste. He is engaged in photography, arranges exhibitions dedicated to social problems. He heads a charity organization for children with developmental problems "Special Child". In the past, Evgenia is a model. They celebrated their (already quite long) marriage relationship magnificently - with models dressed up as angels, limousines, Galkin and Baskov.

Fixed Assets

Igor Vladimirovich owns shares in OAO Sibacademstroy, OAO Vostochny Express Bank, LTB Bank, Mass Media Bank, Etalon-Bank, Rospromstroybank. In addition, his assets include securities of Expobank LLC, Foodmastera Management Company LLC, D2 Insurance LLC.

Restaurateur Igor Kim

Banker's restaurant business

The biography of Igor Vladimirovich contains a remarkable fact: in addition to banking, in 2000 he entered the business associated with restaurants. In partnership with Eric Schorgen (who, in turn, was at that time the co-owner of New York Pizza), they opened a restaurant in the city where he received his higher education, called Classics. Three years later, Igor Vladimirovich bought a half share from a partner. And two years later he sold the business to the head of the Siberian Coast organization, Alexander Ladan.

Additional information

After the events of March 2014 related to the Republic of Crimea, Expobank LLC, Igor Vladimirovich, was included by the Canadian authorities in the list of organizations subject to sanctions. Duringfor six months, he successfully sought the removal of restrictions and removal from this list. Kim himself spoke of the fallacy of these actions.

In the summer of 2013, one of the Raiffeisenbank specialists commented in his report that Igor Kim was building his bank according to a very bizarre model. At this point, the banker has already made his best deal (with RBS), after which the return on capital was more than a fifth of the full cost.

Overall, Kim has acquired more than 30 small and other subsidiaries of related companies and banks.

The main task of the banker when executing transactions and planning development is the ability of his business to survive any economic shocks, crises, and not profit.

Kim Igor Vladimirovich is considered one of the "revolutionaries" of the Russian banking sector at the beginning of the 2000s. Some experts have repeatedly expressed the opinion that he can collect and lead the second largest privately owned bank after Alfa Bank.

Since October 1, 2014, he has held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Expobank CZ. Since March 2017, Ilya Mitelman has been on the Board of the Bank as Chairman of the Board. The Bank organizes various humanitarian and charitable events in the Czech Republic.

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