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Abbott Laboratories - the flagship of the medical industry

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Abbott Laboratories - the flagship of the medical industry
Abbott Laboratories - the flagship of the medical industry

The American company Abbott Laboratories is one of the world's largest manufacturers of he althcare products. The company is engaged in the production of medicines and medical equipment. In addition to production, Abbott is actively engaged in research activities in the medical field, the company includes several dozen research centers. Abbott operates in more than 130 countries.

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About company

Abbott was founded in 1888 by Wallace S. Abbott, a medical practitioner and pharmacy owner. His innovation was the use of the active part of the medicinal plant - alkaloids (morphine, quinine, strychnine and codeine), which he began to produce in the form of "dosimetric granules". This made it possible to achieve accurate dosing of the drug, which at that time was not available for other analogues. The effect was tangible, and a few years later the demand for new tablets exceeded production capacity. From that moment, the expansion of the company began. The Alkaloid Clinic was purchased, sales agents began to operate throughout America, and by 1910 the company had offices in Canada, England and India. Since 1949Abbott Laboratories shares are listed on the stock exchange.

Abbott in Russia

Abbott Laboratories has been present in Russia since 1978. The company is engaged in diagnostic and pharmaceutical areas, sells medical equipment and baby food. The main office of the company's representative office is located in Moscow. In addition to supplying its products to the Russian market, the company takes an active part in social programs. For example, representatives of Abbott Laboratories regularly give away free glucometers of their own production to patients with diabetes.

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Departments and products

One of Abbott's best-selling products are devices for determining the amount of glucose in the blood - glucometers. The devices are assembled in China under the supervision of the corporation's specialists. Strips for glucometers are made in America. In the Russian market, Abbott Laboratories glucometers are sold under the FreeStyle brand. These devices are characterized by simplicity, affordable price and many auxiliary functions.

Abbott Laboratories has gone through several mergers and acquisitions over the past 10 years and now includes several major divisions:

  • Animal He alth is a division specializing in animal medicines;
  • Diabetes Care - drugs and devices for diabetics;
  • Diagnostics – clinical chemistry, immunodiagnostics, hematology;
  • Molecular - analysis at the molecular level (DNA,RNA);
  • Nutrition - he althy and baby food.

In 2011, the company was recognized by Scince as one of the best employers in the pharmaceutical industry. Abbott Laboratories owns the invention of the HIV test.

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