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Piece of the ocean in the stone jungle - Oceania shopping center on Slavyansky Boulevard

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Piece of the ocean in the stone jungle - Oceania shopping center on Slavyansky Boulevard
Piece of the ocean in the stone jungle - Oceania shopping center on Slavyansky Boulevard

We are used to the fact that a shopping center is the place where pavilions of various retail chains are located, where people come to shop. However, some modern buildings are not just a building with a huge number of shops inside. The owners approach their architecture and design creatively and turn them into real works of art. Shopping center "Oceania" near the metro station "Slavyansky Boulevard" is one of them.

A huge aquarium in the middle of the city

October 15, 2016 a new huge shopping center opened its doors for residents of Moscow. The event would not have been so remarkable if it were not for the uniqueness of the building - right inside it there was a giant four-story (twenty-four meters) high aquarium with living inhabitants, inside which a panoramic elevator operates.

On the opening day, a solemn ceremony was held at the Oceania shopping center on Slavyansky Boulevarda concert, a show of fashion collections from designer Masha Tsigal, animators worked on each floor of the building, drawings of prizes among buyers and various master classes were held. The first visitors were delighted, because no one could have imagined such architecture before.

Shopping center building

Opening hours of the shopping center "Oceania" and organizations located on its territory

The area of ​​the site occupied by the shopping center is 2.6 hectares, and the total construction area is 137 thousand m22. On its territory there is a large parking lot, three hundred shops with a different assortment, a cinema "Formula Kino", a hypermarket "Perekrestok" and almost a dozen restaurants. Due to so many organizations, the opening hours of the Oceania shopping center on Slavyansky Boulevard vary:

  • Main building from Sunday to Thursday - 10:00-22:00
  • Main building from Friday to Saturday - 10:00-23:00
  • Formula Kino - 10:00-3:00
  • Parking - 8:00-3:00
  • "Crossroads" - 8:00-23:00
  • Restaurants - 10:00-3:00

It is located at Moscow, Kutuzovsky prospect, 57

What can be found inside

Inside "Oceania" is made in a nautical style. In total, the building has 6 floors: two underground and four ordinary. On level -2 there is a spacious parking lot. Above it are two hypermarkets: "Crossroads" and furniture center Hoff. On the ground floor there is a central entrance, clothing and cosmetics stores. There is also an unusual fountain here:From 12:00 to 21:30 at the beginning of every hour you can witness a fantastic light and music show.

Jets of water shoot to the music up to the third floor of the Oceania shopping center on Slavyansky Boulevard. The multi-colored illumination is turned on and the splashes are painted in all the colors of the rainbow, the fountain begins to "dance". The spectacle is very exciting and delights visitors of all ages.

On the second level, rows of various shops continue. Restaurants, several cafes, fast foods, McDonald's - all this awaits you on the floor above. Here you will also find "Children's World" and hobby-hypermarket "Leonardo". On the last, fourth floor there is a small play area for children and a cinema "Formula-kino". The ceiling of the building is decorated with rainbow LEDs, and the walls are painted in aqua colors.

Aquarium Information

In the shopping center "Oceania" on "Slavyansky Boulevard" you can walk all day, there is something to see. But, of course, the main attraction of this shopping center is the aquarium. Every 15 minutes from 10:15 to 22:00 there is a free tour in the elevator, which creates a feeling of complete immersion in marine life. To get to it, you must purchase a ticket in advance at the electronic queue terminal next to the elevator entrance. The aquarium is inhabited by the inhabitants of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, among which you will see moray eels, Napoleon fish, blacktip and whitetip sharks, schools of jack-o'-lanterns, surgeonfish and many others.

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They are carefully monitored by experts. Every day at 11:00 and 15:00 you can witness the feeding: scuba divers dive into the aquarium, clean it and feed the inhabitants. Be sure to note: periodically the aquarium is closed for a while for major cleaning. All its inhabitants are transported to special places for this time, and it is covered with a protective cap. On the official website and in the building itself, there is usually an announcement with the timing of this event.

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In addition to the above, in the Oceania shopping center on Slavyansky Boulevard, lotteries and drawings are constantly held among buyers. Everyone who makes a purchase for a certain amount in one of his stores has a chance to receive a variety of prizes: a car, gift certificates, discount cards and much more.

Job reviews

Judging by the reviews, visitors like the Oceania shopping center on Slavyansky Boulevard, they note its beautiful design. Still, at the moment it is the only shopping center in the world with such equipment. Of course, there are also negative opinions, but, as a rule, they relate to the work of individual stores.

oceania mall slavyansky boulevard opening hours

For those who prefer to relax with benefits

If you plan to go shopping with the whole family, but also have fun, then combine business with pleasure and come to"Oceania". Thus, you will not only buy everything you need, but also immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the sea element.

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