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Research engineer: job description, professional standard

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Research engineer: job description, professional standard
Research engineer: job description, professional standard

One of the professions that help move all of humanity forward is the research engineer. This work affects almost all scientific branches and various spheres of life. Engineering and research activities are extremely important for scientific and technological progress. There are many specifics and categories of this specialist, but the tasks assigned to the employee are the same everywhere. He is busy creating something new and unique. He is also instructed to test the projects he created and draw up documentation. Ecology is the most interested area in the representatives of this profession.


The basic requirements for an employee are contained in the professional standard of a research engineer. But employers also look at the applicant's professional qualities. If a person wants to get this job, he needs to have a very good long-term memory and know a large amount of different information. Logical and theoretical thinking are important.

engineer researcher 3rd category

The employee must have the ability to generalize and abstract information,technical ability, concentration, perseverance. Employers also pay attention to the ability to perform painstaking tasks for a long time and with high accuracy. Accuracy, organization, composure, patience, curiosity and perseverance will not interfere. On the medical side, the applicant for the position must not have problems with the nervous system, have good resistance to stress, he must have good eyesight and hearing.

Regulations and qualifications

This employee is a specialist. He is subordinate to the chief director. Under his leadership, other employees occupying lower positions perform the work. To be eligible for the position of Lead Research Engineer, the applicant must have a higher education in the relevant field and complete a master's degree in the profession. Moreover, it is also necessary to work for at least two years in the positions of the first category.

post engineer researcher

Work in the first category is available to masters without presentation to the experience. For specialists with higher education, the experience in the relevant position must be at least two years. For an employee for a position of the second category, you need a complete higher education and a year to work as an engineer-researcher of the 3rd category. To start a career in this field, work experience is not important, the main education received in accordance with the field of activity.


This employee must know all research methods, how experimental work is carried out and design is carried out. Heshould study the special technical and scientific literature that relates to his research and development. Understand the order in which abstract and reference information publications and other sources of scientific and technical information are used.

duty researcher engineer

Also, his knowledge should include production technology in the industry corresponding to the direction of the company where he is employed. He must understand how they are arranged, on what principle they work, the composition, what they are intended for, what design, how to mount and operate the objects and products designed by him.

Other knowledge

After getting a position, a research engineer must study the equipment used in the enterprise and know how to properly operate it. His knowledge should include technical conditions and standards for the development and execution of technical documents, methods for performing calculations and computational operations, as well as economics, organization of production and labor. He must follow domestic and world achievements in this field, know labor laws and the rules of the company where he is employed.


The employee must take part in the implementation of scientific research under the guidance of a research engineer of a higher category. The employee must be engaged in technical development, introduce new technologies, improve old ones, manufacture products, etc., in accordance with the standards and requirements for the best samples of this type in the world anddomestic market. He is engaged in the development of programs and work plans relating to the various stages of work. The employee must collect, process, systematize and analyze scientific and technical data related to his field of activity.


Responsibilities of a research engineer include the design of kinematic, mounting and other schemes for various purposes, as well as the calculation of the required quantities and parameters. The employee must describe the devices and the principle of their operation that he designs, and apply reasonable technical solutions to them.

Lead Research Engineer

He is engaged in the design of control and testing tools, equipment, mock-ups, as well as the control of their creation. The employee is obliged to participate in the testing of the designed products, to engage in their installation, debugging and other activities necessary for conducting experiments and research. He debugs and adjusts precision equipment, controls its serviceability and compliance with the observance of operating rules.

Other functions

The duties of a research engineer include monitoring the operation of equipment, conducting experiments and measurements, documenting the results of experiments, performing calculations, analyzing and summarizing the results. He must also maintain all technical documentation based on the data collected during the implementation of the experiments. He must prepare the initial data that is necessary for the preparation of estimates, plans, requests for equipment and materials andother. The employee must be engaged in the development of design and working technical documentation, as well as the execution of research and development work.

Other duties

The job description of a research engineer assumes that he takes part in the implementation of projects and technical solutions developed by him. He is obliged to provide technical assistance and carry out architectural supervision while his projects are manufactured, assembled, debugged, tested and put into operation. In addition, he is engaged in summarizing the experience of foreign and domestic events, studying special literature and research data, achievements and other information that directly affects his activities. Prepares reviews, reviews and conclusions for technical documentation. Participates in expert reviews, conferences, seminars, etc. Compiles reporting documentation on the work performed, prepares applications, publications and other documents related to inventions and discoveries.


The mechanical research engineer has the right to take action to prevent violations or inconsistencies in the work of the company, if this is within his competence. He has the right to receive all social guarantees provided for by the current legislation. He may require management to assist in the performance of his duties, create working conditions, organization and technical equipment necessary for the proper performance of the tasks assigned to him.

mechanical engineer researcher

He may also require the provision of everything necessary, including equipment, supplies and protective clothing. This employee has the right to get acquainted with the decisions of the management, request data and documents that relate to his activities. He has the right to improve his qualifications, report violations identified during work and get acquainted with documents that define his rights and responsibilities, and also contain criteria for evaluating his work.


This employee may be held liable if he does not perform his duties properly or does not use the rights given to him. He is also responsible for violating the rules and charter of the company, including violation of the rules, labor protection, sanitation, and so on. A research engineer can be held liable for disclosure of confidential information, violation of trade secrets and disclosure of data about his activities in the company to third parties.

professional standard engineer researcher

He is responsible for the violation of the criminal, administrative or labor code in the course of performing the duties assigned to him. He can be held accountable for causing material damage to the company or exceeding his authority. He is also responsible for the proper performance of tasks and compliance with the rules and regulations of the company by employees subordinate to him.


The job description contains basic data affecting the duties, rights and responsibilities of the employee. Depending on the direction of workcompanies, they may change. But this document is drawn up in strict accordance with the current labor legislation and cannot violate it. The points of the instruction depend on the direction of the company, its scale and the needs of the management. An employee does not have the right to start his labor activity without agreeing this document with the higher management.

engineer researcher job description

The position of research engineer is very interesting and prestigious. Such employees will never be left without work, because they are in demand in almost all areas, especially in ecology, since research methods in this direction are outdated and, due to the current situation, urgently need to be improved. The salary, of course, depends on the location of the enterprise and its scale, but in general it is at a fairly high level. Therefore, many employees aspire to get this position. But it is not so easy, because, in addition to a serious education, you also need to meet certain personal characteristics.

This work is extremely difficult and requires a serious approach and great mental effort. Probably, this profession belongs to those where, in addition to knowledge and skills, a person also needs talent and sincere love for the job. After all, this is the only way to develop something new and advance science. In general, the profession is prestigious and in demand in the labor market. Career growth involves first getting the position of lead engineer, and then the chief engineer. In any case, to get this job, you need to bea professional in his field.

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