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VHI AlfaStrakhovanie: reviews, features and conditions

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VHI AlfaStrakhovanie: reviews, features and conditions
VHI AlfaStrakhovanie: reviews, features and conditions

In the article, we will consider reviews of VMI from AlfaStrakhovanie.

Voluntary he alth insurance is provided on a commercial basis, which fundamentally distinguishes it from mandatory, but at the same time provides the client with a more extensive list of medical services. Today, you can buy a VHI policy in almost all insurance companies, however, most often people become clients of AlfaStrakhovanie.

A feature of this system is that you can directly participate in the formation of a package of medical services provided, choosing how much and where they will be provided. Feedback on VMI from AlfaStrakhovanie will be presented at the end of the article.

dms in alpha insurance customer review

About the program

AlfaStrakhovanie has been operating in the service market for more than 20 years. She received a high reliability rating (according to Expert RA) and serves more than 12 million policies. This company has its own network of medical clinics,as well as 24/7 phone support for their customers.

Not everyone knows what a VHI policy is. Let's figure it out.

In addition to the classic program, which includes the services of medical specialists for children, future parents, diagnostics and therapy of cardiovascular pathologies, diseases of the digestive system and a comprehensive examination, there are also options that are suitable for different life situations, for example:

  • "AntiOnco" - all types of cancer therapy without age restrictions.
  • "AlfaKleshch" - insurance for cases of infection with borreliosis or tick-borne encephalitis.
  • Alpha Globality CoGenio - VHI abroad for long stays.
  • "Money for he alth" - includes insurance against accidents and other accidents.
  • "Medicine while traveling" - travel-oriented insurance.

Where are the company clinics?

AlfaStrakhovanie is one of the few companies that thought about providing its clients with medical services earlier than others and launched projects to open their own medical clinics. To date, such institutions operate in 12 Russian cities. Below are some company addresses:

  • g. Perm, st. Petropavlovskaya, 53.
  • g. Samara, st. Gubanova, 20 A.
  • g. Kirov, st. Preobrazhenskaya, 37.
  • g. Saratov, st. them. Rakhova V. G., 131.
  • g. Moscow, st. Stavropolskaya, 23, building 1.

The company plans to open an additional 50clinics in big cities.

According to reviews, addresses and phone numbers of Alfa Insurance are quite easy to find on the net.

alpha insurance reviews addresses phones


AlfaStrakhovanie support hotline works around the clock. Clients of any Russian region can contact a specialist by a number that is easy to find on the official website. Within Russia, the call is absolutely free.

A special hotline number has been allocated for the Moscow region and the city of Moscow. Additional charges may apply for such a call, according to the terms of the tariff plan.

AlfaStrakhovanie clients who have received VIP status also have a separate number for contacting a specialist. By contacting him, they can receive the highest quality of service. This phone number is issued to the client after the conclusion of the contract, or it can be found on the official website.

Please note that the hotline is available for landline or mobile communications so that each client can receive timely assistance and the most up-to-date information. Qualified employees will answer questions about the conditions and rules for issuing insurance services, provide advice on actions in case of an insured event.

It is important to understand that all the indicated phones are relevant only at the time of writing. All changes can be found on the official website of the company.

Program Benefits

VHI program from AlfaStrakhovanie "Just Pay" has the following benefits:

  • individual approach for each category of clients;
  • the opportunity to be treated by the best specialists and in first-class medical clinics;
  • accounting for the wishes of the insured client;
  • providing a wide range of medical services;
  • opportunity to make changes to the insurance contract;
  • 24/7 phone support;
  • the ability to receive the necessary medical care in remote regions of the country;
  • medical protection anywhere in the world, thanks to VHI programs that are designed for travelers and foreigners;
  • quick issuance of policies;
  • great opportunities for corporate insurance;
  • a wide range of programs and a large network of regional offices of the organization;
  • presence of own network of clinics;
  • large number of insured clients;
  • favorable conditions for issuing a policy to state employees;
  • centralized medical expertise.


People want to know everything about AlfaStrakhovanie insurance company before signing the contract. And rightly so.

dms alfa insurance reviews

Comprehensive VHI programs of this organization are designed to provide a full range of medical services to all clients. They are designed to serve several insured events. Comprehensive policies typically cover:

  • inpatient and outpatient care;
  • dental events;
  • emergency;
  • travel costs;
  • consulting support.

Payments of sums insured are made no more than once a month. As a rule, in complex programs there are three tariff plans: "maximum", "classic" and "plus". They may differ in the amount of service provided to customers and the amount of insurance payments.

Reviews on VHI from AlfaStrakhovanie are mostly positive.

Types of programs

Based on what risks this company's he alth insurance can cover, two main programs for individuals can be distinguished. For example, the "Standard" program in "AlfaStrakhovanie" for VHI includes, in addition to basic medical care, also dental care. A special program is specialized and calculated on a specific case (for example, cancer or a tick bite).

all about the insurance company alpha insurance

If the client is more interested in family insurance, for example, when traveling abroad, then it is better to choose comprehensive protection, which covers all the costs of eliminating the disease and restoring he alth in the event of insured events. If an accident occurs, and it is also included in the list covered by the company's funds, then the phone number of a support center specialist can be found on the policy form and you can contact for help at any time. Customer reviews about VHI in AlfaStrakhovanie confirm this.

Policy price

The cost of voluntary medical insurance policies depends on the services included in a particular tariff, and the age of the client purchasinghis. For services that are provided without an insurance policy, you will have to pay a considerable amount, especially in a situation where you have to receive help on good equipment in private clinics.

Of course, the cost of a VHI insurance document for individuals cannot be compared with the amounts that complex treatment can cost. However, before purchasing a policy, you need to carefully consider how much assistance may be required in each individual case.

alfa insurance dms just pay

Approximate prices, which depend on the type of medical service, look like this:

  • Outpatient type of treatment - from 4 to 20 thousand rubles;
  • emergency assistance - up to 10,000 rubles;
  • hospital - from 5,000 rubles;
  • dentistry - up to 25,000 rubles.

Insured event

Not many people know that while protecting their client from illness and accidents, insurance companies are not always able to cover all treatment costs. That is, AlfaStrakhovanie puts forward some requirements for each insured event. There is also a list of those situations that do not apply to them (HIV, congenital developmental anomalies, injuries due to intoxication, etc.).

In certain situations, there are restrictions on payments, this applies, for example, to injuries and fractures. In this matter, the client is assisted, modern diagnostic methods are used, however, to calculate compensation, a special table of traumatic injuries is used, due to which the sizereimbursement may not correspond to the funds actually spent on treatment.

Insured events are called:

  • exacerbation of chronic pathology;
  • treatment of acute diseases (burns, trauma);
  • accidental death.

In all insurance cases, AlfaStrakhovanie provides a call to a specialist at home, treatment and transportation, according to the signed contract and for an amount not exceeding the established maximum.

what is dms policy

What other VHI conditions do I need to know about at AlfaStrakhovanie?

Features of comprehensive insurance programs

Many people have doubts that paid he alth insurance is better than regular one. However, this doubt is due to misunderstanding and the inability to compare the amount of possible costs for treatment with the price of the policy.

The price of such insurance is inextricably linked with what services are included in its tariff. So, for example, comprehensive protection, which covers a fairly large range of risks, is more expensive than insurance for only individual services. But you can take out comprehensive insurance, which will include all insured events without exception, and at the same time, the client gains the opportunity to receive the same comprehensive and high-quality treatment in the event of an ailment.

It is better to read customer reviews about AlfaStrakhovanie in advance.


Compulsory he alth insurance is subject to all people living in the territory of the Russian Federation. However, many people often travel outsidecountries, and sometimes make quite long trips, with a risk to he alth and life. For persons who travel to European countries, compulsory insurance will be absolutely useless. At the same time, the conditions of another country are such that foreign tourists must be insured under the TCD policy. AlfaStrakhovanie offers travelers the TRAVEL tariff, which is designed for short-term or long-term visits abroad.

alpha insurance customer reviews

If the client intends to visit Europe, then such insurance coverage provides:

  • expenses associated with transporting a person to their home country;
  • diagnosing the disease and providing first aid;
  • repatriation costs.

VHI reviews from AlfaStrakhovanie

Customers of this company say that insurance payments under the policy in the event of insurance events are always made on time. And people are very happy with it. As for medical care in specialized clinics, policyholders most often leave positive feedback about Alfa Insurance, stating that VHI provides them with a wider range of services and quality medical care. And this is what they consider to be the main difference from CHI.

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