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Money transfers "Zolotaya Korona": reviews, features, conditions and tariffs

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Money transfers "Zolotaya Korona": reviews, features, conditions and tariffs
Money transfers "Zolotaya Korona": reviews, features, conditions and tariffs

Transferring money between cards and accounts does not cause any problems, but what if a person does not have a card or it is lost / blocked, and he urgently needs money? The way out can be transfers that do not require an account and link to a specific place. Money transfers "Zolotaya Korona" are ready to offer their customers a quick transfer of finances to the addressee with a minimum commission and the possibility of receiving cash at any of the points of the specified city.

Shipping conditions

The transfer procedure is very simple and requires minimal time loss:

  1. To send a transfer to an individual, you need to know his full name and the city in which he is located.
  2. The exact address is not needed, the recipient will be able to contact any branch of his locality. There are more than 60 thousand of them in Russia.
  3. The sender will also need to providepassport.
  4. After the operation is completed, the sender reports the transfer number to the recipient.
  5. You can send money in any currency, but the recipient will be able to receive cash in the one that is convenient for him and used by the system.
  6. You can transfer funds at one of the Zolotaya Korona points or by bank transfer. When sending via card, a one-time password will be used.
  7. Commission depends on the chosen tariff.
  8. It is possible to configure sending messages to the sender and recipient about the status of the transfer.
You can receive money in the currency that is convenient

Transfer currency

Currently, Golden Crown shipments are available in 34 different countries around the world. Depending on the location of the recipient, funds are available in rubles, dollars and euros. In the case of the Zolotaya Korona payment system, the currency affects the available transfer limit:

  • In dollars, you can transfer a maximum of 5 thousand.
  • If the choice is euro, then the limit will be 4 thousand 999 EUR.
  • In rubles, you can send 329,072 rubles.
golden crown currency

These are average limits, their size may vary depending on the addressee's country of residence. Also, some of them limit the maximum amount of transfers per day, but the next day it will be possible to make a new operation.

A person accepting the Golden Crown money transfer can receive his cash in one of the currencies available to him, even if initially theywere sent in another currency.


There are many ways to transfer money, one of the most common is using bank cards and accounts. This method is good, but sometimes it requires the transfer of personal information to strangers. Golden Crown money transfers have a number of advantages:

  1. High speed of sending money to the addressee. They can reach another country in a few minutes.
  2. Unaddressed transfer - the recipient will be able to receive money at any point of issue, choosing the object with the most convenient location.
  3. Transfer security - only two people know the payment number.
  4. To receive funds from an individual, you only need to provide your full name and city.
  5. Minimum commissions - when compared to other international money transfer systems, Golden Crown reviews are the highest, as it has competitive rates. There are tariffs without commission at all.
  6. You can send money to family and friends from the card without leaving home.
  7. At any stage, the transfer can be tracked through the official website or application.
golden crown money transfer

How do I get a transfer?

To receive money through the system, you must have an identity document with you and know the transfer number. The operator will also ask for the currency in which the recipient would like to withdraw cash. The recipient will be given exactly the amount that was sent to him, since all commission payments fall onsender.

You can withdraw money at any point of the Golden Crown, without reference. To find the nearest office, you need to go to the official website of the payment system and look at the map. If you specify your exact location, the site will offer all available options. There you can also divide the items into those responsible only for sending or receiving. There are offices that carry out both of these procedures at the same time.


The Zolotaya Korona system covers 34 countries of the world, on their territory there are more than 60 thousand points where you can send and receive a transfer. About 2,000 partner banks of Zolotaya Korona operate in Russia. In which bank to receive or transfer money? In any case, if a financial institution is connected to the system, then you can safely go there for a transfer.

in which bank to get a golden crown

You can also make a transaction through leading mobile network operators, such as MTS and Beeline, through points of sale, for example, Maximus, KNOW HOW, Euroset, Svyaznoy. Card holders "Kukuruz" have the opportunity to make payments through the Internet Bank.

Repay loans online

In addition to money transfer, Zolotaya Korona provides users with the opportunity to repay loans and borrowings through their service. The operation can also be performed in two ways: through a card or through a service point.

  1. Online payment is made through the website or the official application "Repayment of loans". No documents are required for the operation, you just need to enter the account number, card orcontracts.
  2. Some lenders will also require the borrower's full name.
  3. You must specify an active phone number, it will receive an SMS code to confirm the action.
  4. After checking the information, you will need to enter the card details: number, expiration date, CVC / CVV code, then click on the "Pay" button.
  5. If all the fields are filled in correctly and the card is active, a one-time password will be sent to the specified number, it must be entered in a special field.
  6. To receive an electronic receipt, enter your email address and click on "Send receipt".
online loan repayment

The term for crediting funds to a credit account takes up to 3 business days, although most often this happens instantly. In any case, it is recommended to make payment in advance before the date specified in the contract.

The exact fee may vary, as it depends on the bank that issued the card. In this case, when repaying a loan, the transfer of money is possible only in rubles, since the operation is carried out only on the territory of Russia.

To make subsequent payments, you can save your bank card, then you will not need to enter its data every time. To do this, you need to log in to the site (you will need to enter a phone number to which a confirmation code will be sent). Also, after logging into your personal account, you can set a reminder for the next payments. The system will send a notification a few days before the specified date.

Cash loan repayment

If there is no bank card or a personfor other reasons, does not want to make an online payment, he can deposit money in cash through the cash desk of the Zolotaya Korona point. Addresses can be specified on the official website of the system. These are any banks of the Russian Federation, salons of leading mobile operators, a chain of stores "Svyaznoy", "Evroset", "Kari". The Russian Post also accepts the Golden Crown.

To pay through a branch, in addition to account details, you will need a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. You can make a payment not only for your own loan, but also to pay off the debt of another person. It is also possible to deposit money into the account even while in another city, because the system operates throughout the country.

Money is credited to the credit account within 1-3 days, most often they arrive on the next business day. The commission depends on the issuing bank and the service point, usually it is 1% of the amount, but not less than 50 rubles.

There is no minimum limit on the transfer amount, but there are restrictions on the maximum limit. It depends on the service point. In any of them, you cannot make a payment in the amount of more than 1 million per month.

Online currency exchange

On the Golden Crown website there is also the possibility of a profitable currency exchange. You can do this without leaving your home:

  1. To carry out a transaction, the card account must have dollars or euros. The system converts them online in real rate mode. There is a limit of 9,000 for transactions in dollars, and 8,000 for euro transactions
  2. In the empty field you must enter the desired amount for the exchange.
  3. Afterwards, you will need to indicate the full name in full, as in the passport, andvalid phone number.
  4. A confirmation code will be sent to the specified number, it must be entered in the window that appears.
  5. Next, the card details are indicated: number, owner's name, expiration date, CVC code. An important point: currency exchange can only be done with your own card.
  6. As soon as the money is written off, you will receive an SMS with the transaction number. It must be kept until presentation at the Zolotaya Korona service point. There are banks participating in the system in different cities of the Russian Federation. For example, Russian Standard Bank CJSC and Otkritie FC Bank OJSC in Moscow, Primsotsbank in Vladivostok, Krona-Bank LLC in Yekaterinburg, Donkombank OJSC in Rostov-on-Don, etc.
  7. The bank should be asked to issue a transfer using the Golden Crown system. The employee will ask for the transaction number, passport and card from which the conversion was made.
  8. Funds are transferred instantly, payment is stored for 3 years.
  9. Currency exchange online

Transfer from card to card

Through the system, you can also make a simple transfer from card to card. The operation is possible between any banks in Russia. The recipient then does not have to go to the service point, he can immediately use the money.

For the operation, you must enter all the details of the sender's card: number, name, expiration date. In another window, the recipient's card number is entered. The procedure is confirmed by an SMS code that will be sent to the recipient's number.

Money limits: from 1 ruble to 150 thousand rubles. Enrollment period: from 1 to 3 days, maybemore (depending on the bank that issued the sender's card).


Zolotaya Korona money transfers have the lowest fees, in some cases it will be 0%. When converting at the rate of the system, when sending money in one currency and receiving by the addressee in another, the commission for the transfer is not charged.

The Golden Crown is valid worldwide

The Golden Crown commission will be 1% of the transfer amount, but not less than 50 rubles. If customers wish to receive SMS notification about the status of the transaction, the system will charge an additional 49 rubles. The same tariffs are valid for repayment of loans. An additional fee may be charged by the bank from whose card the payment is made.

Golden Crown Reviews

Among the opinions of system users, there are both positive and negative. This suggests that the work of the payment aggregator has not yet been fully debugged, the creators need to make adjustments.

Among the positive reviews about the Golden Crown, the most frequent:

  1. Minimum commission.
  2. Favorable currency conversion.
  3. Ability to make a payment directly from home.
  4. Convenient and intuitive interface of the site and application at work.
  5. The user can track the status of the transfer online.
  6. Money can be transferred at any time of the day, the sender does not need to adapt to the mode of service points.

But not only positive feedback about the "Golden Crown" is left by people who had experience of interactionwith the system. The most common negative ones are:

  1. Delay in payments when repaying loans. Often users note the fact that they have a delay due to the fault of this payment aggregator. It is rather difficult to prove it later.
  2. Small towns have few service points.
  3. Employees of some partner banks have poor system skills.
  4. The lack of currency at the cash desk of small service points makes recipients wait for their transfer for several days.
  5. Frequent failures in the software of the partners of the Golden Crown system.

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