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Debit cards with cashback: overview, comparison, benefits

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Debit cards with cashback: overview, comparison, benefits
Debit cards with cashback: overview, comparison, benefits

The Internet is a unique place, without which practically no one can live today. Many years ago, no one could have thought that today anyone would have the opportunity to purchase any things and goods online. Just imagine that you don't have to leave your house to do this.

Today there is a huge variety of online stores, as well as other resources that allow us to make purchases. If in usual stores we are used to using discount cards or similar systems that give us a certain discount on a particular product, then on the Internet it is even easier, like at gas stations, etc. Here you can use a variety of cashback services or purchase debit cards with cashback. With the help of the latter, you will be able to return certain amounts of money after receiving orders.

Tinkoff card with cashback

Today, the Tinkoff card has gained popularity, which can be obtained by almost every resident of the RussianFederation. This debit card is used by the owner only for the storage and disposal of funds for personal use. In some cases, cashback can even reach 30% of the total amount of the order.

Debit cards with cashback

You can apply for this card online through the official website. if everything is in order, the bank makes a positive decision and agrees to issue a Tinkoff card with a cashback. Within a few days, it is delivered to your home or office. Today, there are two criteria that the recipient of this cashback debit card must meet. First, you must represent the age category between 18 and 75 years old. Secondly, you must have a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Basic conditions and benefits

When discussing the most profitable debit cards with cashback, it is worth mentioning that in this case the bank offers you quite favorable interest rates. We are talking about 8% per annum for an amount that does not exceed 300 thousand rubles, as well as 4% if the amount exceeds 300 thousand rubles. In addition, an additional advantage is that you can cash out funds from 3,000 Russian rubles at various ATMs around the world, and without any commission.

Tinkoff Cashback card

It is also worth mentioning that you get 1% cashback for absolutely any purchases, as well as 5% for special categories determined by the bank. At the same time, you can additionally receive up to 30% by going to the official website of the bank in the section"Offers from bank partners". It should be noted that you are guaranteed free service if you always have a minimum of 30 thousand rubles on your bank account. By the way, Internet banking, mobile banking and SMS informing are absolutely free.


In this case, the bank is ready to offer each of its clients an All Inclusive debit card. When discussing the best debit cards with cashback, one cannot fail to mention this option, because in this case you have the opportunity to return about 5% of the funds spent on each purchase. However, please note that in this case, the bank provides cashback only for one of the following categories: clothes and shoes, travel, fuel, household goods and repairs.

The best debit cards with cashback

As for the conditions, it is important to note here that you must be from 18 to 75 years old, you must have citizenship of the Russian Federation and a passport of this state. You can apply in one of the most convenient ways: at the nearest branch of Promsvyazbank or online on the official website of the institution.


Of course, if you are interested in comparing debit cards with cashback, it is worth noting that at the moment the best option is the card from Tinkoff Bank, because it offers more favorable conditions. If we talk about the benefits, it is worth noting that customers can get a cashback of up to 5%, free service if the amount on the account varies from 50,000 rubles, and also completelyfree mobile banking and internet banking.

You can easily withdraw money without any commission at Promsvyazbank ATMs, as well as at its partner banks. Additionally, you can always activate a special service called "Smart Money", which is provided to customers completely free of charge.


This institution offers its customers to order a debit card called CashBack. It is one of the most profitable if you use cash to pay bills in bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as gas stations. For these categories of goods and services, the bank offers a refund from 5 to a maximum of 10%.

Debit cards with cashback: comparison

The conditions for obtaining this card are as follows: the presence of a passport and citizenship of the Russian Federation, age from 18 to 75 years. In addition, it is important to note that ordering a card is available only to those customers who already use one of all existing service packages from Alfa-Bank. You can order such a card through the official website of a financial company or at any nearest bank branch in your city.

Key features

In this case, the income on your account balance can reach 8% per annum, and discounts for all services vary up to 15%. In addition, cashback is 5% when paying with a card in restaurants, bars, and cafes. At the same time, it is equal to 10% when it comes to visiting gas stations in any country in the world.

The most profitable debit cards with cashback

Please note that there are restrictions here, because the maximum return amount per year can be an amount of 60,000 rubles. At the same time, the cost of service in this case varies within 1200 rubles. for one year.


This bank is the most popular bank in the Russian Federation. Oddly enough, he too offers his customers the opportunity to return part of the money spent on online purchases. To date, there are more than 10 thousand partners who support the loy alty program. At the same time, the number of such companies is increasing daily.

So, in this case, you can receive at least 0.5% of the cost of purchased goods. At the same time, on the official website in a special section, you can easily get acquainted with all the promotions that allow you to get a cashback or a discount on goods up to 50%.

Additional information

Almost every client of Sberbank can connect the cashback service. The exception is the cards listed on the official website. This list includes cards with logos of Russian Airlines and MTS.

Sberbank debit card with cashback

I wonder how you can get a Sberbank debit card with cashback? In this case, you just need to register in this loy alty program. This can be done through Internet banking, an information terminal or an ATM, as well as through an application on your own smartphone. The official website contains all the instructions, so youany problems, you can connect and start using cashback from Sberbank.


Let's compare the discussed cards.

Card comparison

Service cost Interest on balance Refund percentage
Tinkoff free (if you have 30 thousand rubles in your account) up to 8% up to 30%
Promsvyazbank free (if you have 50 thousand rubles in your account) no up to 5%
Alfa-Bank 1200 RUB/year up to 8% up to 10%
Sberbank depends on card depends on card up to 50%

These are the conditions offered by the most popular banks in the Russian Federation. Choose the best option for you. Happy shopping with favorable services!

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