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Best debit cards: market overview and reviews
Best debit cards: market overview and reviews

More and more people prefer to store money electronically. For this, a plastic card is used. Varieties of such banking products are offered by all banking institutions. What is a debit card and what are its features? We will consider this topic further.

Discovering the concept of a debit card

Debitka is a type of banking product that allows you to use your own money at your own discretion. A distinctive feature of this option for storing electronic finance compared to a credit card is, in most cases, the inability to receive additional financing in the form of bank funds.

What do you need

A debit card opens up additional opportunities for a person. With this banking product you can successfully:

  • Borrow finance online immediately after placing an order.
  • Top up debit from your credit card.
  • Link to online payments via the Internet.
  • Accumulate finance and earn interest for it.
  • Use for investment.
  • Organize the withdrawal of cryptocurrency,money transfers, bill payments.
Nominal debit card

Features of using such a banking product

The debit card has several varieties. Depending on the purpose of use, the client can choose a debit:

  • Instant. It can be received by mail.
  • International. It can be used abroad. These are varieties of Visa, MasterCard, American Express cards.
  • Local payment type. Allows financial transactions in the domestic space.
  • Standard, with magnetic stripe. It should be noted right away that this method of protection is rather unreliable, given the level of professionalism of modern scammers.
  • With a chip. This function is necessary to further protect the card from fraudsters.
  • Paypass type. Used for instant payment without the need to enter a pin code.
  • Overdraft. Allows you to use the card, even if there is a debt.
  • Cumulative. A card with the function of calculating interest on the amount that remains unspent.
  • A free debit card, which isn't always the best value.

When is it profitable to issue a debit card

You will need a debit card for a number of good reasons:

  • If the client wants to use electronic money, but does not want to issue a credit card and get into debt.
  • To store finances not in a wallet, but on a plastic card in electronic form.
  • For convenient cashless payments when throughInternet is necessary to pay for goods and services.
  • To use your funds abroad.
  • For accrual of social benefits and other systematic payments to the card.

Every banking organization offers a benefit to attract customers. It is important to study offers from several such institutions in order to get the maximum benefit.

Varieties of debit cards

Advice on choosing a bank based on reviews of experienced clients

It is important for a practical client to be able to use a bank debit card without paying for its services. The convenience of plastic cards is highly appreciated by users, which is repeatedly noted in reviews on various forums. Bank clients share their impressions and give recommendations to newcomers. The tips below will help you make the right choice:

  1. It is necessary to make sure that the financial condition of the bank is at a high level. No financial institution is 100% bankruptcy protected.
  2. After contacting the bank, carefully listen to the conditions put forward. Do not rejoice when everything is extremely simple and profitable. There may be pitfalls. Consider the state of the bank's assets and what level of net income they have.
  3. Carefully study what experienced clients say about a particular financial institution in reviews. You can consult with friends who have made a similar deal.
  4. Find out if the bank has a deposit insurance system. If he is one of these organizations, then even in the event of bankruptcy, you can count on compensation.
  5. Consult with a bank specialist, let him advise the best option for you. Choosing a debit card with a chip will ensure reliability even if the card falls into the hands of fraudsters.
  6. Study what conditions the bank offers. It is important that you can connect a mobile application, there are polite and friendly representatives in the branch, and a sufficient number of ATMs around the city.

To select a financial institution, we offer an overview of the three most popular banks.


The Tinkoff debit card is a product from a banking institution offering services directly online. So you do not need to waste time going to the bank branch. Perform all transactions via the Internet. After filling out the application and obtaining consent, the card will be delivered to the address specified by the client by the bank courier.

On what basic conditions can I get a debit:

  • Interest may accrue up to 7% per annum if funds remain on the card.
  • When making bank transfers with banks that have entered into a partnership agreement with Tinkoff, there is the possibility of a refund.
  • Card can be issued free of charge.
  • Cash back refund offered in the amount of 1 - 5%, depending on which category.
Tinkoff bank card


Sberbank's debit card is an opportunity to cooperate with the largest financial institution that is the leader in our country. Comfortable service conditions have been developed. The bank's product line consists of10 types of debit cards, which differ depending on the status and conditions. The Platinum Visa Card deserves special attention as it offers great opportunities.

Successful registration and active use of a debit card allows you to benefit from free service. The conditions for this are simple: the amount of the monthly amount of financial transactions must exceed 30,000 rubles.

Sberbank card


VTB debit card is several types of plastic for different categories of customers. This bank ranks second among financial institutions in our country. Among the thousands of offers from this structure, one of the most popular is the provision of a debit card.

The most common types of plastic:

  • A simple card of no name type, with a MasterCard service system. Its maintenance will cost 150 rubles annually. Such a debit card does not have many features, but they are enough for an ordinary user. You can withdraw up to one hundred thousand rubles daily, every month - no more than six hundred thousand rubles. Such plastic is serviced only in our country, not designed for foreign operations.
  • MasterCard type card of the standard nominal type has a medium option package. You have to pay for the use of plastic annually 750 rubles. The withdrawal of funds is limited to six hundred thousand rubles per day and no more than a million per month. The card is designed for use abroad as well.
  • VISA Gold and MasterCard Gold are preferred cards, more expensive inservice than the first two options. With their design, the client receives a range of advanced features.
Bank card "VTB"

Alfa Bank

The Alpha debit card is offered in the following options:

  • Standard plastic, which has minimal functionality, the capabilities of a basic set of services.
  • Gold - premium gold deposit.
  • Platinum is an even more prestigious type of plastic with a lot of additional features.
  • Black platinum - with a lot of privileges.
Alfa Bank card


Debit card is a profitable offer from financial institutions that allows you to store money not in a wallet, but in an electronic version. If you choose a well-known bank and carefully study its offers, you can get the maximum benefit from the debit card. The review of the four most popular banks proposed in the article will help you find the best option.

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