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How much do bailiffs get paid? Salary, allowances and benefits for bailiffs
How much do bailiffs get paid? Salary, allowances and benefits for bailiffs

Bailiffs belong to the category of civil servants. It seems to many that their work does not require much effort, so such people receive undeservedly high wages. But it's not. The work of a bailiff is not easy, especially from a psychological point of view. In practice, it turns out that not every candidate with a specialized education is able to perform the duties of a bailiff. Let's find out how much bailiffs get and what is the complexity of their work.

Who can apply for the position?

bailiff salary in 2018

Applicant must meet certain requirements.

  1. Be a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  2. Reach the age of 20.
  3. Have a degree in economics or law.
  4. Have legal experience.
  5. Know how to work with paperwork.
  6. Be stress-resistant, hard-working, principled anda cheerful person.

In order for the applicant to get the coveted position, he must undergo an internship (2 weeks) at the FSSP (Federal Bailiff Service) and collect the necessary documents. Then the candidate participates in a competition that includes two stages: an intellectual test and a personal interview. Only after successfully passing all the stages, he is enrolled in the state of the FSSP. He can become an executor (collect debts and fines), ensure order in court hearings, or work with cases relating to crimes.

Bailiffs belong to the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation. Such employees are required to wear branded clothing. Having served a certain number of years and having service merit, the bailiff can be awarded ranks, honorary titles. Before answering the question “How much do bailiffs get?”, You need to understand the specifics of their work.

What is the difficulty?

Bailiffs are endowed with numerous powers. Every day they are engaged in the restoration of civil rights, interests and solving problems of social importance.

what affects the salaries of bailiffs

To execute one court proceeding, the bailiff needs to perform many actions:

  • Send inquiries to the relevant organizations to find out if the debtor has income and bank accounts.
  • If necessary, draw up an order to arrest the debtor's account and send it to a banking institution.
  • Finish a document to recover funds from the offender.
  • Check the debtor's property and, if necessary, arrest him.
  • Assess the seized property and start the process of its sale.
  • Transfer money from the sold property to the debtor.
  • Draft documents to cancel existing arrests.
  • Finish enforcement proceedings by submitting documents to the archive.

As you can see, debt collection is a rather laborious process that can drag on for a long time. The bailiff must be well versed in this area and be prepared to spend a lot of effort on one judicial proceeding. The salary of a bailiff takes into account the specifics of his work.

Their activities are complicated by many factors, including:

  • Underfunded spending.
  • High workload (one employee can have up to 5 thousand enforcement proceedings).
  • Bureaucratic barriers.
  • Irregular working hours.
  • Frequent negativism on the part of debtors.

The above points explain the complexity of the work of a bailiff. There is a high turnover of staff in this area. People simply do not cope with their duties, giving way to other candidates. But, despite the difficult work schedule of bailiffs, their position remains prestigious and in demand.


A bailiff is a civil servant. He can be an executor or follow the order of business in court sessions.

The main duties of bailiffs are:

  • Ensuring the entry into force of court decisions.
  • Consideration of applications for enforcement proceedings.
  • Dealing with debtors.
  • Study legal literature and continually improve your skills.

These are the people who say the phrase "Get up, the court is coming" before the start of the trial.

The civil servants carry out their activities on the basis of Federal Law No. 79-FZ (07.27.04).


bailiffs work schedule

The bailiffs have quite extensive ones. They are eligible:

  • Request necessary information about debtors from their employers.
  • Go to the premises occupied by the debtor to inspect, evaluate his property and, if necessary, arrest him.
  • Seek help from police officers, FSB.
  • Check the income of debtors and, if necessary, freeze their bank accounts.
  • Carry a firearm.
  • Use physical force when absolutely necessary.

The position of "bailiff" is prestigious, but it requires professionalism and patience from its bearer. In order for a civil servant to be able to exercise the above rights, he must carry out his activities in accordance with the rules established by law, without exceeding his own powers.

Bailiffs have no right:

  • Disturb debtors between 22:00 and 06:00.
  • Be self-willed.
  • Do somethingbeyond the scope of court rulings.
  • Describe the debtor's property that does not belong to him or without his presence.
  • Take living wage, only available housing, various rewards for debt collection.

Work Schedule

The bailiffs have it irregular. They receive citizens on certain days and at a time specially allotted for this. The work schedule of bailiffs after receiving clients cannot be called stable. According to Russian laws, they have a five-day work week with two days off; working hours per week - 40 hours. But in practice, bailiffs do not leave the workplace until they have completed all the tasks assigned by the management. It is not uncommon for them to have to stay overnight at work.

What does the salary consist of?

how much does a bailiff earn

Before answering the question: "How much do bailiffs earn?", let's specify what includes their income.

  1. Salary.
  2. Supplement for rank.
  3. Extra monthly payments.

The amount of funds for the first two points is fixed. It is established at the legislative level. Additional payments include:

  • Experience bonus (up to 30%).
  • Various cash rewards.
  • Supplements for special service.
  • Bonuses for hard work.
  • Extras for working with information considered state secrets.

It is the additional payments that determine how much bailiffs receive in aggregate. Without them, the monthly income of civil servants would be really low.


  1. Compulsory bailiff life and he alth insurance is provided from the federal budget.
  2. In case of harm to the life of a civil servant, he is en titled to the payment of the sum insured.
  3. They are en titled to an additional seniority pension if they have been in public service positions for more than 15 years. This amount is set to the size of the basic labor pension.
  4. Bailiffs are en titled to a free ticket for all types of transport. If they use their personal car for business purposes, they are given monetary compensation under the conditions provided for by law.
  5. On a business trip, the bailiff has the right to purchase travel documents without a queue; he also stays in hotels free of charge, presenting a business travel certificate.

Bailiffs' benefits are determined by Russian federal laws.

Salary of bailiffs in Moscow

how much does a bailiff in moscow earn

In most Russian regions, it is about 18,000 rubles. This figure is higher in large cities. How much does a bailiff in Moscow earn? In the Russian capital, the average value of this indicator is 29,800 rubles. This is 2018 data.

Salary by regions of Russia

At the bailiffs,ensuring the established order during court hearings, the income is higher, compared with colleagues working as executors. So, how much do bailiffs in different regions of Russia get?

  • Krasnoyarsk Territory - about 30,000 rubles.
  • Kamchatsky Krai – 27,500 rubles.
  • In the Kursk region, the Komi Republic - 23,000 rubles.
  • In the Kaliningrad and Sverdlovsk regions - about 21,000 rubles.
  • In Buryatia, Bryansk and the Leningrad region - 19,000 rubles.

The highest demand for the vacancy "bailiff" in the Moscow, Leningrad region. Next come the Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk Territories, followed by the Sverdlovsk Region.

Pay increases

increase in the salary of bailiffs

The salary of bailiffs in 2018 should be higher. Representatives of the Ministry of Justice spoke about this more than once. The draft law on incentives for employees of judicial enforcement services is being considered by the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Justice proposed to stimulate bailiffs by establishing special allowances, taking into account the special mode of their work. The amount of the allowance will vary from 50% to 150% of the employee's official salary.

Experts believe that the real income of bailiffs can increase by no more than 30%.

Ways to increase salary

The increase in the salary of bailiffs is planned to be completed by the beginning of 2019. This will be achieved by establishing special allowances depending on working conditions.civil servants. The coefficients are planned to be distributed depending on the load falling on a particular employee.

Among the options for increasing the salaries of bailiffs, considered by the Russian government, there may be a special procedure according to which their income will increase by a percentage taken from the amounts recovered from debtors.

Representatives of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation note that the increase in the salary of bailiffs will be an additional financial burden for the budget. About 9.5 billion Russian rubles may be needed to implement the plans.

And yet the government is looking for suitable options to provide bailiffs with decent working conditions. Not so long ago, the government assigned the FSSP the status of a law enforcement agency. This method did not increase the salaries of bailiffs, but provided them with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that are available to police officers, the FSB, and the prosecutor's office.

Salary of foreign colleagues

bailiff position

What affects the salary of bailiffs? This is both the average salary level in Russia and the number of completed cases. But even wages with all bonuses and allowances do not stimulate FSSP employees who perform complex and responsible work. Statistics indicate that the earnings of Russian bailiffs are several times less than those of foreign colleagues.

  • Australia has the highest average monthly income for bailiffs at around $4,000.
  • America is notfar behind Australia. Here, FSSP employees can earn 3,500 usd in 30 days.
  • In the UK and Germany, this figure is about $3,200.
  • In France, the bailiff receives 2,800 usd.
  • In Kazakhstan, FSSP employees are ready to pay 84,000 tenge.
  • In Belarus, a bailiff earns 520 Belarusian rubles.
  • In Ukraine, this figure is UAH 6,100.

In the United States of America, court decisions are implemented not by bailiffs, but by sheriffs, their deputies, marshals and collectors.

In many European countries bailiffs work privately. This applies to Belgium, France. To do this, they receive a special license.

Israeli bailiffs work for special services and the master's courts.

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