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Residential complex "Bereg", Khimki - overview, features, layout and reviews

Residential complex "Bereg", Khimki - overview, features, layout and reviews
Residential complex "Bereg", Khimki - overview, features, layout and reviews

Own square meters - everyone's dream. Even the most comfortable and convenient rented apartment will not be able to fully give you the warmth of a home. That is why sooner or later you will think about buying your property. Quite often, when choosing an apartment in the capital, potential buyers prefer complexes and districts near Moscow, sometimes due to the affordable cost per square meter. This time, the residential complex "Bereg" (Khimki) fell into our field of vision. The comfort class project immediately attracted the attention of those who had been thinking about purchasing their own living space for a long time. As part of this material, we will make a complete overview of the complex, highlighting its features, location, layout and price level.

About the project

LCD "Bereg" (Khimki) - a project of elite residential development, being built on the banks of the Moscow Canal, to the north of the capital. For the construction of all buildings, ceramic bricks with hollow floors are used, which gives the buildings a number of clear and undeniable advantages. Such houses demonstrate amazing heat and sound insulation properties, which cannot even be compared with them.monolithic cases so popular today.

lcd shore khimki

According to the project, 11 brick houses from 6 to 7 floors will be erected on an area of ​​11 hectares, as well as a covered multi-level parking for 800 cars. The complex is designed for 1220 apartments, according to preliminary estimates, about 3000 people can live on its territory.


The residential complex "Bereg", as well as the residential complex "Right Bank" (Khimki), is being built using advanced technologies, which allows achieving the highest quality of construction, while reducing costs. All houses are equipped with high-speed freight and passenger elevators of imported production, operating in an almost silent mode. Entrance groups and stairwells are finished with modern materials that give them a presentable appearance.

And, perhaps most importantly, the developer offers free planning, giving its residents the opportunity to organize the interior space of apartments at their discretion, based on personal preferences and wishes.

lcd right bank khimki


Quite often the described project is confused with the residential complex "Right Bank" (Khimki, Yunnatov Street). In fact, they are radically different, but there is something in common between them - both are being built on the banks of the Moscow Canal. This is a picturesque place near Moscow, a small oasis in the middle of a cramped, noisy and gray capital. Today, new buildings in Khimki, a little north of Moscow, are prestigious. A huge part of modern Muscoviteswants to get away from the hustle, bustle and endless traffic jams in a comfortable corner of the Moscow region.

The developer managed the impossible - to use the territory with a gorgeous view and untouched nature just a 15-minute drive from the capital (Khimki, Ivankino village, Beregovaya street). Walks along the embankment, the forest belt, outdoor activities will definitely appeal to all residents, while they will not feel any discomfort thanks to the well-thought-out infrastructure of the complex and the entire area as a whole. By the way, there is another similar option on the bank of the canal - LCD "Left Bank" (Khimki, Sovkhoznaya street).


By purchasing an apartment in the residential complex "Bereg" (Khimki), you are making a worthy investment in your future. This is the best place in the suburbs for living, raising children. And all this is largely due to the excellent environmental conditions. Who would have thought that not far from the Moscow Ring Road you can find such a heavenly place with clean forest air and untouched nature.

apartments in residential complex bereg khimki

Environmental tests and measurements have become proof that all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life have been created here.

Transport accessibility

LCD "Bereg" in Khimki boasts excellent transport accessibility. Even if your family does not have a private car, you can get to any point of the capital using public transport, which is presented in sufficient abundance in this direction. The Moscow metro station is just a 15-minute walk away"Khovrino", within walking distance and the railway station. In addition, enough bus routes have been launched in the direction of the complex, running according to the schedule with enviable regularity.


The complex is being built in an area with an already established infrastructure: within walking distance are kindergartens and comprehensive schools, clinics, medical centers and sports complexes. The developer went even further and assigned the first floors of residential buildings to service organizations: laundries, bank branches, beauty salons and everything that a modern resident of the Moscow region needs every day.

apartments in lcd right bank khimki

The described complex, as well as the similarly named residential complex "Right Bank" (Khimki), is located within a few minutes walk from the Canal. Moscow and just 3 km from the Klyazma Reservoir, which will also become a favorite place for walking and relaxing for local residents.

A large-scale improvement is planned on the territory of the complex: modern playgrounds and sports grounds will appear here not only for children, but also for adults. For car owners, there are 4 covered parking lots for 800 cars.

Apartments, layouts

Apartments in residential complex "Bereg" in Khimki are the real pride of the project. All buyers can look forward to spacious apartments with three-meter ceilings, which make it possible to turn any design project into reality. Tired of the cramped, completely uncomfortable apartments of Soviet development, buyers appreciated the largekitchen area and bathrooms. You can count on large balconies, loggias, some apartments have a terrace with access to the roof, which offers stunning views of the city and its surroundings. Just imagine: you can spend your evenings in an incredibly romantic atmosphere.

lcd coast khimki prices

Free planning is a real gift for modern Muscovites. The developer left the right for the residents to organize the interior space of the apartments according to their idea, creating the most comfortable and functional housing for each family member.

lcd left bank khimki


The territory of the complex is fenced, closed from outsiders and equipped with a video surveillance system. This, in turn, guarantees a high level of security for each occupant. Parents now don't have to worry about their children playing in the thief on the playground: they are supervised.

Apartment prices

If you managed to get acquainted with the prices for apartments in Khimki, monitored apartments in the residential complex "Right Bank" (Khimki), it probably became obvious to you how profitable it is to purchase square meters in the described complex. How much do they cost?

From 4.5 million rubles the cost of apartments in the residential complex "Bereg" (Khimki) starts. Prices are more than democratic, taking into account the location and set of characteristics. The developer offers to purchase your dream home for cash, installments, and mortgages.

Customer feedback

What could be the best assessment of the residential complex "Bereg"in Khimki Reviews of the first equity holders. Buyers who managed to visit the construction site note a number of advantages: location, brick houses built using modern technology, high ceilings, bright and spacious apartments, closed area, the possibility of combining several apartments, proximity to the reservoir and the canal. Moscow.

lcd coast khimki reviews

Among the shortcomings, the first buyers point out the still insufficiently developed transport network. But as the area grows and develops, this problem will be solved. At the moment, there is an opportunity to purchase an apartment on favorable terms.

Summing up

LCD "Bereg" in Khimki) is a business class project that harmoniously combines comfort, modern technology, a high level of security and affordable prices. If you are looking for the best complex to live in, be sure to visit the property in person in order to form your own opinion.

The developer offers promotions, excellent conditions for acquiring treasured square meters, so you can very soon become a happy owner of your own real estate in the Moscow region.

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