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Certificate or Bachelor?

Certificate or Bachelor?
Certificate or Bachelor?

After the reform of the Russian system of higher education, there was a certain confusion associated with such concepts as "specialist", "master" and "bachelor". Employers are a little skeptical about the last two entries in the diploma of the applicant for a vacant position, since “graduated specialist” is still more familiar.

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If a person encounters these concepts rarely or never met, he does not see the differences at all. But in reality, there is still a difference.A person graduates from a higher educational institution and becomes a certified specialist, that is, receives a diploma from this same educational institution. The concept of "graduated specialist" has been familiar to us since Soviet times. In those days, it also meant a person who received a higher education, that is, he graduated from an institute or university.

Today, a graduate is a practitioner who has also graduated from an institute or university. But there is no such qualification in the EU. Therefore, due to the fact that Russia is switching to the European type of education, it is planned to refuse to assign the title of "certified specialist" to university graduates.

As inAre Russia becoming such a specialist? After five or six years of study at the institute, its graduate is given a diploma of qualification. And a new graduate can start working as an engineer or teacher. However, if the graduate has a desire, he can continue to study further. In this case, he will receive the next degree - master.

Which is better: specialist or master?

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A master's degree can be obtained by both a bachelor, whose higher education was limited to acquiring basic knowledge in the chosen speci alty, and a specialist. To become a master, you need to spend another two years studying, and then they will give you a diploma, indicating that a person has been awarded a master's degree in any science. Usually a person who has received such a degree does not practice, his path is scientific activity.

So, what is the difference between a specialist and a master?

Master's degree is an academic degree, which, after studying for two additional years, can be obtained not only by a graduate, but also by a bachelor. At the same time, if a graduate must be engaged in practical work, the master devotes himself entirely to scientific work.

Specialist receives higher education for at least five years, and sometimes six. A bachelor receives it in a shorter time - in four or three years, depending on what kind of educational background he has.

For the first three years, prospective students applying for a bachelor's degree study one academicplan in the direction they have chosen. This time is given for the training of a generalist, and in the fourth year they choose a narrow profile.

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That is, a bachelor's degree is a great opportunity for those students who have not yet done so to decide on the profile of their education. It is also possible to study several profiles at the same time.

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