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Profession of a nurse: a certificate as proof of qualification

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Profession of a nurse: a certificate as proof of qualification
Profession of a nurse: a certificate as proof of qualification

The certificate of a nurse is issued to people with the appropriate education by certain medical organizations. In our country, this document is valid for five years.

Nurse certificate

For many years in Russia there was no clear formulation of what document a nurse should receive for admission to work. The certificate is currently the main document confirming the qualifications of a nurse. There are certain requirements, the fulfillment of which is a prerequisite for the issuance and renewal of this document.

To obtain a nursing certificate, you must have documents that confirm the level of medical education, as well as the necessary qualifications.

nurse certificate

Certificate can only be obtained by people who have a certificate of training in the profession and proof of passing the certification exam.

Receiving procedure

The first thing to do to obtain this document is to apply to the head of the medical institution with a request to be allowed to passrefresher courses. Courses are formed to improve the skills, knowledge and skills of people working in the field of medicine.

Obtaining a certificate of nursing is possible only after completing a course of study, which can last from one month to six months. After completing the course, you must pass an exam, as a result of which you can get a document.

Certificate Exam

You can only pass the exam if you have a completed medical education. If there are documents that serve as proof of this fact, then a certain day is set for the exam. A special commission is being created, consisting of professionals working in the field of medicine and he alth care.

The members of the commission are elected by the head of the institution, who is its chairman. It also determines the date and time of the exam. In addition, it is the chairman's responsibility to provide all the necessary information to the nurse no later than one month before the scheduled exam date.

Certain documents must be provided by a nurse for admission to the exam. The certificate can only be issued if the following documents are available:

  • Application submitted for consideration by the certification committee.
  • Diploma of medical education.
  • Documents of advanced training.
  • Information about certificates received earlier.

After submitting and reviewing the necessary documents, the commission decides whether or not a certainspecialist. She must announce her verdict within a certain time before the deadline for passing the exam. If the provided copies contain false information or not all the necessary documents are submitted, the commission has the right not to consider them. When all the formalities are over, the nurse can start preparing for the exam.

get a nursing certificate

The exam includes three stages: a test, a test of practical knowledge and an interview. There are no marks on it, whether the nurse will receive a certificate or not, the members of the commission decide. They have no more than three days to make a decision. The certificate is issued within a certain time after the exam.

Nurse certificate (Moscow)

To work in their speci alty, a nurse living in Moscow just needs to have a certificate. Without the presence of a special education in the profession, it is impossible to get it. Having a diploma in hand, a nurse has the right to apply for a certificate.

Qualification confirmation procedure includes: obtaining a referral from a medical institution, payment, training and passing an exam.

The importance of the document

For those who have connected their lives with medicine and have chosen a profession such as a nurse, a certificate is a necessary document. Its presence indicates that the employee has the proper level of practical and theoretical knowledge and skills that give him the right to engage in professional activities in the field of medicine.

obtaining a certificatenurses

A nurse who has received a certificate, which is a legal confirmation of her qualifications, can easily get a job in any medical institution.

Choosing this profession is a bold move to help people overcome their fears and concerns. The mission of the nurse cannot be regarded as secondary, her courage can only be envied. People with a weak character most often do not choose this speci alty, because it belongs to the category of merciful and in demand.

Moscow nurse certificate

Applicable to the profession of a nurse, the certificate serves as proof of the specialist's fitness for work.

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