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Where can I get a million? Tips and tricks

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Where can I get a million? Tips and tricks
Where can I get a million? Tips and tricks

Many people are attracted to money. And so more and more often you have to think about where to get a million. It doesn't matter if it's rubles or dollars. The main thing is that people are looking for either additional ways to earn money or some sources of money. A million rubles is not such a large amount for the modern world. Therefore, it is quite possible to get it. The question is - how exactly? The best tips and tricks for finding a million will be presented below. It is impossible to say exactly which options are suitable for a particular person. The issue of receiving a million is decided on an individual basis.

where to get a million rubles


Where can I get a million rubles, and even on a gratuitous (or interest-free) basis? The point is that you can borrow the specified amount. Or ask for a gift. Relatives are invited to seek help. For example, to parents.

The method is good, but it is not suitable for everyone. Especially when it comes to money as a gift. Borrowing such large amounts of money from relatives or parents is a step that entails many consequences. If relations with relativesnormal, no major changes will occur. Otherwise, relatives will begin to recall a debt or a gift during any quarrel.

A loan from loved ones is the first way out of the situation. The offer is relevant only for those who definitely will not be remembered for help. But, as many say, contacting relatives on financial matters is more expensive for yourself. Therefore, it is better to look for other answers to the question of where to get a million.

Friends and acquaintances

The following advice is somewhat similar to the already known sentence. This is a loan or a gift from close friends or acquaintances. As a rule, the first option is more common in practice.

From the pros - friends are unlikely to ask for interest. Also, with friends you can easily discuss at any time issues related to the return of the debt. And even delay it. But there are also disadvantages. First, if the debt is not repaid, trust between people will be lost. Secondly, the second time you will not be able to ask for help, even for the smallest one.

Where can I get a million? Relatives, friends, family and acquaintances - all this is good. Only, as already mentioned, this does not have the best effect on people's relationships. It is worth finding methods of receiving money that are less dangerous for relations between citizens.


Where can I get a million for free? The following advice is not 100% guaranteed. But it should still be taken into account. The thing is that you can get rich without any debts by winning money. For example, the lottery.

In this case, the citizen will have to givea certain percentage of their winnings to the state, and the rest - to keep. Playing the lottery is a matter of luck. A person may or may not be lucky. Therefore, it is clearly not worth getting hung up on such an option for solving the problem. It is enough to buy lottery tickets from time to time and hope that a million will someday be won.

where to get a million


What's next? If a person wants to quickly receive funds for certain needs, you can contact the bank. And take out a loan. This is the most common scenario.

Where to urgently get a million rubles? In any bank that operates in a particular city. In this case, you should pay attention to the fact that loans are not issued:

  • children;
  • for the elderly;
  • unemployed.

Accordingly, in order for a loan for such a large amount to be approved, a citizen must initially have a good income. Important: many banks do not lend money to those who had problems with previous loans.

Where can I get a loan (million rubles)? In Russia, the following banking organizations are quite often contacted:

  • "Sberbank";
  • VTB24;
  • "SKB-Bank";
  • "Loco Bank";
  • "Tinkoff";
  • Raiffeisenbank.


Where can I get a million dollars or rubles? A good alternative to banks are various MFIs. They are in great demand in Russia. People usually turn to microfinance institutions forin order to get a small consumer loan quickly. But you can also come here for large sums.

As a rule, MFIs offer issuance of one passport in just a few minutes. But the interest that you have to pay along with the loan is quite high. The final overpayment will be substantial. It is because of this nuance that microfinance organizations are an extreme case. Usually they resort to applying to them when there are no other sources of funds.

where to get a loan

Passive income

Where can I get a million rubles for free? Loans are not always popular. And not in all cases it is required to receive 1,000,000 rubles quickly and immediately in a single amount. If a person is thinking about how to get rich, then the specified money is proposed to be received in parts over a certain time.

Where can I get a million? Provide yourself with passive income, the profit from which will be postponed monthly. So for some time a million rubles will be received.

Most often, renting out property is used as passive income. For example, apartments. You can save up a million on renting out housing in about 8.5 years. And this is provided that the rent is 10,000 rubles per month. Usually you can get the desired amount faster.

Deposit income

Where can I get a million rubles without interest? The next method is well suited for those who already have a lot of money. It is proposed to put a large amount on a deposit in a bank. Every month a citizen can withdraw interest,charged on the original amount. And so, over time, a million will accumulate.

The method is good, but unreliable. Especially now, in times of crisis. Firstly, if a person already has a lot of money, then he is unlikely to think about how to get 1,000,000. Secondly, now opening a deposit for large amounts is a high risk. And few people agree to it. Thirdly, you will have to wait a long time for the accumulation of the required amount.

where to get a million rubles urgently


Where can I get a million rubles? The most correct way is the answer, which, unfortunately, does not fully satisfy the population. Where to get this or that amount of money? Earn. Work is the main source of money. Getting 1,000,000 rubles in Russia for a certain period of time is quite realistic.

For example, in Moscow you can do it in just 5 months. It is enough to earn 200,000 each, but not to spend a single ruble of them. The offer is well suited for families in which both spouses work. Then the income of one person can be spent on living, and the other can be saved. The speed of achieving the goal directly depends on wages. Therefore, in an official job, it can be very problematic to end up with a million.


You can try to open your own business. If everything works out, then 1,000,000, for example, a year is not so much for your business. Getting rich with a successful business is easy.

True, not everyone can achieve certain heights. Business is costly in the beginning. Yes, and there is always a risk of burnout.Therefore, you first have to weigh the pros and cons. However, as a first million prospect, the business is fine. It is simply necessary to take it into account.

By the way, even small businesses are taken into account. Sometimes this is how you manage to earn 1,000,000 pretty quickly. Only, as already mentioned, this technique is not suitable for everyone. It may turn out that a person instead of profit will receive only debts and expenses.

Exchanges and luck

Where can I get a million? Another rather interesting method of earning money is playing on the currency exchanges. For example, in Forex. Good for people who understand economics. It is easy to earn 1,000,000 rubles or dollars here, but you can also lose such an amount in a matter of minutes.

where to get a million rubles without interest

Playing on the currency exchanges is not recommended for those who do not know exactly what it is. In general, a similar method of obtaining large amounts of money is roulette. No one can say for sure whether you can win or not. It all depends on personal skills and luck. If she is on the side of the player, there will be profit. Not? Then you have to prepare for huge expenses.


If a person is not thinking about where to quickly get a million, but how to earn it, you can give a lot of advice. The next step is publishing a book. Successful writers earn a lot of money from their creations. And all over the world.

The method is unreliable, it requires a huge amount of time, nerves and effort. In addition, the publication of the book itself needscertain spending. Therefore, for a quick income, this method is not suitable. Also, there is a high chance of failure. It's hard to become a famous writer. This means that you can’t earn a lot of money writing books. Although, if you have time and extra money, it's worth a try.

Network Marketing

You can make a million doing network marketing. Or just online sales. It's a pretty lucrative business. But, as practice shows, you first need to invest in it.

Becoming a successful network manager is not for everyone. You will have to show activity, perseverance and ingenuity. If it works out, it will be possible to earn a lot, and steadily. And then 1,000,000 will quickly accumulate. But in case of failure, there will be no serious consequences. No debt, no interest. The only thing they pay attention to is spending. If you fail to become a successful network manager, the money invested in projects and your own development cannot be returned in any way.


Where can I get a million rubles for free? If we are not talking about urgent receipt of money, then you can do sales. Set aside and save all the proceeds. As an alternative - selling your own property.

where to get a million dollars

Again, as with renting, it is best to sell apartments and houses. Then at once you can get more than a million rubles. Some apply to re altors and start reselling real estate. They keep the difference.

A million rubles is easy to accumulate in this way. True, it is very time consuming. But thisonly when it comes to sales. In the case of a one-time real estate transaction, the indicated amount can be received very quickly.


And where to get a million for business? This question often worries those who are planning to start their own business. In Russia, entrepreneurs, especially new ones, are tried to be supported. Therefore, every businessman in one case or another can apply to the state to receive development subsidies. Certain amounts are given to companies from the state budget annually. But, as practice shows, once. That is, an entrepreneur can receive money for the development of his business 1 time.

It is enough just to pass the competitive selection and get on the list of applicants for grants for business development and entrepreneurship. For more accurate information on this issue, it is recommended to find out in the administration of the city in which the enterprise is registered.


Now it's clear where to get a million for free or with a refund. There are a lot of options. But if you think about it, the most reliable, although not always the fastest method, is the answer "make money".

where to get a million rubles for free

Based on everything written earlier, we can distinguish the following options for receiving funds:

  • gift/inheritance;
  • profit from the sale/rental of property;
  • earnings;
  • starting a business;
  • loans;
  • interest on bank deposits;
  • loans (from relatives or friends).

Really get a million,and even more so to earn it for a certain period of time is not so difficult. The main thing is to learn how to earn and save. If money is needed urgently, then loans and the sale of property can be considered a way out. As has been repeatedly said, in other situations it is recommended to honestly earn the desired amount in one way or another.

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