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How to get Sberbank card details at an ATM: step by step instructions, tips and tricks
How to get Sberbank card details at an ATM: step by step instructions, tips and tricks

Wishing to transfer wages to a Sberbank card, customers often ask themselves what is required for this. In order for an employer or an individual to transfer funds to a plastic card, you must provide its details. You can recognize them by your passport at the bank office, but for this you will have to stand in line. It is much faster to look at the information in one of the thousands of terminals of the company. To do this, you need to have an idea of ​​​​how to get the details of a Sberbank card at an ATM.

What are Sberbank card details?

Required data for receiving wages - details include several parameters:

  • Card account number. It consists of 20 digits. This is one of the most important values ​​indetails, since it is by the account number that the organization transfers funds to the bank's customers.
  • BIC.
  • TIN.
  • Correspondent account.
  • Checkpoint.
  • OGRN.
  • OKPO.
  • Name and patronymic of the cardholder, as well as the first letter of his last name. For security reasons, the user's last name data is hidden.
  • Bank address and branch number.
how to get the details of a Sberbank card at an ATM on your own

How to get the details of a Sberbank card at an ATM, and a bank client can print a check absolutely free.

On which devices can I get help?

The number of Sberbank ATMs in the country is in the hundreds of thousands. Each of them accepts bank cards, which means that you can get help in any of them.

But there are devices with a new menu and terminals that work according to the old program. Both types will provide up-to-date information on the card, but the way to get details in old and new devices will be different.

Know how to get the details of a Sberbank card at an ATM on your own, taking into account the old and new programs.

How to tell an old ATM from a new one?

Distinguishing the devices is easy: the new terminals are not built into the wall of the bank, their color is green or dark green. They are also thinner and less bulky.

how to get the details of a Sberbank card at an ATM in the new menu

But the main difference between the devices is the software. In newat ATMs, the client can receive the same information as in Sberbank Online. Including print out bank card details. In old-style terminals, information differs from the Internet banking menu.

Also, touch dialing is more common in older devices. The new ATMs are mostly touch-based. There are also mixed-type terminals, in which you can type both on the screen and using the buttons.

But there are cases where terminals that look like old devices support new software. Therefore, when trying to get a service at an ATM, you need to pay attention to the information on the screen, and not the appearance.

Getting details in old devices

In an old-style ATM, it is also possible to get bank card details. But only the way to get the data is different.

How to get Sberbank account details from an ATM (through an old-style ATM)? You need to do the following:

  • Insert card, enter PIN code.
  • Find the "Personal account, information and service" tab.
  • Select the line "Card details".

The client can independently familiarize himself with the details without using the receipt printing. If a paper version with data is required, then you can click on the "Print" tab and the information will appear in the form of a receipt.

how to get account details at a Sberbank ATM

How to find out the details at a Sberbank ATM, and you can print a document for free.The reliability and quality of a check received in an old-style terminal is in no way inferior to a document from a new ATM. Therefore, there is no difference in where the cardholder receives the data.

The check is issued immediately after the operation. Since it is free of charge, the client can receive an unlimited number of details. If there are several accounts, you can get information on each of them. In this case, you must select which card the client wants to print the details for.

How to get Sberbank card details from an ATM in the new menu?

Getting information on new devices is just as easy and fast. There is no commission in new-style devices for printing details.

How to get Sberbank card details at an ATM:

  • Insert card and enter PIN code.
  • Select "My Accounts" from the menu.
  • Select the card for which data is required. If there is only one account, this step can be skipped.
  • Press "Details".
  • If paper format is required, select "Print on receipt".

Check is issued immediately after pressing the button. After that, the client will be prompted to end the session and receive a card or dial a PIN code to return to the ATM main menu.

how to get account details from an ATM at a Sberbank ATM

The check is issued in one copy. If the cardholder is interested in receiving several copies at the same time, the operation must be repeated.

How do I get credit card information?

Debit informationcard is provided without restrictions. But credit card holders want to be aware of how to get Sberbank card details at an ATM.

It is impossible to find out information on credit cards in the terminal, except for clarifying data on the state of the debt, interest rate or limit of the bank's funds.

The bank restricted access to the credit card account for a reason. According to the rules of Sberbank, a credit account cannot be used as a savings account and is not subject to capitalization.

how to find out details at a Sberbank ATM

Of course, the client is not prohibited from making a transfer using a credit card number, but it is impossible to withdraw funds without a commission from such a card. Therefore, information about credit card details in bank terminals is not displayed, as for debit products, and it is not possible to print it.

Obtaining data for a third party

You can only print details at a Sberbank ATM using your card. If the client wants to know the details of the account of another person, he must contact the bank branch.

Obtaining information by proxy in the terminal is impossible, because the trusted person does not display the accounts of the principal. Relatives and spouses also do not have the right to see the card data of their loved ones.

What to do if you can't print details

Having learned how to get account details from a Sberbank ATM, some customers are faced with a situation where they cannot print a check. This happens when the machine suddenly runs out of paper.

If the cardholder does not care whatway to know the data, he can take a screenshot or write down the details. You can go to another device and print the account details there, if possible.

Account details: can I get them in another way?

Finding out card details through an ATM is easy, but not all customers know how to find out the data outside the terminal.

how to get sberbank card details at an ATM

The first option is to get information from the Sberbank support service. To find out the card account number, the client must give his full name, debit card number, code word. After confirmation, the manager will provide the necessary data.

The second option is to get a bank statement. Passport and card required.

The third way is to clarify information in Sberbank Online. To perform an operation, the client must have an active "Mobile Bank" connected to the Sberbank card.

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