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Telegraph operator - who is this? Interesting professions
Telegraph operator - who is this? Interesting professions

There are quite a lot of rare, but at the same time insanely interesting professions in the world. Some of them have long gone down in history and have become a kind of archaism. We will devote this article to describing the profession of a telegraph operator and explain who he is.

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The telegraph is a fairly ancient invention in the history of mankind. However, it should be borne in mind that the connection that was many years ago is not at all similar to the more modern one. A telegraph operator is a person who is just engaged in the construction of a telegraph and performs the function of a so-called signalman. The oldest method of transmitting information was considered to be loud signals sent using drums or bells. If you plunge into even more ancient times, then information was transmitted using fires and torches. Fortunately, progress does not stand still, and inventions are constantly being improved. With the advent of new technologies, new professions also appear. The telegraph operator is just one of them.

telegrapher at work

Around the 18th century, in highly developed countries, industry began to actively develop inthe field of electrical appliances. These included electric telegraph devices, which began to gain immense popularity among the population due to ease of use. In the modern world, telegraph operators use modems and relevant methods of communication and information transfer in their work.

How in demand is this profession now?

Unfortunately, this kind of activity is slowly but surely going down in history. At the moment, a telegraph operator is a little-demanded profession. This area has already completely outlived its usefulness, and more modern and innovative ways of communication and information transfer are beginning to gain popularity.

What does a telegrapher do?

telegraph worker

With the active development of the World Wide Web and Internet technologies, the mass and widespread distribution of the telegraph has greatly decreased. The main task of the telegrapher is to transmit information over long distances from the addressee to the recipient. In the course of his work, he must receive telegrams, as well as engage in their transmission and control the entire process so that unforeseen incidents do not occur during delivery. Among other things, the duties of a telegraph operator include maintaining various kinds of documentation for reporting to superiors. Another important function performed by such an employee is the technical support of the telegraph apparatus itself, its repair and adjustment.

How much can you earn?

The average salary throughout Russia can reach 25-27 thousand rubles. Speaking of wagesin the capital of our Motherland, Moscow, then in this locality it can reach up to 35-38 thousand rubles.

Telegraph operator is a rare profession?

The unequivocal answer is yes. Due to the low demand and the complexity of training and the work itself, telegraphers are not common in our time. Not every person decides to choose such a rare and unusual profession, so every year there are fewer and fewer representatives of this speci alty.

Where do they study to be a telegraph operator?

It turns out that to get this speci alty it is not at all necessary to get an education in a college or university. Telegraph operators receive all the skills necessary for further work directly during training when applying for a job and during a probationary period. Mandatory requirements for an employee include good he alth. The decisive role is played by the personal qualities of the employee.


telegraph machine and telegram

The profession of a telegraph operator is classified as an exclusively mental activity with elements of a creative and extraordinary approach. During the execution of instructions, attention, memory, as well as logical thinking and the ability to think analytically and make appropriate decisions are valued. In addition, this specialist must take a responsible approach to filling out documentation and reports.

Gender definition of profession and career development

According to surveys conducted among the population, this profession is suitable mainly for women. Almost one hundred percent of respondents say that they see in this position preciselyfemales, but there are no prohibitive factors for men. If you really want to, then why not try?

female telegraph operator

However, the profession of a telegraph operator does not imply any career growth. This does not depend on a particular person, it's just that the position itself has no further development.

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