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Description of the online store: types, categories, products and profitability
Description of the online store: types, categories, products and profitability

It's time to discuss the page that you probably have on your site and called "About". This is where you can tell users in detail about how old your store is, what quality your products have, as well as all sorts of nuances in your work. Often these pages remain empty or filled out according to standard templates, but in reality such an approach can only harm any businessman. What should be the description of the online store in order to attract the maximum number of customers? This is actually what will be discussed further.

What is the description for

Before learning about the specific purpose of an About page, it's a good idea to figure out what phrases shouldn't be there. Now we are talking about banal texts with trivial sentences, like:

  • "Welcome to our website".
  • "Our firm welcomes all who visit us."
  • "Our store offers the lowest prices."
  • "We are the most reliable company".
  • "We have everything you need".

Perhaps everyone knows very well that all the above phrases are nothing but a meaningless cliché. Usually, people who read such a text simply have no desire to buy anything here. And all because the text seems too superficial and even hypocritical.

Unfortunately, many online store owners tend to avoid contact with their customers, wanting to remain in the shadows. Some are shy, others are too arrogant, and others are simply afraid. But in reality it is very important to take into account the desire of your customers.

How to write a good description of an online store

It is very important for each of your customers to feel that the store is run by real people. At the same time, buyers need to feel trust and confidence in the resource. The page with the description of the online store helps in achieving this goal.

Common mistakes

  • Don't forget the commonplace clichés like "Welcome", "We are so glad to see you", "We have the lowest prices" and so on. Such sentences make no sense and look disgusting.
  • Don't play hide-and-seek with users. If the store owner does not want to open up to customers, this causes distrust.
  • The lack of meaning and softness in the description of the online store will only harm the resource.
Errors in the description of the online store

Of course, the presence of such errors does not mean at all that you will be left completely withoutbuyers. But keep in mind that the description page is a very important part of the entire design of the resource. Every detail in it matters. So don't be lazy and create a high-quality, detailed description of your online store by doing all the work in just a few steps.

Part one: open up to users

You should start with yourself. Tell the audience of the resource about yourself not only as a store owner, but also as a simple person. You can mention your preferences, hobbies, hobbies and work. Tell us the story behind the site, its benefits, why you sell these items.

To make it clearer, consider an example of a description of an online store of designer home decorations. If you sell such products, you can tell users that:

  • you often use these decorations to decorate your home;
  • you are well versed in such products and have a taste for a successful selection of decor according to the chosen style;
  • you can pick up a product checked by you personally for a client;
  • you are a sociable open person.

It is very important to show the audience that you are well versed in your products and have impressive experience.

Part two: description of the online store

Share real photos of your office or warehouse in action with your potential buyers. Demonstrate how goods are placed, then customers will definitely understand that you treat your business as much as possibleseriously.

Stages of describing an online store

You can also tell us which companies you work with. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to provide a photo of each supplier and a detailed dossier on it. Only one thing is important - to show the audience that you are working according to a carefully thought-out system. Do not forget to also confirm the fact that you have the necessary certificates for all products.

Among other things, in the description of the online store it will be useful to tell the story of the stage-by-stage sending of the order to the client. You can show in detail how you pack your goods and bring them to the post office or give them to the courier who will deliver the purchase.

What to tell in the description of the online store

Tell us what privileges and bonuses await your customers. Are you planning to please your customers with discounts? Be sure to include this in your company description. An online store is a place where every user should feel comfortable and at the same time remain interested.

Part Three: Providing the facts

At this stage of the description, try to convey to each user the reasons why he will become a buyer. In other words, talk about the benefits of your online store. These may be some differences from other resources that will convince customers that it is really profitable to cooperate with you.

Clarify how your store compares to the competition.

Fourth part: concluding

At the end of the description, all you have to do ispush the visitor to a specific action. Here are several versions of the button that will attract users:

  • browse directory;
  • customer reviews;
  • bonus offers and promotions;
  • hot items.

Only one thing is important: do not let your customers get bored on the site. Try to nudge and guide your potential buyers. You will surely be satisfied with the result of the work done.

Main page design

The text for the title of an online store should leave a good impression and confirm a reliable reputation. On the main page, it is worth briefly describing what the resource is and what exactly you are selling here. Think and list on the title the benefits that await your buyers in cooperation. Write what makes you stand out from your competitors. This list may include:

  • unique product;
  • specific audience;
  • unusual service;
  • huge assortment;
  • profitable bonus and discount systems;
  • special customer service;
  • strong guarantees;
  • impressive warehouse.
What are the benefits of your online store

Choose the item that matches your resource and correctly positions it. Here is an example of a description for an online clothing store:

"Here are branded clothes for your maximum comfort and confidence. We are different:

  • the biggest amount of information about our things - we justwear them with pleasure;
  • finding products on our website is very convenient - we are constantly improving it;
  • our clothes ship much faster than many other stores - we have a large warehouse.

Wear with pleasure and convenience with us!"

And here is another example of a description of an online cosmetics store:

"Welcome to the fragrant and refreshing store (name)! This is the first multi-brand boutique of high-quality natural cosmetics and handmade products. Our cosmetics are designed to give women the joy and pleasure of touching the natural sources of beauty.

Our products are of the highest quality, because we buy them directly from trusted suppliers".

From such a description it immediately becomes clear where you have come and why you should take a closer look at the catalog.

How to spell correctly

Usually, the owners of Internet resources have no problems with self-presentation. The key is to keep it short and to the point. But with the benefits, everything is much more complicated. This item is often referred to as a "professional team of professionals", and "a century of experience with 100% satisfied customers", and "unique designer items from world boutiques". All these arguments look, to put it mildly, ridiculous.

For a competent formulation of the benefits, think about what your client gets from the fact that you, for example, have been cooperating with one company for 10 years, and write about it.

"Invariablywe have been working with a trusted supplier for more than 5 years, so interesting new items appear in our catalogs faster than those of competitors".

This change should outlive every standard and boring virtue on your list.

What about optimization? Everything is extremely simple! Try to place a beautiful attractive text on the title of your store, and an optimized one - closer to the depths. This will not affect the indexing process in any way, but sales may increase significantly.

What else do you need in the description

Visitors usually go to the "About" page only to learn more about you and your resource if they have any doubts about the transaction. So the issue of writing this information should be approached with all responsibility. There is no need to use millions of well-known keys or worn out formulaic expressions like "a young team of specialists" and "the lowest prices in the whole country" here.

Also, try to refrain from too many hysterical buy calls.

If placing an order involves communication with a consultant, it is advisable to add a photo of your employees to this page and briefly talk about them. Moreover, use real pictures, and not those found on the Internet. Only real photos inspire confidence among potential buyers.

Many shops with a fascinating past tell their founding story on this page. This is an excellent solution if you have something to tell. ATotherwise, you should not resort to this move.

Here is another example of a description of an online clothing store:

"Only the most comfortable and fashionable things, only quality!

In our store you will not find a huge range of Chinese products, but every product that you see in the catalog is a truly high-quality fashion item. We follow all the changes in the fashion world and provide our customers with the opportunity to please themselves with beautiful wardrobe items. We wear our things with pleasure, and we give this opportunity to you!"

Slightly below you can talk about the path of the company and its valuable employees.

And here is an example of a description of a children's online store:

"This is a great chance to buy the best quality products at the best prices. Why should you choose us? Because buying from us:

  • convenient - everything is in one place, here you can find any item for entertainment, education and childcare;
  • reliable - you can not even doubt the quality of the goods, we have a guarantee for all products;
  • profitable - we constantly monitor our prices, and a variety of discounts and promotions give you the opportunity to get the things you need even cheaper;
  • always in step with the times - be sure to check out the new products section on our website and see for yourself.

With us you can give your baby all the most modern and best!"

And there are a huge number of such successful examples of describing an online store. The main thing is to trystand out and showcase your strengths.

Description of categories

Often, from the search engine, users get not to the product itself, but to the entire category. And their description becomes more terrible to read day by day. Usually they present not just incomprehensible information, but even not quite adequate information. Here you can often find literally anything - the history of the invention of electric ovens, methods of brewing coffee.

But in fact, in the description of the category of the online store, you can select only a few sentences about the nuances of choosing this stove: what you should pay attention to, which one is more suitable for you. And all the necessary keys intended for search engines can be hidden at the very end of the product list.

Description of online store categories

Description of goods for online store

This is the main page on any store's website. If you have prepared impeccable materials for the rest of the pages, and the product descriptions offer standard text taken from the supplier's catalog, you can not count on increasing sales.

The optimal description of each product is approximately 400-800 characters. But this is not a requirement at all. So, if your product is standard and there is almost nothing to say about it, do not try to get out of your skin. For example, the description of plastic basins for washing for 1000 characters looks at least strange. But if the product you offer is new to the market and it has a set of exciting features, then tell your customers as much as you thinknecessary. Moreover, do not forget about the corresponding illustrations. In some cases, showing is much better than monotonously telling.

Description of the goods of the online store

Among other things, potential buyers always like to watch video reviews of products. If you have such an opportunity, be sure to use it. You will only benefit from such a move.

An alternative solution would be to offer your customers to take photos with your products in exchange for nice bonuses. In this way, you can achieve two goals at once - increase the number of loyal customers, save money on creating your own videos, and get unique content as cheaply as possible.

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