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How much do they earn in the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Russia?

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How much do they earn in the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Russia?
How much do they earn in the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Russia?

Currently, the profession of a rescuer in the Ministry of Emergency Situations is in demand and interesting for many young guys and girls who want to devote their lives to saving people's lives. After all, it is humane, noble and well paid. Many people think so. But how much do they earn in the Ministry of Emergency Situations? We will learn from this article what remuneration is due for intense, responsible, and sometimes dangerous work.

Who works in the Ministry of Emergency Situations

The Ministry of Emergency Situations in its composition has many employees who are divided into three categories: well-known rescuers, firefighters, pilots are employees belonging to the military structure; experts and specialists - employees of the civil service of the state; researchers are also allocated. Each category has its own requirements and wages.

help of firefighters

All listed categories of people are employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. These are persons who have a certain status and rank in the fire service, they are included in the private or leadershipstructure, have different earnings and surcharges. However, privileges and allowances do not apply to employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations who are service personnel (operators and drivers). How much they earn in the Ministry of Emergency Situations will be discussed below.

Rescuer profession

Let's take a closer look at the components of the profession of a rescuer in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. This department is one of the most stressful jobs, because a person must be mentally and physically prepared for various situations, have the knowledge and skills to save people's lives on the water, on land, in the mountains.

fire engine

It is important to be as concentrated and attentive as possible, to make decisions quickly and calmly on the spot. After all, the fate and lives of many people depend on the coherence of actions, efficiency and emotional stability of the emcheesnik. You need to initially soberly assess your capabilities so that the peculiar romance of the profession does not overshadow the realities of life. It is very difficult to face the grief of thousands of people every day without losing your own peace of mind. It happens that the professionals themselves need emergency psychological help. Those wishing to join this profession should not first of all think about how much they earn in the Ministry of Emergency Situations per month, this question is best left for later.

How to become a lifeguard

Selection of new employees is based on competition. The main criterion for a future rescuer is service in the Russian army, good he alth and a stable psyche. Age limit - from 18 to 40 years old, minimum secondary education and cleanreputation. Also important are qualities such as optimism, politeness, self-control and non-conflict. In addition to documents, it would be appropriate to attach certificates of existing sports achievements, diplomas of completed courses and a personal reference from a previous place of work to your resume.

comprehensive assistance

The future rescuer is expected to undergo an interview, then referral to a polyclinic for a district medical commission, to a hospital, as well as a polygraph test at a psychological diagnostics center. In the Russian Federation, the leader in terms of the largest number of lifeguard vacancies is the Moscow region, the silver belongs to the Leningrad region, the bronze place goes to the Chelyabinsk region. How much they earn in the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Moscow cannot be compared with what this figure is in other smaller cities, the parameter will be different. In the capital there are more people, movement, risks, respectively, the work of each employee counts. Here you need to prepare for difficult shifts, conflicting emotions, belated thanks.

Remuneration for work

Whatever the spiritual desire of a person to become on the path of help and learn all the skills of a representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, an important factor for any working person is remuneration. So how much does an EMERCOM employee earn? His salary consists of several components: a working salary, a bonus for a rank and accrued work experience, as well as various allowances.

In addition to the above, there is a preferential subsidy for the construction and purchase of your own housing, medical care, sanitary and spatreatment, insurance premiums. Increased cash payments for insured events in connection with the injury of an employee or his death in the line of duty.


Salary is a fixed amount of money paid to an employee for a month worked. The salary has a pronounced difference depending on the position of the employee, the category and type of department of the department, as well as the area. For example, in a small town where the population is less than one hundred thousand, the salary of a firefighter is nine thousand rubles, and in large cities like St. Petersburg - thirteen thousand rubles. You can find out more by referring to the decree of the government of the Russian Federation.

What does the salary consist of?

Money bonus for seniority and rank is paid strictly individually, there is a direct pattern here: the higher the rank and the longer the experience, the more monetary allowance the employee receives. An interesting fact is that rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are not liable for military service, they do not serve in military units, but they wear shoulder straps and have ranks from junior sergeant to colonel.

water transport

Monthly allowances are an additional payment for certain working conditions, they increase the earnings of an EIC employee and are accrued in the following cases: for a class or category, for length of service, for working with documents containing state secrets, for special achievements in the service. In the case of a job that has an increased risk for the rescuer, the allowance is tripled.

How much do EMERCOM rescuers in the Moscow and Leningrad regions earn on bonuses? To a fixed salary, the allowance is 10%; with a length of service of 25 years for the length of service, the allowance can reach up to 40%; the bonus for conscientious service can be 100% of the salary, and such payment is made no more than three times a year; pay extra for special working conditions in the amount of up to 100% of the salary.

Salary in numbers

In connection with the growth of the level of prestige of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the state is increasing the wages of employees of all categories of the department. Monthly civilian specialists receive 15-25 thousand rubles, researchers - up to 23 thousand rubles.

How many rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations earn per month in large cities and regions are of interest to many. In each region, salaries can vary greatly, which is associated with a different standard of living, as well as the presence of northern and regional coefficients. The highest salaries of a rescuer of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are received in the Magadan Region (70 thousand rubles), in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (60 thousand rubles), in Moscow (50 thousand rubles).

he alth care

Let's compare salaries in the regions: in the Khabarovsk Territory - 25 thousand rubles; in the Krasnodar Territory - 23 thousand rubles, in the Stavropol Territory - 15 thousand rubles, in the Vladimir Region - 14 thousand rubles. The difference is significant, despite the fact that much depends on the above-mentioned components of wages - salary, length of service, rank, allowances.

In 2018, the state plans to increase the salary of employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations by one and a half times. 2.5 billion allocated for thisrubles.

Emergency Ministry salary abroad

Abroad, the rescue service has other names, but, in fact, the work and duties are not much different from the Ministry of Emergency Situations. In large American cities, the salary of the Ministry of Emergency Situations varies depending on the rank and position in the range from 36 thousand dollars (ordinary) to 90 thousand dollars (chief). In Germany, an employee initially receives three thousand euros a month, the same salary as a firefighter in the UK. In Kazakhstan and Estonia, rescuers earn 750 and 650 euros a month, respectively.

request for help

Now you know how much they earn in the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Russia. Thus, it can be concluded that, compared with most European countries, the income of the MCES is minimal, but it surpasses the CIS countries in terms of indicators. It is gratifying to know that these people are taking great risks, saving hundreds of lives, no matter how much money they receive for this work.

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